Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Linking up with Jennifer over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!
First of all, thanks to everyone for the love yesterday. Everything went well and Baby P is the picture of perfection! Gender announcement will be on Tuesday with my weekly link-up.
I think this is my first (or second) time linking up on this one, so I'm just going to wing it and talk about a bunch of random shit. Which really turned into me going through my phone and finding a bunch of pictures that I want to talk about. Cool? Cool.
* How gorgeous is this rose? My dad has been at my house working on the upstairs so we can get it ready for the baby and for us to move up there. I came home from work one day and he had picked this from his roses. He said it was one of the last ones. He's such a nice Dad!
* I consider myself pretty crafty and relatively skilled in the kitchen. But, apparently sometimes I need to be knocked down a peg or two. And in light of Britt's recent post, with this recent quote that I love so very much...
I'm going to keep it real over here.
I came across this wonderful recipe for apple chips and they sounded right up my pregnant craving alley. So, I go home, cut up the apples (since I was too lazy to get out my fancy chopper thing) and put them in the oven. This is what they are supposed to look like:
But when I went to flip them halfway through, they were all stuck to the pan. Even WITH the parchment paper. I've never seen parchment paper stick to ANYTHING. Ridiculous. I had to soak the pan to get everything off.
Don't they look delicious? Ugh...
Move over Martha! There's a new Bitch in town!

*Edit: I left a comment for the Blogger, wondering what I was doing wrong and she wrote me back immediately, even though this post was from 2012. Apparently parchment paper and wax paper are two separate things. Who knew? Haha.
*Moving on from my baking fails... I've never been able to take screen shots on my phone until I just upgraded. Which has now turned in to me taking a screen shot of every funny thing I find and then sending them to N at special moments. This guy, is my favorite:

* I also find funny things to send to my brother who has been having a bat problem in his house. Complete with him and all of his roommates having to get rabies shots after one fun incident. And then waking up to one on his dresser in the middle of the night. So, I sent him this the next morning when I found out. I'm such a nice sister.

Sidenote: It really isn't that strange for my brother to have a bat problem. These types of things just happen to him. We all kind of just shrugged. Haha.
And that's all we have for this week. I have about a thousand other pictures I could go through, but then we would be here all day!
Head on over to Jennifer's blog and check her out! She's one of my faves!


  1. That picture of the Viszla puppy is sooo cute! And sorry that your apple chips didn't turn out. I loved the "Nailed It!" caption. I laughed! And a bat problem? That is crazy!

  2. Can't wait to hear the gender announcement!!!!!
    Screen captures are the best thing ever!

  3. Bahahahaa yes parchment and wax paper are very different. And I have done the EXACT same thing.

  4. Nailed it hahahahaha
    I wish I tried new things in the kitchen. I am the worst at trying new recipes. I hate cooking so why try something new?! What if it turns out bad and I've just wasted all that time in the kitchen for absolutely nothing.

    OMG I would screamed and peed myself if I woke up to a frickin bat on my dresser in the middle of the night (or at any time of the day for that matter). Creep me OUT!!!!! Some friends of ours had a bat in their condo. She locked her and her two dogs in her room and called 911 hahahahah

  5. Hahaha, oh yes, I realized the hard way that wax paper doesn't act like parchment paper too!! Love your baking fail...I've had more of those than I can count.

  6. I know what your having!! I feel so cool!


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