Wednesday, November 6, 2013

So What! Wednesday

Linking up with Shannon for So What! Wednesday!
This week I am saying So What! if...
* I literally can NOT control myself when it comes to junk food. I was NEVER into junk food. Or candy. I rarely snacked. Now? Forget it. Yesterday, I vowed to eat more fruits and vegetables. Then, on my way home I stopped at CVS to get my dad a birthday card (Happy Birthday yesterday Dad!) and found out they had those candy-coated Cadbury eggs that I'm obsessed with, only they were Holiday themed. I mean... really? I ate half the bag! I'm not proud of myself.
* I'm slightly jealous of those people who lose weight in the beginning of their pregnancy. I know it comes with bad morning sickness and terrible food aversions, but... I have no but... I'm just jealous that they haven't gained as much weight as I have. Yes. I'm vain. Whatever.
* Some guy at work used the "H" word and I almost karate chopped him in the throat. A woman (especially a pregnant woman) is totally allowed to have a heated response to something without being overcome by hormones.
* I've been super busy at work lately and I LOVE it. That's not really a "So what" but I just figured I'd mention it. I picked up a whole bunch of new responsibilities at work to get some more experience and I'm loving it. I really feel like I have an actual job instead of being someone's errand monkey!
* I'm annoyed that I called the vet today and they told me I needed to call back later unless it was an emergency. It wasn't, but I just had a quick question. Ugh.
* I vowed to be better at laundry and I've had two loads sitting clean and ready to fold since Sunday. Whoops.
* I'm super excited to start painting the nursery furniture this Saturday. I mean, I know it will be awhile before we can put the furniture in the actual nursery, but it will make me feel better to do SOMETHING.
* I at the same time feel guilty and happy about not being able to help move us upstairs when the rooms are done. I mean, on the one hand I did most of the moving when we moved into our apartment and then our house. So, I'm due some relaxing. On the other hand, I feel like it will never get done if I don't do it. Soooo....
* I actually planned on cooking something tonight, but I forgot to leave something out to defrost. I suppose I could call Big A and ask him to, but... maybe he will just buy us dinner.
* Big A will never know the difference between when I actually forget to defrost something and when I do it on purpose. Eh... keep 'em guessing.
* I have a list of people who I'd like to karate chop in the throat. Wouldn't it be nice if for just one day you could slap everyone who deserved it? Or chop in my case. I think I would be a better person.
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  1. I'd love to slap or karate chop everyone who deserved it today! and I never lost weight at the beginning of being pregnant... it was only up from there!

  2. Don't worry, I had morning sickness for all 40 weeks of my second pregnancy, and yet I still gained weight every single week! Some bodies are just built like that:)

  3. I ate a whole bag of skittles last night and am not pregnant. you win.

  4. 'Im not proud of myself' hahah I don't think I will be able to not snack like that when I'm prego. I can't control that craving now.

    Nursery pictures when things start coming along?!

  5. Haha! That is a great idea to make a list of everyone you want to karate chop. Some days for me though, that list would be pretty ridiculous! And don't feel bad about not being able to help move stuff. You are growing a baby and that is hard work enough in itself, haha! Glad you are enjoying work too lately!

  6. I am HORRIBLE about laundry too and i always vow to do better and after a few days it all goes to crap, haha! I am a new follow that found you through Shannon's blog link up, cant wait to follow you. Come check my new blog out at


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