Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bumpdate: 19 Weeks

October 22nd – 28th, 2013
So what has been going on this week?
Not much… just finding out the GENDER of our baby! And registering.
How far along?
19 Weeks.
Maternity Clothes?
Yep. I am SO comfortable. I don’t feel very attractive, but what are you going to do.
Stretch Marks?
I haven’t seen any, but I’m keeping an eye out. I’m not using my oil as much as I should, but I’m sure I will use it religiously if I see a stretch mark.
Yes. It became more of a thumping in the past week rather than a flutter or a tickle. Baby P is getting bigger so that makes more sense. I just can’t wait for Big A to be able to feel!
Food cravings?
Nothing continuous. I will need something immediately and then be all done with it after. I’ve been finding myself eating some things that I would never eat before, like mustard, and baked beans? So weird. This kid definitely has Big A’s taste buds.
Nausea, vomiting, or sickness?
What I miss:
Alcohol. A waist line. Ya know. Same ‘ole same ‘ole. I should just leave this every week and add to it. Haha.
Same. Heartburn. Bloody Noses. Out of breath easy. Tired. Ya know, a barrel of laughs.
Best moment this week?
Finding out if we were having a son or a daughter… it was pretty surreal to find out.
HA! Moving on…
That's right! Baby P is a BOOOOOOOOOY!
Eh, we are having some issues with a roaming Border Collie, so sleep could be better. But hopefully he will calm down soon and we can all get some sleep! We caved and turned on the heat last night so it was a nice night!

What I'm looking forward to?
I just want to meet our little man. Our little man. I KNEW it! I just knew it HAD to be a boy. I just can’t wait for him to be here and to hang out with him. I want to know what he looks like. What he sounds like. Who he acts like. I just want to know it all. Hoping the next 5 months FLY by.  
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  1. Yay!! So exciting that you are having a boy!! It must be so surreal to say "son"! xo

  2. Exciting! Finding out the gender was so surreal for us. I was sure it was a boy, and when she said girl, I was shocked. I asked her 5 more times just to make sure. Congrats!

  3. I already knew this, but yay! Congrats again! I can't wait for you to get to experience all those things that you are looking forward to. I hope your next five months flies by too!

  4. :) Congratulations!!!! SO excited for you! You are going to have a SON. :) :)

  5. How exciting to be having a little boy! Congrats!

  6. Congrats on a boy!! So exciting!!!

  7. Congrats on baby BOY! Having a little man is SO much fun! I had a hard time picturing myself raising a boy and now I can't imagine it any other way.

  8. Congrats!!! That is so exciting! You and the doggie are adorable!!!

  9. Congratulations to you guys!! Yay boy!! For some reason that's what I was guessing :). Love how Mr. Fresh had to worm his way into the picture too!!


  10. Congrats on the baby boy!!!! I was so convinced I was having a boy but I was totally wrong, a girl will be lots of fun though :) Our cat has been keeping me up at night too sticking his feet under the door and whining....hopefully your dog lets you get some rest soon!

  11. Yay! Boys are sooooo fun! Congrats! :)

  12. Very exciting!!!! And good for you that you already think you have the name. How fun!!!


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