Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

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Today is a little bittersweet. It's my last day as a 27 year old. Which means I am most definitely in my late 20's. I thought I was cool with getting older, but I think that I'm definitely someone who likes being in their 20's. I think I'd like to stay here forever. The whole getting older and being in my 80's weirds me out.
On the other hand, 28 is the age that I meet my sweet baby boy. And how can you not want THAT to happen? So, I think I need to turn 28, and then stay that age (alive) forever. Cool?
* I have been trying to check items off my to do list for quite some time now. Unfortunately, until the upstairs is done, I really can't do anything. However, I did go ahead and order my thank you notes for my shower. If you don't know about Kristen or Little Law's Prints, then you need to get to know them quick. She's amazing!  So, there may still be a toilet and a sink still sitting in the middle of my baby's room, BUT I have my thank you notes all set. BAM.
* We have Luna come out to measure and give us a quote to carpet the upstairs. Oh man, that guy was good. We got bamboozled. All of a sudden we were handing him a deposit and I was dropping a shit ton of money on carpet. After a mini cry sesh, I called them up and told them to come back out. I'm going for something cheaper (which this guy said this was their cheapest carpet but he's a fucking liar) or they can shit in a hat. I'll figure something out after.
* In true indecisive K mode, I've changed the color of the bathroom paint after professing my love for the first one and fighting with Big A over it. I have no idea what I'm changing it to, but it will be amazing. Don't worry, I have come up with no less than 3,000 projects to use the other color for. I don't like to waste things.
* There are no words that can describe the amount of excitement I have to see my family this weekend. Last year, my mom, my aunts, and my cousins started this tradition that we would bake cookies for Christmas. We drank mimosas and ate snacks and had SO much fun. So of course, I had to strong arm everyone and make sure that we did it again. I don't think anyone would have objected and they probably thought it was a definite, but I wasn't taking any chances. Also, my cousin will be there with her new baby and I already called third dibs! (After Mom and Grandma of course, I'm not messing with them!)
* I just learned that when you press the control key and the "I" at the same time it switches over to the web page you have open in the next tab. Interesting.
* I have yet to learn the random combination of keys you have to press that turns the font in my emails from normal to big, bold, purple. I do it like, twice a month. I don't understand. Why purple?
* Did anyone out there use a Snuza for their baby? I don't know if it is crazy overbearing Mama of me to want one, or if it just makes sense to get the peace of mind. I registered for one and I think that I'm either going to love it, or I'm going to use it twice and then return it. Thoughts?
* My pregnancy app warned me that my vision may decline during pregnancy today. Umm... ya think. I've become Mr. Magoo and things are most always fuzzy. Hopefully it all goes back to normal after. I've avoided wearing glasses for a long time. I'd rather not start now.
* I'm super excited that I don't have to cook again until probably next week. We have Big A's Christmas work dinner tonight, then my birthday tomorrow, then I am going out with some of my girl friends for dinner on Saturday, and then we do family dinner on Sundays. I love it when I don't have to cook.
Alright lovers, I leave you now at the young, sweet age of 27. I'll see you tomorrow, when I am an older and wiser 28.
28... blech...
P.S. Remember when Thursdays used to mean Thirsty Thursday. And Wednesdays were ladies' nights at the bar. And Friday and Saturday meant drinking too. I miss those days. Even though I probably drank too much then.


  1. My thoughts are that 27-29 is late 20's. So I'm not going to take turning 28 next month too hard (I say that now). But I agree I would like to stay in my 20s a bit longer too. I've liked my 20s.

    Those sales guys always seem so helpful and like they are really helping YOU out when they are there. Then they leave and you look over the numbers and your heart sinks to your ass and you think what the eff just happened?! Did I black out?! How did I agree to this? Yup been there too.

  2. You are right - 28 is pretty much an awesome age. Happy Birthday!!!

  3. And now all I can hear in my head is "877-241-(beep beep boop beep) LUUUUUUNAAAAA"

  4. I didn't use a snuza but we have the angle care monitor which alerts you if they stop breathing/movement for more than like 15 seconds. We've had a few false alarms, like when he's been curled up in the corner of his crib out of range but it gave me so much more peace of mind especially when he was teeny tiny.

  5. Hey, I have a quick question I wanted to ask you about your blog, do you think you could send me an email when you get this? Thanks! Tiffany

  6. Getting older is so cool. As I approach my 52nd birthday, I feel more confident, less anxious and ready for fun with my hubby now that our son is grown.
    Have a wonderful birthday.


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