Friday, January 10, 2014

Baby P Update

Happy Friday Lovers!

I know these posts normally fit into my weekly Bumpdates, but I felt like chatting about the Little Guy today so I'm going to!

I started my bi-weekly appointments this week. Nothing says "your baby is coming" like going to the doctor MORE often.

I have 3 more biweekly ones and then I go to weekly. Which means that things are getting prettyfuckingreal.

Everything looked good at the doctor. My blood pressure has been a little high the past couple times, but they don't seem all that concerned about it right now. They are keeping an eye on it and made me sit around for a little after my appointment to check it again. It had gone down in that short time so they were happy to hear that. Hopefully, it stays that way.

I'm still measuring 2 weeks ahead, which has been pretty standard throughout the whole thing. Baby P doesn't mess around when it comes to this growing business so he has always been a bit ahead of the game. I wasn't lying when I said I felt like he was a big boy!

Big A was with me for this appointment and the doctor said she now understood why he was measuring big. My husband is FAR from vertically challenged so I think she felt a little better knowing that we are just circus freaks when it comes to height and there isn't a medical issue that is making him bigger.

Baby Boy is still breech, which would explain the massive uncomfortable movements that I have been experiencing. I kept telling Big A that I felt like he was completely stretched from one side of my body to the other. Looks like I was right about that one too. His head is underneath my right ribs (which is why I am constantly in pain there because his sweet little baby head is pressing against them) and his feet are down below on the opposite side (which is why it feels like he is kicking me in the la cucaracha, because he is... swell...).

She said he has time to move, but that she will keep an eye on him and we will have another ultrasound at 36-37 weeks to see if he has moved. Which is pretty exciting because I was hoping that we would get another one but obviously wasn't hoping for anything to be wrong or concerning. So this is the perfect scenario, they aren't concerned, just checking, and we get to see our little baby! Win, win!

I'm not surprised that he's breech. In fact, I kind of called this all along. He was breech at our last ultrasound too but the woman said that he had plenty of time to move then so not to worry about it. Apparently, he is just too cozy. So, we will keep an eye on it and then discuss options if he hasn't moved. I always pictured myself ending up with a C-section so none of this have been surprising or upsetting.

I'm not a huge fan of the whole baby flipping thing. I've read a whole bunch of horror stories and honestly, none of it sounds like it is for me. I'm not sure how much of a choice I get in all of this, but I have already informed Big A that if he is still breech and I get a choice, we will just go ahead with the C-section. I know I don't know everything about the process, but... no... I'm not a fan. If Little Dude wants to hang out all sideways and upside down then so be it. His father was feet first so it won't be anything new (we joke about how Big A was ready to "hit the ground running" when he was born because he tried to come out feet first and it ultimately ended up in a C-section, which pretty much describes him to a T. He can't ever sit still. Match that with his first word being "shoes" and it is no surprise that he's always on the move. Looks like I have my work cut out for me. Maybe I'll be skinny because I won't have time to sit down or eat. Wow... that was a long sidenote there...)

We scheduled our hospital tour for next week. Pretty much one of the only things I'm doing in preparation for Bugsy's arrival. I just want to see where to go and what the rooms look like. I love the hospital we are delivering at (as well as the doctors and nurses) so I know we are in good hands, I just like to visualize things to get myself prepared.

I'm struggling to find an Infant First Aid & CPR course for us, but haven't given up yet. I worked in childcare for almost 10 years so I'm familiar with the information, but it has been awhile and the last course I took was for adults. Plus, I want Big A to know what to do as well in case I'm not home or I freeze or something. I'm typically good with kids in a crisis, but then again it was never my own kid whose head split open, so I'm not going to pretend like completely freezing or freaking out isn't a possibility.

Other than that I decided not to take any of the other classes or courses. I know this may change, but right now I could not be feeling more calm and at peace with this whole process. I know that I'm in good hands, I know that there will be medical professionals there to guide me through no matter what happens. I know that no matter how "prepared" I am, whatever is going to happen will happen and nothing will prepare me for this big event that I have NEVER experienced before. You just don't know until you go through it.

I know what pain tactics I plan on using (drugs please... the good ones...) and I know that if worse comes to worse and I give birth to my baby somewhere other than the hospital, we are all fucked anyway, so that's that.

My doctor was surprisingly supportive of all of this and said that it was a good thing that I was feeling so calm and taking classes might just stress me out more. I told her that there wasn't anything that I felt like I couldn't Google or ask her, so what was the point. She suggested books and videos and I told her "of course" but haven't touched a single one. Whatever.

This all may change as we get closer and things get more real, but people give birth all the time, so I think I will be OK. And if I'm not, then I'm not. Shit happens. I can't control any of this, so I'm not trying.

Other than that, things are going well. The nursery is super close to being done. I ordered my second set of curtains that I am hoping will be perfect. I'm still struggling with a rocking chair issues, but I'll figure that out. All the construction stuff is out of the room so we can finally decide on where the furniture is going (hopefully). And it is still, easily, my most favorite room in the house. Everything else is on hold under after my shower on the 25th, when we will organize everything and then figure out what we still will need.

Our bedroom is pretty much done but we don't plan on moving upstairs until February. The bathroom still needs to be done and I can't be walking up and down stairs in the middle of the night if I need to go. It won't be pretty. I'm not in a huge hurry for that one though. Although the bedroom is gorgeous and huge so I can't wait to get up there. My dad does some fabulous work.

Big A and I are enjoying our last few weeks with just the two of us. We know this time is special and you can kind of tell that there's been a bit of a shift in our demeanor with each other because of it (minus past 10:00 PM when I hate everyone, so it doesn't really have anything to do with how I actually feel about him). However, we can't wait to be a family of three so we wouldn't be opposed to time speeding up a little bit. We are SO ready to meet this guy! (And Mama is SO ready for a glass of wine! Or four...)

And that's my update for today. It seemed a bit much for a Bumpdate and I wanted to get everything down so that I could remember it all. Like, in 7 weeks when I'm freaking the fuck out, or in 10 years when he's driving my nuts and I need to be reminded of how excited I was about his existence. Haha.

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and that everyone survived the first full week of the New Year! I didn't know if I was going to make it, but I did and I'm excited. Haha!


  1. That's great that you are so calm and enjoying these last few weeks before the baby is born. I can't wait to see pictures of his nursery when it's finished.

  2. "which is why it feels like he is kicking me in the la cucaracha,"

    ooooh you crack me up

  3. I've heard planned Csections aren't too bad, it's an emergency one that sucks, especially if you've already had the pleasure of suffering though labor like I did. I almost wish mine had been breech and I could have avoided the whole labor part since i ended up with a CS anyway.

  4. omg already at the bi-weekly dr appts!! that's crazy. I really feel like you were just announcing you were pregnant. That's funny that your husband was also breech and tried to come out feet first and now your son is trying to do the same. Sounds like he is already a lot like this Dad. You are going to have two men out in the garage/working outside with you still alone inside in a couple years hahah

    I like that you are so calm and haven't taken any of those baby classes. I have always thought those seemed silly. No one can really prepare you for what is going to happen. Every baby is different. Who knows I might end up signing up for some the further along I get, but for now I'm not too interested either.

  5. Great update!! Sounds like things are really coming together and going well! You've got a good head on your shoulders and I'm glad your treasuring this time before the baby comes....getting so close!!!,

  6. My niece was breach and my SIL had a c-section There was no flipping! Hope it all works out however it is suppose to work out! Glad you are calm and and going w/ the flow. That is a good way to be. Can't wait to see the nursery pics!

  7. I can't believe how close you are too meeting your little man- it seems like your pregnancy has gone so fast! (Easy for me to say, right? ha!)
    I also can't wait to see the finished pictures of all the house stuff :)


  8. I think it is great that you are so calm about things. And it sounds like you already have a great plan in place if you do have to make the decision to have a C Section.

    And yay for your house almost being finished! That is exciting! And I hope the second set of curtains works out for you! I can't wait to see the final product! It is going to be so cute! I just know it!


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