Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday's Letters

I always get so excited when Friday comes. I think my most favorite part is thinking of when Big A goes to work tomorrow morning and I get the whole bed to myself. Well... I have to share with the Border Collie, but he takes up a little less room than Big A.
Is that terrible? I mean, I HATE that he works on Saturdays, but I get the bed to myself and I get to spend the day with my mom, so I guess it isn't all bad, is it?
Anyway... here's da lettahs...
Dear Body, what the hell is wrong with you? Well I know what is "wrong" with you. But... what the hell. EVERYTHING hurts. Everything. Seriously. The tips of my toes. Parts of my back I didn't know existed. I feel like I just ran a marathon or something. Whyyyyyyyy?!
Dear Big A, you're sweet. When I told you that you needed to sit at home and be miserable with me because I wasn't going to sit and do it by myself, you could have said I was crazy. Or no. Or anything else. All you said was, "OK, but we are going to need a better TV". I know that was your slick way of asking for a new TV and you know what, go for it. Enjoy. I just want someone to get me a popsicle when I need one and to listen to me whine. OK?
Dear Time, HURRY UP. I have 19 days until we find out what we are having. So... speed up. Then speed up again to my baby shower. And then speed up again until the baby is born. Of course, make sure all the crap we need to do gets done during the fast forward. Cool? Cool.
Dear Work, look, I get it. This time things didn't work out. However, I know that you change things all the time to suit people, SO I came up with a fantastic new idea and I think that you should go for it. It would solve everyone's problems, including mine. And I'm a cheap date. I don't require much money. Soooo... let's do this thing.
Dear Weekend, I wish you were going to be more enjoyable. BUT, you will be filled with organizing the trashed rooms that we have been ignoring for the better part of a year. Ya know, in hindsight, maybe we could have been working on this over the past year, rather than doing everything all at once. WAH.
Dear Lady at The Venue We Were Going to Book for a Work Event, here's the deal, I'm not a fan of your work. Having your assistant contact me for my information and then giving me no other contact information wasn't good. You see, I tried to email her to ask her questions and it said she was out of the office until two days before my event. Why would you have someone deal with me who wouldn't be there to schedule my event? And your prices? Seriously? We will be going elsewhere. I can't count on you to be around when I need you and I'm not overpaying to run an event myself.
Dear Life, look, I'm trying, so throw me a bone here. A promotion, some lottery winnings, SOMETHING. OK?
Dear To Do List, I swear I keep trying to complete you, BUT there's lots of other things to do. And even some of them are work related and important!
Alright, since I started this FOREVER ago and I am just finishing, I'm just going to call it a day here. Have a fab weekend lovers! I'll be back Monday, probably more tired, battered, broken, and bruised from all of the cleaning/organizing/moving shit.


  1. Hey, I'm not judging you for wanting the bed all to yourself. I feel your pain. Husbands take up way too much room and then add the furry ones to that. Yikes! So sleep away, haha! And I think it's sweet that Big A said he would stay home and sit with you. Even though he is getting something out of it, haha! Happy Friday!

  2. I hope your body feels better soon! That is so weird! Hope your weekend is a good one! :)


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