Monday, January 13, 2014

Being Pregnant is NOT a License to Eat Whatever you Want

Who knew? RIght?!

I kid. We all knew. 

But I VOWED not to be one of those people. I was going to exercise and eat right and not gain over 30 pounds.

HA! How silly we are.

My eating habits didn't really change all that much in the beginning. I was lucky that I didn't have any morning sickness or any food aversions. Although, those who did lost weight in the beginning or haven't gained as much. Which, I know I shouldn't WANT that or compare myself to anyone else, but I could have afforded to lose a few pounds before I started gaining.


My weight did pretty well for awhile and then I went to one of my monthly appointments and my doctor GASPED at my weight gain. I hadn't been gaining more then a pound or so and then I gained over 10 in a month. A MONTH. At that point the only thing I was doing differently was downing popsicles like it was my job. It was embarassing how many I was eating but I NEEDED something cold and sweet. That's been a STAPLE in this pregnancy. I hadn't gained any weight anywhere other than my boobs and belly. I measured everywhere on my body and nothing had changed except for that part. So when she gasped, while offended, I didn't really care.

What I didn't realize is that I really wasn't moving that much. I had been walking 2 1/2 miles a day with KG and was pretty active over the Summer, but I was exhausted and needed to nap. Every day was a struggle. And while I vowed to keep moving and even bought a pregnancy yoga DVD... I did nothing. NOTHING.

I mean, I went for some walks when it was still nice out, but once the weather started to suck I stopped. Plus, I've been having terrible breathing problems so it was hard to do anything. Of course, if I had kept my ass moving all along then maybe none of this would have happened.

BUT, we live and we learn and it really isn't THAT bad, but I definitley will not be making my "only gain 30 pounds" goal. My weight gain has slowed bit thankfully, and no one has gasped at my appointments. Although my doctor did sweetly ask me to stay away from carbs. Haha. But, I'm uncomfortable. Everything hurts. My body isn't meant to weight this much and I've lost much of the strength I had before. It's terrible. It's hard to get up off the floor. Going upstairs is difficult. And when my office building is 8 BILLION degrees and I'm slowly dying of heat exhaustion, I am WELL aware of how large I am right now.

I'm MORE than ready to start getting my body back. I talk to Big A all the time about it and he has all the faith in the world that I will do it. He saw how hard I worked before and has no doubt that I can do it again. I'm glad one of us has faith. I'm hoping that my sheer determination is enough of a drive, since I know it will be difficult to get in exercise with a baby. Along with whatever recovery I will have from giving birth.

I'm glad that Spring will be on the horizon and I plan to take Baby P for lots of walks around our neighborhood. I also have a treadmill that I need to stop piling shit on top of and get back on during nap times or whatever. But, that stuff is a bit limited now. I'm in so much pain from just my daily activities that getting on a treadmill sounds dreadful. I want to start doing my yoga DVD because I hear that will help with the aches and pains so I'm hoping to get into that.

I'm also watching what I eat now. I have logged a couple days on MyFitnessPal (with a calorie amount that I have researched that women in their third trimester should do) just to get a sense of how I'm doing. Today alone I have said no to pancakes AND pizza in place for cereal, a granola bar, and a salad. I'm pretty proud of me. I replaced my ice cream obsession with smoothies. It is cold and sweet so it really hits the spot. I've been having them as an afternoon snack to hold me over to dinner. I can now eat dinner a little later so there isn't as much time to snack before bed. And if I do get hungry, then I have some grapes or carrots.

I KNOW how to do this. I've been here a thousand times before. It's a little different now because I feel like I really can't ignore when I am hungry, whereas before I would sometimes hold myself off a bit knowing I really didn't need to eat then. I'm also eating a lot more than I was before, because, well, I HAVE to. But so far, so good.

I'm hoping to slow my weight gain down a bit. If I don't gain anything else in the next 9 weeks then it probably wouldn't be a BAD thing. I've already gained MORE than enough I'm sure. I'm just trying to get back on track so I don't gain a TON more weight and when I have the baby I will be on a good start to getting me back.

Also, let's me honest. I'm due in March. Bathing suit season starts in June. I know I won't be a swimsuit model, but I'm going to need to be somewhat comfortable in my own skin by then. I spent a good portion of last Summer by our pool, not to mention I had the most killer tan of my life. I refuse to spend the SUmmer hiding indoors because I don't want to wear Summer clothes. I mean, I JUST started wearing shorts for the first time in over a decade. I can't go back now.

So, that's what I've learned. You can't just shove whatever you want in your mouth when you are pregnant. Eventually, you will be a big cow and sad that you are so large. Or maybe you won't, but I am. 

That's where I am now. I know it's kind of too late to prevent the amount that I've gained, but I think I can slow it down a little bit. Plus, I was talking to Alex about the fact that while I am pretty calm about child birth, I'm worried about my stamina. I'm nervous I will get exhausted too quick and not be able to hack it. I compared it to a marathon. You wouldn't just sign up for a marathon and then RUN it. You would train. This is a marathon. I need to train. 

Anyone else been here? Have any suggestions? 

(Pardon the format and probably spelling mistakes. IT has kindly informed me that since they just had to reimage my computer because I had a virus and that blog sits are rarely maintained by an IT team that I might want to visit them on my own computer from now on. So, I'm blogging from my Ipad right now and I'll have to figure out a plan for the future!)


  1. Isn't it awesome that you basically NEVER need to stop eating well? Can't they just make all healthy food taste like pizza? I would eat salad every damn day if it tasted like pizza. I have to remind myself constantly to just be active because of how sedentary I am now. I walk around the office a lot but I miss the days of running around a hospital all the time. Yet I was somehow fatter. Weight is weird. Anyway, I like you, bye.

  2. My weight gain was super strange with my pregnancy as well. At the beginning I didn't gain anything and then in one month I gained 9lbs and felt like I did something wrong, I didn't really change the way I was eating either. Some days I was starving and others nothing sounded good to eat. I think it happens differently for everyone and as long as you're feeling good and baby is doing well, that's all that really matters!

  3. I have faith in you! I know you can do this. Like you said, you know how to and if you are already getting on track then you will be on the right track once you have the baby. I am here for whatever support you need along the way! You got this!!


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