Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday's Letters

Oh 28... you're going to be a good year. You have to be. I mean, even if the only good thing to come out of next year is Baby P, then you're going to be a great year!
Dear Karma & Fate, the above mentioned comment was not a dare. I did not double dog dare you to make next year suck. Kind of like when I claimed yesterday was the best last day of 27 ever and nothing could bring me down, and then you stuck me with a blinding headache all night long. Thanks!
Dear Luna, you made my freaking LIFE. I mean... I know you are probably still making a 300% profit off us, but still. You made the carpet MORE than affordable and we are back on track.
Dear Big A, you're cute. The way you get so concerned for me now when I'm not feeling well is adorable. It makes me wonder why you never really cared before, or if you will ever really care again, but for right now you are cute! Haha.
Dear Dunkin Donuts, thanks for sending me a coupon for a free coffee the day before my birthday. I will definitely be using that after my appointment today.
Dear Self, please do not throw up the glucose test drink. I know it won't be the first time you have thrown up on your birthday, and probably not the last, but let's keep all of those alcohol related. Mmmmkay?
Dear Baby P, I don't know what you do in there, but your movements are weird. The big hits and kicks are cool, but the rolls are what freak me out the most. They feel so strange! I so thought you were going to be our sweet, calm little guy, but just like your father, you're always on the move.
Dear Christmas Shopping, feel free to do yourself. I mean. I'm apparently not going to do you, soooo....
Dear Aunts & Cousins, can't wait to see you all tomorrow for cookie baking!!! Although, I'll be squishing Baby M the whole time, so I will not be helping bake. HA!
Dear Big A, why are you so into getting Christmas cards out this year? I mean... since when do you care? But I do admire that at least one of us is all about sending them. Otherwise, they would probably still be sitting on our table!
Hope everyone has a fabulous Friday. And a wonderful last day of Fall (HA!). I'm looking forward to a fabulous birthday, a great weekend full of family and friends, and the fact that tomorrow is the shortest day of the year, so it can only get better from there!


  1. Dude! You need to get shopping...This is your daily count down reminder...5 days! ha ha!

    I hope you have an AMAZING birthday! You deserve it! Good luck on the Glucose test today! I'll be thinking about you! xo

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! :)
    SO glad the flooring company was able to get you what you really wanted.

    :) too cute that Alex is so caring when you don't feel good! And the Christmas cards!! Andy could care less about ours haha He is just glad he doesn't have to sign them this year.


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