Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekend Recap: Baby Things and Free Shit

This was a weekend of all things baby. Can't say I hate it, but I'm exhausted and could use a mental health day to recover, but then again I would have missed the gourmet cupcakes.
The sacrifices I make for my job.
Anyway... my weekend started off like any other weekend. A total cluster fuck. One quick project before I left work on Friday turned into this:
Yeah... that would be the bottom of the three hole puncher in the middle there, along with about six BILLION tiny circles from the past decade of paper punching...which was probably the last time someone cleaned this. (Which was probably me the last time I spilled it everywhere because this is not the first time)
Friday was low key. No complaints. I made Big A buy me a tuna fish sub for dinner, but since all I really want is a delicious cold Italian sub, everything else takes like dog food. I think I should avoid subs for the remainder of my pregnancy.
Saturday was fun, productive, and exhausting. Mumsie, N, and I went and registered for Baby P. Now that we know the gender it was time to get down to business!
It was a truly exhausting day, but we had a great time and got everything done. I registered at Target and Babies R Us. We finished at Target right as the power went out, so that was convenient. Thankfully they were able to save everything we scanned and we didn't have to start over.
When I got home I consolidated all of my free stuff that they gave me and realized that they give you a whole lot of free shit when you are having a baby. So much more than when you get married. The samples are so much more useful.

The loot. Aventi bottle, Butt paste, Teetehr, Shutterfly giftcards, A&D ointment, Wipes & Case, Diaper, Magazine, Breast milk storage bags, Nursing shields, Pacifier, and a whole bunch of Coupons.
Continuing with our baby theme, N bought me a subscription to Parents Magazine. She says it was a deal too good to pass up, but I'm thinking maybe she is worried about my skills. Haha. Either way it was a nice little read. It's funny to switch from reading Cosmo to Parents. The articles are a bit different.

Saturday night we went to a Halloween party and I was totally lame sauce and didn't even dress up. Honestly, there's like two costumes that a woman can wear that isn't somewhat slutty and I already feel large and in charge, so I just wanted to wear something I was comfortable with.
Big A enjoyed another evening with his designated driver and I was able to drag him home at a reasonable hour. We capped off the night with a little hot chocolate (that I have only now realized about 12,000 different types of booze that would be delicious to put in Winter... next Winter...) and I read my magazine.
Sunday was lazy. We slept in and I made us some delicious Eggo Waffles. I'm pretty decent with a toaster (when I remember to plug it in. Why the hell does the timer make noise like it is working if the damn toaster isn't plugged in!).
We headed out a little early for the football game to pick up my raffle prize. Babies 'r Us was having some sort of event while we were there and I entered one of the raffles on a whim. I was super surprised when the woman called me to tell me I won.

Playtex Newborn Bottle Set, Playtex Bottle Cooler, Playtex Bottle Drying Rack, Playtex Bottle Brush
I'm pretty excited about all the free stuff we have. I mean, I know we need about 3,000 other things, but at least we have a start.
We spent the afternoon watching the Patriots dominate once again (after a bit of an embarrassing start) and then headed home. I went on a bit of a cleaning spree when we got home. I've been trying to keep the house a little less cluttered and dog hair free, so I quickly cleaned up the kitchen and swept the entire house. It makes such a difference.
Sunday night was a lovely family dinner. We had a good time chatting and catching up.
After that, I headed home where I whined my way through the rest of the night until Big A finally put me to bed.
And here we are. A long ass day at work. Another week to start. Although, I'm pretty excited that tomorrow marks half way through my pregnancy. I feel like it is flying and I hope that time doesn't slow down anytime soon.
Good thing the gourmet cupcakes are worth coming into work for.
That's all for today. Hope everyone else had a fabulous weekend. I'll be back tomorrow for Baby P's gender reveal! Looks like boy is taking the lead on the poll, but there's still time to vote!


  1. Mmmm...cupcakes...
    That's so awesome that you got all that free stuff!! Especially the package you won! Woo hoo! Congrats! You'll have to give a fellow preggo some registry tips and tricks! It will be a long time before we do it but my head is already spinning about what we need! haha! xo

  2. Free stuff?! Heck yes! Free is always better after all. You did have a busy weekend. Glad you got some stuff done and got lots of free stuff in the process. And I would go to work just for those cupcakes, haha! Have a great day!

  3. I fear that every time I get the 3 hole puncher out. When I take off the bottom to empty it I think please don't spill everywhere. So far that picture up there has not happened to me.

    I use to work at BRU. If money was no issue for us I would probably still be working there. LOVED working there. I was in infant care so I helped the parents to be start registries and helped with all the little items needed. You hit the free sample jackpot!!!! And lucky you winning all that Playtex stuff very cool!!!

    WAHOOOO GO PATRIOTS!!!! Had me on the edge of my seat phewww

    Super excited about tomorrow. I am still sticking with girl.

  4. Free Shit! lol. I'm late but I'm going with boy!!!!!


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