Monday, October 21, 2013

Week/Weekend Recap

Hello Friends!
Long time no talk.
I attempted to do Friday's Letters, but I had to email myself the pictures for it and since that apparently took almost 48 hours, here I am. Sometimes I think my phone hates me.
Anyway... I was a little absent last week. Although, I'm a little absent every week. But I had a good excuse. I was in Pittsburgh for a meeting. I flew out on Wednesday and flew back home on Thursday. It was quite the doozy of a trip. I was exhausted by the time I got home. Thankfully, my lovely husband had the common sense to know I would be and came to pick me up, rather than leave me to drive myself home.
He's so good to me.
Pittsburgh was OK. The weather wasn't super awesome, but it wasn't terrible either. It would have been a lot more fun if I could drink and if I wasn't exhausted. I was back in my room by 6:30 PM while everyone else enjoyed the open bar.
And Lord knows I love me some open bar.
My view in the back of the hotel. It was actually really pretty.
In other news Big A and I tried to Fall-ify our house. He has been promising me every year we have been together that we will get pumpkins and we never do. But, everyone in our neighborhood has some sort of Fall decorations so we felt the peer pressure. It's little touches, but they look nice.

Our pumpkin family. The Daddy, the Mommy, the little baby, and the dog pumpkin!
This weekend I finally gave in and bought myself some maternity pants. I noticed that I had broken the stitching on the zipper of my pants before I got on my flight back to Boston. While I can still wear my normal pants (and even zip them, although they aren't very comfortable) I decided it was time to move on, while it was still a choice. I like control, what can I say.
I ordered a couple pairs of pants from Zulily which came and are awesome. And then Mumsie, N, and I headed out to the Outlets to try and get some good deals on clothes. It wasn't that bad. I think it could have been cheaper, but then again I'm pretty damn cheap so there's that.
I never knew how uncomfortable I was until I put on those pants. They were a dream come true. No more muffin top worries. No more pulling my pants up so my underwear doesn't show. It's lovely.
They aren't the sexiest things in the world, but I think since the current state I'm in requires "maternity pants", Big A has gotten enough. Haha. I kid...sort of...
And of course, who can forget this guy...

He thankfully did not destroy anything while I was gone this time. And he was my little buddy when I came home like I had been gone for years. It was cute.
All in all, not a bad week or weekend. I'm exhausted from doing too much on Saturday and Sunday, but someday I'll learn...maybe.
Hope everyone else has a fabulous week. And let's all hope together that the next 3 days go by quick. We have our gender ultrasound on Wednesday at 3:00 PM. Totally unfair that we have to wait ALL day (and until Wednesday since it is supposed to be the same day as my appointment which is today... and they couldn't figure out a way to schedule them together since the doctor was at one building and the ultrasound is at another... let's work on that, K?).


  1. Yeah I need like a stat notification on that gender ultrasound, ya dig? Also, at least you're busting out of your pants because you're, you know, creating LIFE and all ;-)

  2. I love that you guys fallified your House. I love the little baby pumpkin! And of course the one for your dog was a must! So cute! And I am so excited for you for Wednesday! Sending my thoughts of hurry the heck up Wednesday your way!

  3. Awww so sweet both your guys were glad you were home :)

    Ohh I hope we all get to know the gender also!!!!! Exciting

  4. I love Pittsburgh one of my favorite cities!!


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