Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday's Letters

I am SO excited it is Friday. I thought I was tired and done by the end of the week before?! No, nothing compares to this tired and done.
Growing a tiny human is hard work.
Dear Big A, you have many pros in your favor this week. The main one being that you're awesome and I love you. You also went and got milk at 9:00 PM the other night (you forgot it in the first place, but still it was sweet of you to get it). However, these sympathy bathroom trips need to end. I don't know why YOU are getting up to go to the bathroom all the time, but it wakes my up and then I havetogorightthenandthereorIwillpeemypants. Except, our upstairs bathroom is torn up and I don't want to go upstairs anyway. So I sit and squirm and then I'm wide awake. And then I fall asleep with just about a minute left before the alarm goes off. No bueno.
Dear Dog Bones, I know people are up and rustling around, but you're a smart animal. You know it is still dark out and you know the alarms haven't gone off. So please stop roaming the house thinking someone is going to take you out. It ain't happening.
Dear Self, I was so proud of you when they put the new drive through in at Dunkin Donuts for putting your foot down and saying you would only go on Friday mornings as a special treat. Way to go you for saving money. However, going to Dunkins when you have a doctor's appointment, or buying a Starbucks every day at lunch with KG is NOT saving money. Also, neither is you spending lots of money every day at lunch with KG. Think about that.
Dear Baby P, you seriously have the coolest taste in music. I mean, I don't know how much you can hear or whatever, but so far you have rocked out to Guns 'N Roses, Aerosmith, and Stone Temple Pilots. It CAN'T be a coincidence that you stop moving the second the song is over. Mama is pretty excited that you share her taste in music. Dad now wants Mama to hang out in the garage with him so you can listen to HIS music. I told him you didn't like it. Haha.
Dear Ultrasound Tech, you are seriously one of my most favorite people on the face of the Earth. I know you don't remember us from February, but we sure remember you. You were exactly what we needed that terrible day and I'll never forget the kind words you said. We loved seeing you again and were so glad that you were the one to share the news about whether we are having a son or daughter. Although... in all honesty...I specifically requested you. So it wasn't much of a coincidence. Thank you for being so amazing. You are in the right field of work.
Dear Baby P, (yes, again) you have just the cutest little face and I can't wait to see what you look like when you're born. The ultrasound tech showed us a really cool view of your face and you  have just the most perfect nose and mouth. Looking at you is seriously one of my favorite things to do.

Seriously, look at that perfect little head and perfect little face. Obviously, Baby P is going to be ridiculously attractive like its parents.
Dear Fellow Blog Mamas, I'm going to start registering tomorrow for my baby shower. What are some "MUST HAVE" items? What are some things they tell you to register for and you never used? I can use all the help I can get!
That's it for today. Also, don't forget to vote for what you think Baby P is at the top right of my blog. Announcement coming Tuesday! I normally hate people who make you wait like this, but I want to make a cute sign for it and I just haven't had the time!
Have a fabulous weekend lovers!


  1. Ahh what great ultra sound pics!! And the babe does have the most perfect little head! xo

  2. Hooray for ultrasound pics!! That does look like a pretty darn cute baybeh.

    Peanut gallery recommend here - my niece had this octopus that said colors in English, French, and Spanish. I'm insisting you buy this toy because you will roll with laughter like I did when it says french colors.

  3. Those are great ultrasound pictures!

    Some must haves in my opinion, carseat (obviously), a boppy, some kind of swing, swaddle me blankets (the kind that velcro), bottle warmer, noise machine, sleepers that zip not button (messing with a bunch of buttons in the middle of the night is a pain).

  4. Iowa Girl Eats just had a post on registry must haves. You should check it out.

  5. Ultrasound tech letter made me smile. That's awesome that she made such an impact on you at such a hard time and to her she was just doing her job. Months later you still remember her and request her again :) very sweet!!

    As I was reading and scrolling down I saw the top of the ultrasound picture. I freaked thinking omg omg this is it. She is telling us earlier than she said!! TEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sorry about your Red Sox :)

  6. I love when you come across sweet people doing the right job that fits them :)

  7. Do not register for a wipe warmer! I never used it and babies don't care if their wipes are warm, they just want to be clean! My favs were the Boppy, the Itzbeen timer, the Halo sleep sack and Tommie Tippee bottles if you plan to nurse. Sono pic is adorable!


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