Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bumpdate: 31 Weeks

January 14th – 20th, 2014

So what has been going on this week?
Same old. Same old. I helped throw a baby shower for a friend of mine on Saturday so that was a lot of fun to put together. The weather put a bit of a damper on things, but for the most part people were troopers! It was so much fun to catch up. C and I have been friends since Middle School. We got married a month apart and our baby boys will be about a month apart.

How far along?
31 Weeks.

Maternity Clothes?
Oh yeah. I still have some tank tops and sweaters that I can wear, but for the most part, this bump ain’t going NOWHERE. I don’t really care much for regular pants though. I would much rather be in yoga pants all day. Which make works tough.

Stretch Marks?
Dun dun duuuuuun. I found a couple on my sides. Nothing major and I’m trying to slather myself up to prevent anymore, but if that’s the worst that happens, I’m OK with that. I know they will probably get worse, but let me live in denial for a while.

Dude is crazy. I think he’s running out of room in there though because he always seems to be wiggling. Like he’s trying to get cozy, but can’t find a comfortable spot.

Food cravings?
I’ve been doing SO well eating better. I cut out the ice cream. It was too much. I’ve been having a smoothie when I get home from work to hold me over until dinner. Some days I’m hungrier than others, which is fine. I’m just trying to make better choices. Cereal in the morning instead of pancakes of Dunkin Donuts. I’ve been bringing my lunch more often, and when I don’t I’ve been trying to make healthy choices. I bought a whole bunch of fruit. On Sunday, I wanted a sweet snack so I mashed a banana up a bit with mini chocolate chips. Umm… delish.

Nausea, vomiting, or sickness?
Feeling fine for the most part. Minus the whole breathing thing. I upped my inhaler which seems to have helped, but it is still a bit difficult. Especially when I change positions. It seems like I need to wait for everything to move and settle to get pressure off my lungs and then I’m OK.

What I miss:
Wine. Italian subs. Sleeping on my stomach. Not being tired. A waist line. Being able to put my shoes on without a struggle. Getting up from the couch without grunting. Not feeling like a poltergeist is going to rip through my belly button. Being able to do more than one thing in a day. NOT getting tired at 7:30 at night.

Like I said before, the whole breathing thing is a beast. Sleep doesn’t suck completely. Some nights are still better than others. I was up a few times last night. Just uncomfortable. I woke up gasping a little so I wonder if I was having trouble breathing. Also, I’m a furnace. Seriously, thank GOD it is the Winter because I would not be able to survive the Summer.

Best moment this week?
Seeing C at her Baby Shower and chatting about how our boys are going to be BFFs!

Oh man. I had such high hopes for this one. But alas, no. I tried to do squats the other day. My legs felt tight and I thought it might stretch them out a bit. Oh man. You would have thought I just want a marathon. I can’t wait to get back into shape!


See above. Some nights are good. Some blow. Some days I feel great. Some days (like today) I feel like I got hit by a train. And everyone keeps asking why I look so “tired”. Umm… I’m 8 months pregnant. My go to feeling is tired. Then I’m told to “get my sleep now”. Oh, OK, you tell me how comfortably YOU sleep when you’re as big as a house! End scene.

What I'm looking forward to?
My baby shower in Saturday! I’m looking forward to seeing everyone. Big A and I are supposed to organize the furniture in the baby’s room tonight. We have my birthday dinner at my favorite restaurant tomorrow (we wait until the holidays die down to go). My rocking chair arrives on Friday! And I have another appointment on Friday. It’s a BIG week! Haha.
Please ignore the harshness of my face. I asked Big A to come in and take my picture and 10 minutes later he found me passed out on the couch with my scarf over my face. Sooo... yeah.

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  1. Yay!! This pregnancy FLEW, girl I cannot believe you have less than 10 weeks left! So excited to see baby shower pics


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