Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday's Letters

I am SO glad it is Friday.
This week seriously kicked my ass. So did last week. But I think this week kicked my ass more because of last week.
It's been fun. Apparently I decide that I can't just do one earth shattering thing at once. So while I am currently growing a human, I decide to take on a whole shit load more of responsibility at work. Which mean overtime. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the money, but seeing as how I am over the day before I even get here... staying late kind of blows.
Anyway... you're here for Friday's Letters. So I will get on with it.
First though... don't forget to enter my Tiny Prints giveaway that I posted yesterday! Everyone knows  that Holiday cards are pretty effing expensive (at least the good ones are) and 50 bones could definitely help you out. (Plus FREE SHIPPING!)
Now... onto the good stuff.
Dear Big A, I'm so glad that you finally got to feel our little dude bopping around last night. He was SO crazy yesterday, I was hoping that was a sign. We will have to try earlier before he settles down too much. Although, once we both went to bed, he was moving again. He's a freshie already!
Dear November, I can't believe you are already half over! Ridiculous. Although, I'm kind of looking forward to you being done. I'll be 24 weeks when you're over and making that milestone makes me feel a little better.
Dear Intuition, cut it out. Seriously. I'm rarely wrong when you rear your ugly head and it normally isn't something that I want to know. This time, I just have the overwhelming feeling that I will be having a scheduled C-section. Not an emergency. Not after days. For whatever reason I think he is going to be breech (he was at the last ultrasound, but they said he would probably/hopefully flip and it was common) or high blood pressure, or who knows. It's just the feeling that I get.
Dear Dunkin Donuts, I apologize for accusing you of stealing my money. I thought that you gave me change for a $10 when I gave you a $20, but that was a receipt from a different day. This is what I get for breaking the rules and going to you THREE times this week (four if you count the afternoon coffee on Tuesday) instead of just one.
Dear Chicken and Fried Rice, you were OK. I was hoping you would take better. I think I need to play with the sauces I use a little bit. Although... you were not nearly as much fun as the chicken and fried rice at the hibachi restaurant. Oh, how I would love to just set shit on fire and be like "BAM! Cooked!" Oh the dream...
Dear Christmas Cards, I don't know what I'm going to do for you. I don't have any professional pictures from this year, so that's out. I don't even know if I have any good pictures of us. Then I contemplate putting a picture of Baby P, but is it weird to put an ultrasound picture on a Christmas card. Like... "Hey, Merry Christmas, here's a picture of the fetus growing in my uterus". I think if I feel it is weird, then it is, so that's out. Ack. This is the worst. Next year I will make sure we have professional pictures. Looks like we will be keeping KG busy. She better not decide she doesn't want to do pictures anymore.
Dear House, I can't wait to decorate you for Christmas. I feel like last year was a little forced since we were painting and moving and such, but this year I am happy to take my time (instead of randomly grabbing some things and throwing them around the house one night). I'm looking forward to a real Christmas tree (AND one in our window because we loved the way it looked). AND to put up Christmas lights. We've never put up Christmas lights before! Eek!
Dear Mumsie, let's craft the hell out of Christmas! Yaaaay!
Dear Work People, please don't comment on what I am looking at on my computer. At least pretend like you aren't looking over my shoulder. I wish I had an invisibility cloak over my cube. Or an electric fence. Ya know... either or.
Dear ADD,  you strike again. I have no idea how long I've been gone from this post, but I have since found a DIY tutorial for a Christmas wreath, convinced my mother we need to make them, came up with two Christmas crafts I want to do in addition to the wreath, updated the Facebook event for our Pre-Turkey Day extravaganza, and here we are. Woah.
Alright, I think I'll end here. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and don't forget to enter my Tiny Prints giveaway! Winner will be announced on Thursday!!!


  1. I am having the same Christmas card issue. We do not have any professional photos from this year and the few 'good ones' that we have I am not sure if they would be right for a Christmas card.

  2. That sucks about all the work but yay for more money!

    Ryan and I usually just to normal Christmas cards without a picture of ourselves. But this year I think we'll put an ultra sound pic in so that we send it to family who is far away they can see it.
    Happy Friday! xo

  3. How awesome! Was it is first time feeling the baby move?! :)

    I haven't had Dunkin Donuts breakfast since I was a wee one. I had a rough hangover a couple months back & I was meeting someone at that parking lot so I went through the drive thru. I was very let down by their breakfast sandwich even the hash browns ween't good. Bummer!

  4. Glad that Big A finally got to feel the baby move! How exciting! And yes, you should definitely decorate the shiz out of your place. Lights and all! And you and your Mom sound like you guys have a lot of fun together! I hope you guys figure something out for your Christmas cards!

  5. My daughter was breech until I was about 33 weeks. I had this intuition that I was going to have a c section but didn't. I also had intiution that I was having a boy but didn't lol. So you never know!!!


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