Wednesday, October 2, 2013

So What! Wednesday

Linking up with Shannon for So What! Wednesday!
This week I am saying So What if...
* The big exciting job thing didn't go through. What's meant to be will always find a way, right? Apparently, I'm not meant to make more money. Whatever. No big deal. I'm still a little bummed and disheartened, but whatcha gonna do. Next mission is seeing if my boss will let me work from home 1-2 days a week. No raise = less money for daycare. Cross your fingers for me.
* My desk is always a mess and it drives me nuts. It always has been and I know it always will be. I clean it, but 10 minutes later there is shit everywhere. I wish that I could think of a system that worked better than a thousand papers and sticky notes everywhere, but otherwise I drop the ball on something. Boo.
* I'm both relieved and sad that there isn't a Halloween party this year. I'm relieved because that would suck to go to a Halloween party all Sober Sally. Last year I accidentally got WASTED. Well... the jury is still out. I thought that I was fine, but my date with the porcelain Gods at the end of the night proved otherwise. Anyway... I'm bummed though because I like dressing up. We are still having a Fall Party though, with a bunch of food. So everyone can still get drink and I'll just stuff my face in a corner.
* I get a good amount of vacation time, but still feel like it isn't enough. I need more time to just, relax. Do fun things. Unfortunately, my days are numbered and I completely forgot about taking the day before Thanksgiving off for my Bake Fest. Crap.
* I love my neighborhood and my house, but there's part of living in a woodsy area that I don't like. For example, the giant spiders in my mailbox. Or the gross dead snake I found. Or the millions of bugs that apparently hatched under my porch. Add in the billions of frogs I chased over the Summer and I am ALL SET with nature.
* I'm a little bummed that the project that I've been working on is almost over. I've been having weekly meetings with one of my coworkers and I have a blast working with him. I would love to do it more. He got me on this team at work, which is pretty exciting, but the one on one meetings were so much fun. 
* I've been avoiding Expense Reports like the plague. I hate them. They are obnoxious.
* I think I am going to eat my breakfast, clean my desk, and then maybe get started on those Expense Reports. Food is important. So is a clean workspace. Expense reports are already late, so who cares.
* I just added making a to do list for the house to the list above. There's so much that needs to be done before the baby is here. I need to get moving. It's hard though because there's so much furniture that I need to refinish and I don't want it sitting in the basement until the room is done, but I don't want to wait until it gets cold out because then I lose my workspace. I'm guessing paint fumes are bad for the baby, so I want to do it outside while I can. Decisions. Decisions.
* I love Big A to death, but his inability to make a decision based on one conversation drives me bananas. I know that he just wants to think about it for awhile. I know that he thinks of other questions to ask. However, in 99% of the conversations he ends up just telling me to do whatever I want. So... can't we skip the 12,000 conversations and just let me do what I want? No? Is that my price for getting my way? Bueller?
* A friend of mine promised to bring me a fritter from this amazing bakery in the town one of our other buildings are in and I assumed that he forgot since he had been saying this for a week. I just went to email him a nasty message and I had one from him saying he had a fritter for me. He just made my morning.
Alright, that's enough for today. Now I'm just rambling. Happy Wednesday friends! 


  1. With you on the vacation time. Just that I do not get enough (Or so I think lol) ;))

  2. "Accidentally" got wasted....

    Also, spiders in mailboxes are not cool. The mailbox is an exciting place of snail mail and cards (minus bills), so spiders are definitely not exciting or welcome.

    Tell me about the job!

  3. Sorry about the job opportunity not working out. Fingers crossed your boss is cool with working at home!!

  4. Sorry about the job thing, hopefully you can work from home though I will tell you it's hard actually get working done at home with a baby and especially toddler running around. At least for me it is.

  5. Sorry about the job thing not working out. I have a similar situation with my desk. Always a freaking mess no matter how much I try to clean it up. It's annoying. I feel your pain. And glad that your friend got you your fritter!


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