Monday, January 6, 2014

Weekend Update

Good Morning Lovers!
It's a very foggy and rainy Monday here in the good 'ole Massachusetts and I am already starting this year off with a bang.
I got to work late, I blame the fog, and the fact that pregnancy prevents me from being physically ready to get out of bed before 9:00 AM. It normally isn't too much of an issue since I'm a super employee, but I forgot my computer at home. So, not only was I late, but I was useless.
Thankfully, my super sweet husband brought it to work with him so I didn't have to go all the way home. I did some paperwork and then headed out to grab it (and coffee).
First Monday of 2014 and I totally have this whole Employee of the Year thing in the bag.
Friday brought more snow into these parts of the woods. It was crappy on Thursday, but I toughed it out until we were sent home at 3:00. Which was just an extra half an hour early for ME, but everyone else was excited.
Friday,Big A and I were up at 4:00 AM for plowing. I told him that he needs to find a new routine for next year because so help me if he wakes the baby up at 4:00 AM next year, then he's taking the kid with him!
I finally fell back asleep for like 30 seconds until MY alarm went off. I peeled myself out of bed, threw some coffee on, and set up my laptop.
I plan to have a whole office set up for when I work from home after the baby is born, but for now the couch worked just fine. (I'm totally going to need a TV in my office though).
This is how Mr. Fresh and I spent the day. On the couch, cuddled under a blanket, watching TV, working, and watching the snow out the window.
Big A was in and out since he was still out plowing until the early afternoon. Such a hard working man.
It was a nice transition day, since I was home with the dog for 8 days and then went back for one. And then got to spend the weekend with him. I'm pretty sure he will be fine today, but he is going to tear some shit up tomorrow. He's not big on change.
Saturday, I woke up at the crack of eleven and rolled my ass to the grocery store in my PJ's. Classy. I know.
I got the stuff for baking and headed back home. Our Christmas wine night got rescheduled due to the snow and I was in charge of a holiday themed dessert.

Red and Green Red Velvet Cupcakes for the win.
I baked my little heart out and then my parents came over to help with some stuff that still needs to be done around the house. They moved the furniture from the basement into the nursery and then my dad worked on some stuff that still needs to be finished upstairs. Mom and I moved things around, discussed colors for the bathroom, and watched my dad work. We are so helpful.
I'm not entirely thrilled with the placement of the furniture in the nursery and have already moved everything around once. I don't love this either. I have to wait until everything is 100% finished to really see how I like the placements, but it is already my most favorite room in the house. The room is so cozy and calming. I feel like I have a whole new house. We haven't used the second floor of the house other than for me to do my hair if the downstairs bathroom is being used, so we just gained some serious space. I can't wait.
Not to mention our new bedroom is fucking huge, so that's pretty awesome. Especially since it is hard to fit my fat ass between the door and Big A's nightstand when I am doing the zombie waddle to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I hit one of them every time.
Sunday was spent being lazy and buying curtains that I don't love for the baby's room. I think I love them for our bedroom though so it isn't a total loss. I know you were worried.
I had a fabulous lunch out with my husband (since these days alone are slowly dwindling down due to being 30 weeks tomorrow) and a lovely family dinner followed by a game of Spoons. Which I totally dominated. Who knew you could have sober fun.
And that's my super exciting, awesome weekend.
Oh wait... Hubby brought home a snowmobile... you know... because we need more shit at our house.

I argued that no one could use it until next Winter since I couldn't, be eventually decided that I wasn't that much of an asshole and took it back. Which is probably a good thing since Big A had already rode it all around the house, the neighborhood, and already rolled it once... so I don't think I was winning that fight. Although, he DID pretend to agree to it.
Hope everyone else had a fabulous weekend. I can already tell that this week is going to blow major chunks since I haven't worked a full week since the week of the 13th. Woof.


  1. Your treats looks awesome! Also, your view...sigh. That was me last week too, just swap the blanket and dog. I miss it. Can Christmas happen again?

  2. Those cupcakes look amazing! I want to bake some cupcakes now but I'm snowed in. So ready for the warm weather to come.

  3. That is very exciting that the nursery is coming along. I can't wait to see pics! A snow mobile?? Really!!?? Too funny! I think I would kill my husband if he came home w/ that.

    Are you going to work from home all the time once the baby is born?

  4. Those cupcakes look freaking delicious! Red Velvet is my fave! And they look so pretty! I wish I could do that, haha! And I am so glad to hear that the upstairs is almost finished. Your house must be huge if you haven't even used the upstairs since you lived there. Jealous!


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