Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday's Letters

This week was a long one. I think last week went by so fast, even though it was the first full week back, that I just expected this one to fly too.

And it didn't.

But here we all are. We made it.

I've got a fun filled weekend planned. I have a Baby Shower that I'm helping to host tomorrow for a good friend of mine. And Sunday we have the big Patriots game.

Big weekend. I'm going to need to plan some naps.

 Now... here we go with Friday's Letters.

Dear Self, you might have finally figured it all out. Removable layers and sneakers are FAR more pregnancy friendly than sweaters and Uggs. This whole dying of heat exhaustion and cankles thing doesn't look good on anyone. If these people at work INSIST on turning the thermostat up to 78, then you're just going to have to deal with it on your own. You can't fight stupid.

Dear Big A, you are being so good about my narcoleptic tendencies. You either come to bed with me early, quietly watch TV, or sneak into the room when you are ready to come to bed. I greatly appreciate it, especially since existing past 9:00 PM is getting more difficult by the day. Thanks for being so awesome Boo!

Dear Mr. Fresh, I understand that in the morning you get SUPER excited that I'm up and that you are getting to go outside. So you run all around me and stop right in front of me, and create this little doggie obstacle course before I can rub my eyes open. However, when we move upstairs, there's about one foot of hallway and...umm... STAIRS. Plus, add in a baby too. You need to slow your roll and act like a gentleman. We don't all need to break our necks falling down the stairs in the morning. Kapeesh?

Dear Baby P, you are making me quite uncomfortable and I am slowly losing my mind. Could you please take it easy on your dear old Mom? We have a good amount of weeks left together as one and I need us to survive them and not accidentally walk off a cliff or something.

Dear Rings, oh how I miss you. But I can't chance you getting stuck again at work where the temperature is 8,000 degrees. We will be back again some day.

Dear IT, your ban on blogs has really put a damper in my days. I just wanted to let you know that you are ruining my life.

Dear Self, I'm pretty impressed at your eating this week. You weren't perfect, but you definitely made a conscience effort to be good. I'm sure you still gained 27 pounds this week, but at least you can tell the doctor that you tried. Minus  the calzone on Tuesday and the burger last night. Other than that... you did wonderful!

Dear Weather App, you do not need to notify me of "cloudy conditions" with the same severity as you do with say a Winter Storm, a Hurricane, the Apocalypse, etc. Let's fix that when you make your changes next time around.

Dear Guy at the Hospital Tour who REEKED of Weed, leave it at home next time dude. I mean, the hospital is no place for the gange. Especially the MATERNITY ward. I'm pretty sure we all got a contact high off your stench. Although, you did give me quite the giggle, so thanks for that.

Dear Woman who was Conducting the Hospital Tour, next time you tell a group of pregnant ladies that you will probably be seeing some of them far sooner than others, try not to look directly AT any of them (ahem, me!). For all you know, I'm 6 months along and you just gave me a major fat complex. I'm not... and you were probably right... but you don't know that!

I hope that everyone has an absolutely fabulous weekend. If you're not on the sober train, make sure you drink one for me and my Patriots. Hopefully, I'll be back to talk about a big "W"!


  1. I SO wish I could wear flip flops this whole pregnancy because boots are IMPOSSIBLE! What is this about a BLOG BAN? Someone else trying to separate us. Two pissed of pregnant ladies is not a good idea...! Insist on Mr.Fresh being extra careful because you have some precious cargo Momma! xo

  2. I am already worthless pass 9 pm. I pass out on the couch a lot these days.

    Is baby still stretched out from one side of you down to the other?!

  3. I stretched out two pairs of Uggs when my feet got ginormous when I was pregnant! I'll never forget the first time I noticed them after the post-partum swelling had gone down and I was completely shocked that they were my same feet, haha!

    Also, I think you mean the big Broncos game this weekend, right?! Just kidding, haha. I'm from Colorado but am not a football fan but all I've heard on Facebook for the last few months is Broncos this and Peyton Manning that. I almost hope they lose so I stop having my feed flooded!!

  4. I hope the baby shower was fabulous! And sorry about your blog ban at work. That can't be fun.Stupid work ruining all our fun, haha!

    And someone seriously showed up to a hospital tour smelling like weed? Are you sure you aren't in Colorado right now? Haha! Wow!

    And that wasn't very nice of that nurse! I hope you remember which one she is and make sure you give her hell when you go into labor and she is on shift, hahaha!


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