Friday, November 8, 2013

Fall Blogger Swap Link-up

Hey Everyone,
The time has finally come. You might remember back in October, that Britt, Megan, Laura, and I set up a Fall Favorite Things Blog Swap.
And now the time has come to reveal all of the goodies we got!
This is where I have to admit that I cheated a little bit.
My good friend Lindsay wanted to get in on the swap, but since she lived in Canada and we limited it to the US then she couldn't enter.
Except... at the end of the sign up we had an uneven amount of people and I volunteered to take Lindsey. I didn't mind paying the postage to Canada and this way there wasn't anyone who had to buy gifts for two people, or no one at all.
Lindsay and I started talking when we were planning our weddings. We got engaged within a couple months of each other, we got married within a couple months of each other, and now... we are both having babies and they will be about a month apart!
Needless to say, Lindsay and I talk a lot. Which is why I shouldn't have been surprised when she was so sweet and sent me some awesome things!
I opened the box to one of the sweetest notes that I have ever received.
And some amazing gifts:

1. A super cozy scarf. 2. Heavy duty gloves for Big A (which he LOVES) 3. A delicious smelling candle 4. Fun Dip (which I guess Lindsay is LOVING during her pregnancy) 5. An adorable outfit for Baby P 6. A photo bombing Border Collie (not included in the package)

Seriously, check out that outfit! I actually registered for this outfit, but in a bigger size. I didn't really register for many clothing items because I figured people would buy what they want (and it might not be there in a couple months) but this was too cute NOT to have. Great minds I guess.
Thank you so much Lindsay for your thoughtful gifts! I love them all. I'll make sure to send pictures of Baby P wearing the outfit you gave him!
I hope everyone had so much fun doing the swap. I know we did.
Link up below and show up what your partner got you!


  1. That onesie is straight up adorable. Love it!

  2. SO sweet of her to include the whole family! I love me some fun dip

  3. I absolutely love how she included your whole family!! Love the onesie and the photo bombing puppy! Very thoughtful & sweet!! And how nice of you to send a package to Canada ~ and the fact that you too are so close. That's really awesome & shows how blogging can really introduce you to people you will bond with forever. LOVE the story. <3, Amy

  4. What an awesome package of things! And that outfit is adorable! Your swap partner is awesome!


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