Monday, September 23, 2013

Reminder: Fall Swap Sign-up!!!

Wow! I sucked a posting last week.
But then again... what else is knew?!
I'm not posting much today either. I was off on Thursday and Friday hanging with the hubby so it is time that we play catch-up at work. Ugh.
I have already done so much today that I feel like it should be 1:00 PM. Ridiculous.
Just wanted to check in real quick and remind you to sign up for our Fall Swap if you haven't already. The sign-up closes Friday, so get in while you can!
Hosting with Megan, Britt, and Laura!
And look... I put the form RIGHT HERE, so you can sign-up SO easily! What excuse do you have NOT to?!

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I'll be back tomorrow with a Bumpdate and hopefully get back to regularly posting!

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