Monday, January 27, 2014

Baby Shower Weekend

This weekend was a busy one, and that's pretty much the understatement of the year.

I won't get into details about absolutely everything, but I will chose to focus on the happy and the positive.

Saturday was my Baby Shower and I have to say that my girls absolutely KILLED it.



N organized the whole thing with the help of my mom, my MIL, Jackums, and Mrs. C. They are FAR too good to me!
We chose to have a skull theme due to my ever growing love for all things skulls. It pretty much would have been skulls either way, but it was easier to go off and running with it once we learned that Baby P was indeed a boy!

They picked these invites and they could NOT have been more perfect. They had everything going off these colors (which are from his nursery) and theme:

Sorry for the ugly X's on them. Couldn't have you knowing all of our info.

They started planning this back in October and I couldn't believe when it finally got here. Time most definitely has been flying by. I knew I would be 32 weeks when we had my shower, but that seemed like a lifetime away. And look... that time has already come and gone!

My plan was to get there right as it was starting, but I was a last minute Larry and some things took priority over preparation. I got there about 30 minutes after it started, but everyone was already there. I was hoping to greet everyone as they came in, so that I wouldn't have to do the big go around, but whatever. Things happen. It was nice to get to see everyone.

My gorgeous friends who helped put this together (except Mrs. C who is behind the camera) and then all of our guests who came to celebrate the arrival of Baby P!

My lovely friends. And that's Ma Dukes and I in the bottom corner. You know... I feel like I look awesome when I look in the mirror and then someone takes a picture and it looks like a put on a fat suit and then gained 50 pounds, and then ate another person in a fat suit. Don't they say the camera adds 300 lbs?!

The food was absolutely amazing. We had the shower at a local restaurant that we frequent regularly. They did an absolutely amazing job and there is literally not one thing that I would complain about. And we all know that I can ALWAYS find something to complain about.

Once again I was so humbled by the love and support that both Big A and I have. Through the Wedding planning, the Wedding, buying our house, and now having our first child. We truly are blessed with some absolutely amazing people in our lives and I can not thank everyone enough for what they have done.

A little sample of the presents. And the cupcakes which my mom picked out. She was so excited for them. And who could blame her? They were PERFECT!

Also, it's a terrible picture, and I'm working on getting a better one, but I have to mention the amazing diaper motorcycle that KG made. It was freaking AMAZING! And there's a T-Rex riding it. I mean... a motorcycle made out of diapers, with a T-Rex riding it, a sippy cup for the headlight, a blanket and socks holding it together and as the handle bars, and a set of keys. It was pretty much the most bad ass things I have ever seen. Especially since KG knew that no regular bear or dog stuffed animal would do, it HAD to be this T-Rex. She knows Baby P is bad ass already!

The decorations. See what I mean about killing it?! The favors were wine glasses painted with skulls on them. I mean... could they BE more perfect? I got to take home a whole bunch. I'm super excited to use them.

As a activity (since I wasn't opening presents... best idea ever! They just put a sign on the present table saying that I would be opening my gifts at home so that I could have more time to spend with everyone. It took a lot of the pressure off and made sure that I got to get some good QT with everyone, rather than rushing through it) they had onesies and bibs for people to decorate. They were so cute! They also had diapers for people to write little messages on so that we could read something funny while we had those late night changings.

It was an absolutely amazing day.

A few extra pictures from the weekend:

From top to bottom, left to right: 1) I hand painted martini glasses to say thank you to everyone who put together the shower. I included some mini drink mixes to go with it so they could have a little treat. 2) My latest splurge. A totally unnecessary mini chair for the nursery, but it was in the theme colors and had old cars on it, I mean... it was MADE for my kid. 3) The rocking chair arrived on Friday. So I of course put it all together. 4) A sample of all the presents in the nursery. There's a whole bunch of stuff tucked around the room too.
Our stash from the diaper raffle. We definitely have some time before we have to buy our own diapers. We have from Newborn to Size 3, so at least we have a bag/box to get us started each time he grows out of a size before we need to rush to the store!
My parents and brother came over on Sunday for brunch and to help with all of the presents. They brought everything up from the basement and we all went through it. I opened, my mom wrote it down, my dad folded all the bags, and my brother took care of all the trash.

We opened everything and made a big dent in organizing everything. There's still a whole bunch of work to do and things to get, but they were so amazing to help so much.

I got a good start on my thank you notes last night since I was just sitting and watching TV. Of course, I had to have them specially designed and who else would do it but my fellow pregnant buddy Kristen!

Seriously, if you need custom ANYTHING, go to Little Laws Prints. I have NEVER been disappointed and Kristen is a dream to work with!

After that, Big A and I decided to just order some take out and have a quiet night in. It had been a LONG weekend and we were both exhausted.
My guys, relaxing on the couch. Pretty soon there will be a little man getting cozy with them too! I've chosen not to think of it as me being outnumbered by three males in my house, but more that I am their Queen! Yeah... I like that!

All in all. A long, good, crazy weekend.

Now to finish organizing, finish the bathroom upstairs, move our furniture, organize the downstairs, and get everything ready. Only 7 more weekends until Little Dude is supposed to be here!


  1. YAY! Thanks for the shower update! I loved looking at the pics on FB yesterday too! So are you pretty much all set for baby now? Much more you need to get? I LOVE the theme! SO you and the little man's little chair is awesome!! Congrats beautiful Mama! xo

  2. Looks like an awesome baby shower!! The girls did a really good job of decorating it.
    I also think that chair is extremely cute whether it was unnecessary or not! :)

  3. OMG I love it all! Your friends did such an amazing job! You look absolutely beautiful so stop preggo shaming :)

  4. Looks like a wonderful shower and such a fun theme! Looks like you got a bunch of goodies for the little one!

  5. So cute! Look at that little chair! I love it! You look fantastic mama!

  6. What a great shower theme! I love skulls too!

  7. Looks like you had a great shower! And your friends definitely nailed it! I love the theme and all the colors! And that motorcycle diaper cake with the T-Rex is bad ass! You seriously have some awesome friends! Glad you had a great weekend!


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