Monday, December 9, 2013

Monday Rambles

Good Morning Lovers!
Happy Monday!
I woke up to a lightly snow covered ground that was quickly turning into a sheet of ice as the freezing rain started. Happy "eat shit on the ice" Day in Massachusetts! Hooray!
I won't complain about the weather though. We need snow like nobody's business. Mama needs oil in her tank. And an existent savings account.
In other news... this happened today.
Double digits my friends. That's pretty much tomorrow.
And while my house is nowhere near ready, and everyone else tells me to slow down, I am more than ready to meet this Little Man and March can't come soon enough.
I'm telling him to stay cooking, no need to come early because Mama is impatient. But I did tell him that two weeks early was acceptable and to plan for that is he likes.
So... we will see.
In other pregnancy news, this kid definitely has his father's sweet tooth.
Much to my doctor's dismay, I am eating shit I have never eaten before. Regularly.
The current: Vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce, Reese's pieces, and whipped cream. Redic.

I try to limit the portions. This is a whole lot of whipped cream. Plus, if I eat too much I get a stomach ache, so that helps me not eat an entire carton.
We got our Christmas Tree last week and actually brought it into the house on Thursday. There he sat until Friday when I put lights on him, but we have never had a tree this big so we didn't have enough lights.
A quick trip to Walmart and we fixed that.

His name is Darius. And we love him.
He still doesn't have ornaments on him, but I'm told that's on the agenda for this evening.
We may rush big life decisions and get married, buy a house, and have a baby all in a year, but we take our time when it comes to decorating our Christmas Tree.
You can't rush these things!
The weekend brought more baby things. Mumsie and I almost completed painting all of the nursery furniture. The crib was delivered (eek!) and so was my new camera. (Because I can't take pictures of my precious baby boy with a crappy camera! Happy Black Friday to ME!)
Sunday, I dragged my fat ass to our friends' house to watch the game because I haven't been in weeks. It wasn't that cold out and it wasn't a night game so I figured I could show face. It was a pretty intense game and I'm glad I went. We totally didn't deserve to win, but we somehow pulled a big "W" out of our ass.
Just a quick moment of silence for Gronk's knee... that looked like it HURT!
Now we are back to Monday again. These weeks are flying by. I've got a busy week of my grandmother's birthday and our Holiday Wine Night this weekend which I'm super excited about. I've been stalking Pinterest for Christmas themes cupcakes all weekend!
Then next week, we celebrate the National Holiday that is the day of my birth! 28 is probably going to be the craziest year of my life, but I can't wait!
And that's my modge podge of things for this morning. I'll be preparing for my Winter hibernation. I hope all of you are somewhere safe and warm.
Except for you people in warm climates... I hope you people are cold!
Haha. I kid... kind of...


  1. Holy Moly...Less then 100 days?? That is crazy!! Where has the time gone?? You'll be well prepared, I am sure of it! I think once you get into your 3rd trimester you'll slow down naturally! Keep going if you have the energy! xo

  2. 99 days is getting so close! That ice cream/whipped cream dessert looks delicious!!

  3. You need low-fat Cool Whip in your life. That shiz is the bomb. 99 days is like nothing - ahhhh! You'll have Baby P here before Gronk even sets foot on a field again #toosoon?

  4. I love that you named your Christmas tree! Haha! And I have had our tree up for a week with just lights on it. If I put the ornaments on now, the cats will just demolish it, so it will sit like that for a few more days, haha!

    Yay for the crib and getting the nursery furniture done. I can't wait to see everything! Sounds like you had a good weekend! Stay warm!

  5. Maybe you will have the luck that a co-worker of mine had. She went in for her normal check up appt at 35 weeks. They told her either she is further along than they have expected this whole time or she is having a big baby. Neither her or her husband are big/tall people at all. They are now telling her she could be at 39 weeks. WHAT the?!?!? Ultrasound on Thursday to find out which it is big baby or further along.


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