Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

You know... some day I might post something original instead of only posting link-ups. Although to be fair, that would require me to regain my full brain function which I hear never happens.
* Question... why is it that every single time I finally wrangle Big A into doing something I've asked him to do (five failed plans later) it always turns out that we can't do it. We had plans to put up the monitor the other day. Totally didn't realize you had to charge it first. OK. Cool. Go to do it last night? The camera has to stay plugged in. And there's nothing really to hang it with. Awesome. So we just gave up. Then we tried to hang the pictures, but there's nothing to hang them with. Why kind of picture doesn't come with something to hang it with? Whaaaat? So we got nothing done. Awesome.
* Has anyone been watching the Teen Mom catch-up shows? Ugh. First of all, I'm super proud of Amber. It seems like she finally got her shit together. Why she seems so upset that she can't be with Gary, I'll never know. He sucks and loves to wind her up and then act like she's a freak. Hate that. Farrah, she needs to climb back in whatever hole she came from. She's treats everyone terribly and it's no wonder that her daughter acts the way she does. And while she does seem to be spending more time with her kid, it all seems pretty fake for the cameras. Lastly, Catelynn and Tyler? Ugh again. I'm pretty sure if some guy repeatedly kept taking my engagement ring back I would tell him where he could shove it and move along. He sucks too. Him and Gary should go off and be crappy friends together.
* I have this huge annual meeting next week and I secretly (ok not secretly, I tell everyone who will listen) hope that I am not here for it. It sucks. It's exhausting. And it is usually only manageable by counting down the hours until I can drown my sorrows in a nice tasty bottle of wine. Which I can't do. So there's no point in me even being here!
* I think it's absolutely ridiculous that Boston is thinking of hosting the 2024 Summer Olympics. I think it is a terrible idea. I think with the fact that we have already been involved in more than one terrorist act should be reason enough not to do something that involves having a stadium that hold 80,000 people. And did we not see how much of a shit show Sochi was? We don't need to be a part of that.
* I tried super hard to be all optimistic and lovely the past couple days because Big A was sick as a dog and he didn't need his Mammoth wife complaining 24/7 while he was trying to recover from the plague. But, now he feels better and I'm exhausted. All I think of is all the shit that I need to do around the house and I just can't even fathom doing anything other than laying down on the couch. WAAAAAH!
* I'm barely holding on to finishing up this pregnancy and the news of other people having THEIR babies is really starting to drive me nuts. I'm going to need this guy to come out ASAP. I'm officially all done. :)
Alright I'm ending this before it becomes a whiny pregnancy post. Head on other to Jennifer's blog and link up!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bumpdate: 36 Weeks

February 18th – 24th, 2014
So what has been going on this week?
Not much. Just finishing things on the to do list. Ignoring the fact that my house is a disaster. We had our 36 week appointment and the doc said everything looked good. I’m 1 cm dilated, and have started to thin. He flipped and is head down. Which, I’m kind of ambivalent about. Everyone keeps talking about how great it is, and all I can think is that I lost my scheduled c-section. I think I was just so convinced he wouldn’t flip that I just got used to it. So, it will just take some time to get used to this. She giggled about her expectations of him being a “big boy”, I didn’t find her amusing. She said he is still measuring at least two weeks ahead, like he has the entire time. We scheduled an ultrasound for 38 weeks to see how big this guy is. We also finally got the car seat installed this weekend!
How far along?
36 Weeks.
Maternity Clothes?
I’m so over maternity clothes. I want real clothes back. <- o:p="" still="" this="">
Stretch Marks?
I feel like I should just have a giant frowny face here. Someone tell me they fade!
Still pretty regular, but definitely less crazy. He’s running out of room in there. I keep telling him that he can come out at any time, that there’s TONS more room out here, but… nothing.
Food cravings?
Not really. I can’t eat as much as I normally do. And everything is just kind of blah. I’m back to drinking water like it’s my job though.
Nausea, vomiting, or sickness?
Nope. Doing good. (*knock on wood*) Nothing new here.
What I miss:
Feeling like a normal person. I just want my body back. I want my clothes back. I want to be able to sleep on my stomach, or put my shoes on with ease, or get off the couch without it being an Olympic event, or breathe normal. Eat what I want. Drink what I want. I’m even going to throw in working out here. I know. I know. Crazy. I’m just SO ready to have my body back and I have no control over it right now. I’m already planning healthy meals, lots of walks, Couch to 5K, and pinning every single workout on Pinterest that will make me look like I have a bangin’ body. Nothing new here.
Pretty much the same. Round ligament pain; major heartburn; breathing is a bit better since he’s dropped, but not perfect; I get super tired by like 8:00; started having some contractions (I think… someone remind me to shut my mouth the next time I talk about feeling like I’m missing out on something…). Currently I feel like I have a bowling ball resting on my pelvic bone, which makes every single movement, especially walking or rolling over in bed, extremely painful. FUN!
Best moment this week?
Big A and I spent a lovely Saturday night just the two of us. The week was crazy busy and I was out Friday night, so we decided to just keep it all low key. We ended up heading out for dinner and then just relaxing in bed watching TV when we got home. It gave us a chance to catch up and chat about things that weren’t necessarily baby related.
What I'm looking forward to?
My appointment tomorrow. I’m hoping to hear about some more progress. And I want to know how the Group B strep test came back. I got an email that said my results were in but when I click on it, it says “see below” and then below it just says “final results”. I’m not worried about it, but I just want to know. I’m MORE looking forward to our appointment NEXT week because we have an ultrasound scheduled! I can’t wait to see his face… and find out how big they think he is. I mean… he feels pretty freaking heavy. Haha.  

I got blue polish this time to encourage the little guy to come out. So far, no dice. I told the girl that I hoped I wouldn't be seeing her again for awhile and she said she would see me in two weeks. I'm not a fan of her right now.

This guy? Extra snuggly. I had chores to do on Sunday, but this guy wasn't letting it happen. So, I did what any good Dog Mama did and I stayed in my spot until he was ready to get up.

We finally got the car seat in the car. It's not crooked, my picture taking skills are. I'm trying to get it inspected, but the guy from the fire department isn't calling me back. I'll hunt him down eventually.
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Friday, February 21, 2014

Five on Friday

Look at me trying all sorts of new things this week.
Due to lack of posting, and lack of brain cells from... lack of SLEEP, I decided a nice link-up was in order for today.
1. I've been trying to limit my spending. Which is hysterical because I'm about to have a baby and we just renovated our second floor, so there's like 12,000 things I need to buy. BUT, I know all the crazy spending isn't helping my bank account (thank god for tax refunds and bonuses) and I've limited my coffee spending. Which really is that KG has been too busy at work to play at lunch, so I haven't gone out, which means I don't buy coffee. And then I saw this and was like... yep!
2. I think it is a pretty big deal when your pregnancy app has decided you are far enough along to give you the option to say if you have had your baby. That "arrived?" button wasn't there last week. Now... if only I could get the chance to use it.

3. As much as I've been digging snow days on the couch with this furry guy, my Uggs are getting a bit too tight. I take them off at work because they are so hot and work is 8,000 degrees, but then I have trouble getting them back on. And if I have to go out later that night? Forget it. I need sneakers. Which means Winter needs to end. I haven't complained at all. So, now it needs to be over.

4. Our little OCD Border Collie doesn't do well with change (which is hysterical since I'm the Queen of OCD and everyone makes fun of me. I'm pretty sure that I have all of my neuroses to my dog, which hopefully spares my children. And now I want to get a shirt that says, "If you think I'm OCD, you should see my Border Collie" funny, no?). And since we moved upstairs this past weekend he has refused to come upstairs. The loud machines my dad had up there for months was enough to scar him for life. Except, he's a huge food whore and will go anywhere for the prospect of a treat. So, I got a bowl of strawberries (which he would never eat, but he doesn't know that) and ate them upstairs. He's now a pro and goes up and down the stairs on his own. Mama: 1 Border Collie: 0 (well... he's won a lot... but let's just start over...)

5. I've been busting out the items on my to do list like it's my JOB! There's certain stuff that I have to wait for, like the car seat (Big A thinks certain things should be done by the Dad, how cute!) but every so often I get a hair across my ass and bust something out. Swing is all set, just needs batteries. Pack 'n Play is all ready in our room (where he will sleep for a bit until we kick his little baby butt to his own room). Poor Big A never knows what he's coming home to. He's just asked that I stop lifting heavy things or bring things up and down the stairs. So now I just lie and told him a "friend came over to help". :)

Not much on the to do list this weekend. I know, famous last words. But seriously. Everything is almost pretty much done, so just a few errands and some relaxation.
Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I'm the Kind of Girl Who...

A couple of my favorite Bloggers were doing this today, so I figured why not jump on the band wagon.
Here goes nothing...
I'm the kind of girl who... HATES asking for help. Asking for help = weakness and anything you can do I can do better. This will involve me carrying a rocking chair AND a table up two flights of stairs while 12 years pregnant, almost breaking my neck 20 times, just so I don't have to ask for help.
I'm the kind of girl who... goes back and forth between NEEDING my alone time and NEEDING someone around to talk to. It gets dangerous when my current setting is opposite of my need. I will either straight up ignore you, or jump on you when you walk through the door and tell you everything about my day up to and including how many eye lashes fell out...
I'm the kind of girl who... gets chatty when I'm tired. SO chatty. Which usually coincides with my dear sweet husband being tired too...and NOT chatty. Oops.
I'm the kind of girl who... has a killer shoe collection but only wears flip flops, Pumas, and Uggs. I'm a sucker for a pretty shoe and a good deal... but I'm also 12 feet tall already and a hot mess on flat ground so me + heels = drunken Amazon woman.
I'm the kind of girl who... likes my dog more than I like most of the people I know. Ask Big A, he once eluded to that it was him or the dog and I asked him if he needed help packing. We are a package deal. He's been with me since I was 15, you're not going to win over him.
I'm the kind of girl who... will either hem and haw over a purchase forever and NEVER buy it, or buy it right then and there on the spot without thinking. There is no in between. In fact, there's really no in between with any part of my life.
I'm the kind of girl who... will think that she has blood poisoning from a paper cut, but will rarely call the doctor if it IS something truly alarming. I suppose I just don't really want to know if something is really wrong with me. Healthy, right?
I'm the kind of girl who... acts like most shit doesn't bother me, but then go home and have a good cry to myself into a bottle of wine (well... not these days). I'll never let you see that though. To most people it comes off as me being a heartless bitch, but to me is goes back to the whole "don't show them your weakness" thing.
I'm the kind of girl who... leaves half drank water bottles EVERYWHERE. On my desk, in my car, on my nightstand, everywhere. My problem is that I only like COLD COLD water, so if I wait too long to drink it, then I won't. I'll get a new one and drink half of that. Drives my husband CRAZY!
That's all for today.
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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bumpdate: 35 Weeks

February 11th – 17th, 2014

So what has been going on this week?
Got the baby’s room about 95% done, got the upstairs about 98% done, moved our bedroom upstairs, had a fantastic Valentine’s Day, made a plan of attack for this week to get things done.
How far along?
35 Weeks.
Maternity Clothes?
I’m so over maternity clothes. I want real clothes back. <- span="" still="" this="">
Stretch Marks?
Sad story. They are here. I keep slathering them. I’m getting a few more, I think now that he’s lower that’s why. I’m hoping if I drown them in Tummy Oil and Body Butter they will just fade when there isn’t a child stretching out my abdomen.
Sometimes I get nervous when I don’t feel him for awhile, because he’s always so crazy, and then he will go nuts for HOURS, and I’m thinking “OK Dude, you made your point”.

Food cravings?
Eh, I’ve been getting pretty full pretty quick lately. I can’t eat as much as I used to, which honestly isn’t a bad thing since I can overeat with the best of them. But I still <3 cereal.="" comment-3--="">

Nausea, vomiting, or sickness?
Nope. Doing good. (*knock on wood*)

What I miss:
Feeling like a normal person. I just want my body back. I want my clothes back. I want to be able to sleep on my stomach, or put my shoes on with ease, or get off the couch without it being an Olympic event, or breathe normal. Eat what I want. Drink what I want. I’m even going to throw in working out here. I know. I know. Crazy. I’m just SO ready to have my body back and I have no control over it right now. I’m already planning healthy meals, lots of walks, Couch to 5K, and pinning every single workout on Pinterest that will make me look like I have a bangin’ body.

Pretty much the same. Round ligament pain; major heartburn; breathing is a bit better since he’s dropped, but not perfect; I get super tired by like 8:00; started having some contractions (I think… someone remind me to shut my mouth the next time I talk about feeling like I’m missing out on something…).

Best moment this week?
Valentine’s Day with my favorite guy. It was our last just the two of us so we definitely made sure to enjoy every second of it. Also… getting things crossed off our to do list. This Mama is ready to relax and I just want everything done, like, yesterday…


I plead the 5th.

What I'm looking forward to?
Finishing everything on our to do list. I’m going to make a plan today and hopefully everything will be done by the end of the week. There’s a few things we need to do (like get new towel rods & shelves for the bathroom, etc.) that aren’t necessarily baby-related, but I still want them done rightthissecond. I’m trying to take everything into perspective and know that those things don’t HAVE to get done right now.

Funny story… well… not funny, but just my luck. So, yesterday I was talking to Jess, sharing our pregnant miseries, catching up etc. and we got on the subject of my doctor’s appointment and how I just want to know if he’s breech so I know what to expect. Are we planning a C-section and we have a date set or is this still all “up to him”. And I stupidly said that I was starting to feel like having a scheduled c-section would make me feel a little robbed. I would never know what labor felt like. I wouldn’t know what a contraction felt like, because up until then, I hadn’t had any that I knew of. The NP told me she thought I was having one during one of my appointments, but I felt nothing. Well… shouldn’t have opened my big fat mouth. I ended up having a few contractions last night. Nothing major, nothing consistent, but god damnit those things hurt. I know they say that the whole Braxton Hicks not real labor ones aren’t supposed to hurt, but fuck that. Must have been a man who said that. Kind of like you don’t have round ligament pain until “much later” in the pregnancy… umm…yeah… 3 weeks 5 days and before I peed on a stick, so explain that one DOCTOR! Anywho… I’ve learned to keep my mouth shut about sleep and contractions.

My little protector. He saw something out the back door so he sat between me and the door the rest of the night.

I have a problem. I'm so thirsty so I always have to have a water, especially at night. This was my collection. I need to throw them away more often. Ugh.
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Monday, February 17, 2014

Weekend Recap: I'm an Asshole

Woah weekend.
Remember when I told you that I hoped nothing exciting happened this weekend and that I planned to do a whole lot of nothing?
Yeah, tell that to my aching bones.
I KIND OF, did  that. Kind of.
Friday was Valentine's Day with my love. We did our usual dinner in to avoid the crazy crowds. The last time we went out ON Valentine's Day was probably about 5 years ago and it was terrible. The place was packed, we waited forever, and they had brought in so many extra tables that we were literally sitting at the same table as pretty much everyone else in the room.
We got seated between two families with small children. Being two early 20's individuals, on Valentine's Day, with the F word as a main part of our vocabulary, it put a bit of a damper on our dinner conversation. I'm pretty sure it is the most quiet dinner we have had, EVER.
Anywho, I was super smart and headed out at lunch time to grab the supplies for dinner. (I forgot the stuff for dessert, but at least that was a quick trip on the way home) I grabbed crab legs, shrimp for shrimp cocktail, rice, and some whiskey for my main squeeze (I also got him coke and limes to make his favorite jack & coke - blech - major wifey points!)
I headed home after work, prepped dessert (chocolate covered strawberries and pretzels) and got to work. By the time Big A was done shoveling and snow blowing from our most recent storm (complete septic system chaos leaves little time for snow clean-up, who knew), dinner was ready.
I lit some candles, put the beautiful roses he bought me in a vase, and set the table for a romantic evening.
Even Bert got in on the action. He's a lover of all human food, but seafood is one of his faves... ESPECIALLY shrimp.
We spent a good two and a half hours just sitting and talking. We talked about our past and what is to come in our future. It was SO nice to just talk. Especially with the busy week that we had. And no well-meaning waitress asking how we are doing in the middle of a conversation (or watching some little boy toss his cookies in the hallway to the bathroom...)
We had an amazing night. We might need to eat dinner at the table more often. We definitely plan to when Little Man is finally with us and old enough to eat food other than in liquid form, but we should probably make more of an effort to do it.
Saturday, I did nothing. NOTHING. In fact, I didn't leave the house ALL weekend. To the point that last night Big A asked me when was the last time I used my car, and I guessed that it was my drive home from work on Friday. He then informed me that I hadn't bothered to take my keys out of the ignition.
Whoops! At least he figured that out before I went looking for them this morning. I gave Big A the responsibility of checking to make sure I have gas, because I never do, and if I go into labor, we need to take my car. So, thankfully I did that or else this morning would have had a rocky start.
So yes, Saturday was spent on the couch in my PJs. Mumsie came over and we did some prep for making freezer meals (i.e. looking up recipes and writing down ingredients, not actually PREPPING to make them...) After she left N & J came over. The boys played on the snowmobile and N and I hung out on the couch and chatted... in our PJs. It was magical.
Sunday, I got a hair across my ass to get things done so I did.
I fixed the paint on the bookshelf I stenciled. Glued the fabric onto the lamp shade (tutorial coming some time this week, this was NOT as easy as I thought it would be). Finished organizing the nursery. Vacuumed. Got all of the trash out of the room. It's about 95% done. Just a few more things and I'll be able to show you!

Before and After. While I love how it turned out, I probably would have used an easier fabric and a flat lamp shade. The ruffles on the shade and the minky fabric were NOT friends.
My dad was over finishing up some projects and then my mom and brother came over for family dinner. (I.e. slave labor. I refused to feed them until it was done. I'm so nice!)
We cleaned all the stuff out of the bedroom (it had all my Dad's tools in it) and brought all of our bedroom furniture upstairs. It still needs some work with the furniture placement (and the fact that our furniture kind of sucks for this room, but it's functional for now) but we slept in it last night and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!
Our apartment bedroom was pretty big, so we definitely downscaled when coming into this house. And I was getting too large to easily fit between the bed/wall/door/Big A's night stand for my middle of the night pee sessions. I almost always walked into one of them. Which woke up Big A AND the dog, so way to go me.
Now I'm a little nervous about falling down the stairs because it's right across from the bathroom, but I'm pretty sure I'm just crazy.

This was our bedroom mid-construction. And then last night. The bed has a pretty big space behind it because the headboard is too big to go all the way up to the slanted wall. Not exactly my favorite, but we were able to get an extra 5 feet by pushing back the walls so I'm not complaining. It just means we need new furniture at some point!
Here's where I admit that I'm an asshole.
I don't like admitting that I can't do things. I don't like having people do things for me. So, I did a lot. I was going up and down two flights of stairs most of the day. Moving furniture and bags of trash. I let people take the really heavy things because I'm not so big of an asshole that I would risk my baby's life to move something and prove a point, but I did too much.
By the end of it was in severe pain and sitting at the top of my stairs almost in tears. It was difficult to switch positions sleeping last night because I was still in pain, and I am definitely still feeling it today. Being the fact that tomorrow officially marks 9 months pregnant (four week countdown...28 days...) I think I officially called "uncle" and need to slow down.
I was about 98% sure that I was going to call out of work today, but I was able to get my shit together and go. But I'm definitely moving slowly.
SO... for all you pregnant Mama's to be out there, don't be an asshole like me. Take it easy! OK?!
And that was my uneventful, boring weekend. :)
Maybe next week I'll say the same thing and come back to tell you how I built Rome in a day...
Good grief. Life lessons learned: Do not comment on the fact that you are sleeping well, because you will then sleep like shit for the rest of your life. And do not mention that you plan on a quiet, relaxing weekend because you will then do 1,000 house projects that will leave you feeling like you have the body of a fat 90 year old man.
Happy Monday Bitches!

Friday, February 14, 2014

I've Had Enough of This Shit... Literally

It's been quite the interesting adventure at the P household the last couple days... although the "P" household might be more fitting than we originally thought.

Tuesday night, I went to take a nice, long, hot shower. I started the water to warm it up and got ready to get in the shower. I noticed when I flushed the toilet that it started to overflow.

Not to over share here... but there was no reason for it to overflow. There was barely anything in there. We're talking #1 only people. I tried flushing it again and it came up higher. Great.

I went to the shower to turn off the water and noticed that it wasn't draining. In fact, it was filling up the shower quite quickly. Awesome.

So, I did my best plumber skills, somehow managed to find our plunger amidst the chaos of the construction on the second floor, and got to work.

I'm going to confess that I've always had a little fascination with fixing toilets. I'm pretty good at it. If this gig as an Executive Assistant (or trophy wife) doesn't pan out, I'm going to plumbing school. Unfortunately, none of my trick worked this time.

I tried plunging the shower, and that just made things worse. In fact, now water was coming out of the drain for the washing machine. I knew we were in some deep shit when that happened. (THANKFULLY, all of this water was relatively clean. Despite some gunk from the shower drain, the water was clear. I'm SO glad nothing foul was coming out, otherwise we probably would have had vomit to clean up as well)

Let's recap. Pee, poop, shower gunk, vomit. If this isn't a prime example of "keeping it real" then I don't know what is.

Anyway. I somewhat hysterically call Big A, who is out in the garage, blurted out everything that was happening and told him he needed to come inside NOW.

A minute later, Big A and his partner in crime J came in to check everything out.

It didn't take long for them to realize that there was a clog in the pipes. They tried to see what they could do, but they needed more tools and it was too late to head on out to the good 'ole Home Depot.

I was instructed not to use any water. No hand washing, no toilet flushing, nothing.

Let's just take a side moment to talk about the fact that in a few short days I will be nine mother fucking months pregnant.

I can't shower, wash my hands, brush my teeth, clean up the dishes, or flush the fucking toilet.

I digress...

Thursday, we were due to have a snowstorm. Of course.

Big A and J worked on it after work on Wednesday, but they couldn't get anywhere with it. They needed bigger tools that they just didn't have. It was time to call in the professionals.

Between the pipes problem and the snow, I decided to just go ahead and work from home.

Big A woke up early (on his day off) and called a septic company to come look at the problem. Our minds were racing wondering how bad things were going to be. When we were originally looking at the house, we learned that it wasn't a septic tank, but in fact a cesspool. It was almost a deal breaker. BUT, we loved the house and they had done some relatively recent updates on it, so we went with it.

Now, all of that was swirling in our heads. We hunted down the Title 5 and all of the past emails we had regarding the cesspool, how it functioned, how often it was pumped, etc. but we were pretty clueless about it all. So we just freaked out together and hoped for the best.

Big A called the company, calmly explained the issue (and the fact that he had a nine month pregnant wife who wasn't allowed to use the water), and they agreed to send someone right out. We love them. I headed over to my parents' house to shower before the snow got bad and when I got back the guy was there within a few minutes.

Unfortunately, it's Winter in New England, and in the middle of a snow storm, so it took the guy and Big A a couple hours to dig enough to find the cap. We knew if he opened the cap and everything was a wreck, we were screwed. $35,000 for a new septic system was NOT in our budget.

Thankfully, it wasn't. There was speculation about the pipe having collapsed, but the guy wasn't sure. He didn't handle that. He told us that there was definitely a clog, and if the pipe had collapsed we would have to rip everything up (the backyard, our deck, etc.) to fix it. Awesome.

So, now we called a SECOND company and they came out and worked with Big A and J to try and free the clog. Luckily, they were able to do it after some fighting with it, and the pipe was not collapsed. Thank you Baby Jesus.

$500, a large hole in the backyard, and two days of no water usage, and we were back in action. I immediately cleaned the shower and the toilet, put all the dishes in the dishwasher, splashed water all over the place while doing an interpretive dance entitled "I love working plumbing"...

Big A was done just in time to head out plowing. Poor guy.

By this time I was done working for the day, so I decided to get working on some stuff for the upstairs. My dad had just reinstalled the toilet and sink so I decided to head up and clean them quick before doing some work on the nursery.

I flushed the toilet to clear it a bit (since it had been sitting unused and not hooked up to anything for a couple months) and then put in the toilet cleaner (you would think I would be over toilets by now, but I literally just wanted to flush every toilet that ever existed) and started scrubbing.

Then I noticed that there was water coming out from underneath the toilet. Great.

I ran downstairs to grab a towel and the water was leaking from the CEILING! All over the bathroom.

I wanted to jump off the roof.

I called my dad and we think there's a problem with the seal he bought. I turned off the valve, cleaned up the mess, and resisted the urge to throw myself down the stairs.

I spent the rest of the night getting things organized in the baby's room and felt a whole lot better about things by the time Big A got home. At 8:30. And then I realized I never ate dinner. Awesome.

I whip up dinner, hang with Big A for a little bit, and then began another lovely night of shitty sleep. I tossed and turned as usual and finally found the comfy spot right about 3:30 in the morning. Which is exactly when my dad's air compressor decided to go off, sending the dog in a fucking panic running under the bed, and Big A and I confused.

No clue why it hadn't gone off in the two days since he had been there, but whatever. He forgot to unplug it and I began thinking of all the clever ways I was going to rudely text him about it in the morning.

I finally fell back asleep around 4:45 AM, just in time for Big A's alarm clock to go off so he could go out and finish plowing.

It's been super fun.

So, now Big A and I plan to have a nice romantic evening, enjoying our working plumbing, and being in bed by 9:00 PM because we are both fucking exhausted.

We keep talking about how we are going to look back on this and laugh. Like we did about our pipes freezing all the time, our shitty neighbors, the black rancid lobster tails, etc. etc.

However, today is not the day. It's still not funny.

I was going to take pictures of all of this calamity. Well not pictures of my overflowing toilet, but maybe the snow and the guys digging, but I was already on the verge of a nervous breakdown and I think having photo evidence would have sent me over the edge.

And that my friends, has been my week. If you're still with me, thanks for reading. It's been a long one.

I keep trying to say that it could have been a lot worse, but right now, it still is kind of sucky.

Hopefully, we will have a nice, boring, uneventful weekend.

And I hope you all do too!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

So What! Wednesday

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This week I am saying So What! if...

* I decided to attend a meeting this morning that was over an hour away and the only reason I didn't give an excuse on why I couldn't go was because there was a chance that I would be done early. Supposedly, the meeting ends at 2:00, so I would be in my car then and home by around 3:00, which is still earlier than a normal work day. PLUS, it's not really work when you're in the car. Although, I do have to say that I do miss the days of getting out of an off-site meeting early, on a nice day, chain smoking all the way home, listening to music, and opening a cold one as soon as I walk through the door. OH the memories!

* Literally, all I can concentrate on is getting this kid out of me. I'm all done. I'm uncomfortable. I'm stretched to the max. It's time. I can't do this for 5 more weeks! I know people do it all the time, but I'm all done.

* I want to get thing organized at home, but I have little to no energy to do it when I get home from work. I emptied and loaded the dishwasher on Monday. THAT was a huge deal!

* I think I'm delegating some household chores to Big A. I can still do them, but they are a bitch and I don't want to. Like unloading the dishwasher. I have to take everything out and put it on the counter. Then close the dishwasher, THEN put it away. I can't reach the cabinets with the dishwasher open anymore. And switching the laundry. It's too much of a pain to lean all the way down to drab everything out of the washer. There's space for a normal person between the washing machine, wall, and toilet, but not me.

* I'm super annoyed that I didn't look for baskets when I was placing my Walmart order yesterday. I found the perfect ones, but it seems like such a waste to order them and pay the shipping for an $8 item. They don't have them in store, so it would HAVE to be online.

* I want to punch a bunch of people when all they talk about it the snow and the cold. Yeap. Welcome to February in New England. And honestly, it hasn't been so bad. I mean, yeah, I'm running hot at 130 degrees so this is beach weather to me, but we have still had some nice warm days too. It will go a lot quicker if you just accept it and move along. I drive to work every day too. I know the weather conditions. You don't need to share them with me 30 minutes later when YOU come in. I did not teleport here. I'm aware. 

* I want to punch my brother in the face because he is in Cancun right now. Cancun. Freaking jerk. I would like to be in Cancun right now. Well... not pregnant and with my old body. 

* I'm beyond ridiculously excited that my family gets our cottages on Martha's Vineyard the first two weeks of July again this year. We normally get the last two weeks, which was fine until I met Big A. His work closes the week of the 4th of July, so getting time off again in a couple weeks was always hard for him!

* I want to punch Big A in the face because he doesn't want to come to the Vineyard for the entire week. He has "lots of things that he needs to do around the house". I told him that was fine, but he was going to miss a bunch of his son's "firsts". He then told me that I wasn't allowed to bring him to the beach until HE got there. Umm... yeah... I'm totally going to an island in July and NOT going to the beach for days because you're "too busy" to get there. Good one. 

* Everyone (probably including you haha) is annoyed that I am wanting to plan July already. Umm... I struggle every year to get good boat reservation because we wait until the last minute. I don't want to. I want to make them now and get everything that I want. Humph. Plus, it gives me something to take my mind off this coconut taking up occupancy in my maxed out midsection.   

Wow. Apparently I am writing a novel today. About weather and the Vineyard. So exciting. Haha.

Hope everyone has a fabulous hump day. We're almost there.

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Bumpdate: 34 Weeks

February 4th – 10th, 2014

So what has been going on this week?
Busy, busy. We had a doctor’s appointment, made some serious progress on the baby’s room, bought the rest of the stuff we “need”, did some

How far along?
34 Weeks.

Maternity Clothes?
I’m so over maternity clothes. I want real clothes back.

Stretch Marks?
I think I’m losing this battle. More seem to be coming. I’m trying my hardest to keep them at bay. The one’s on my side aren’t too bad, but the one’s on my stomach are pretty diesel. Hopefully, they fade after the bambino is here. Wah!

Same as last week. Lots of wiggles. So low. It feels like he’s rubbing on my hip bone sometimes. SUPER uncomfortable.

Food cravings?
Cereal. I’ve decided that I <3 cereal.="" o:p="">

Nausea, vomiting, or sickness?
Nope. Doing good. (*knock on wood*)

What I miss:
Feeling like a normal person. I just want my body back. I want my clothes back. I want to be able to sleep on my stomach, or put my shoes on with ease, or get off the couch without it being an Olympic event, or breathe normal. Eat what I want. Drink what I want. I’m even going to throw in working out here. I know. I know. Crazy. I’m just SO ready to have my body back and I have no control over it right now. I’m already planning healthy meals, lots of walks, Couch to 5K, and pinning every single workout on Pinterest that will make me look like I have a bangin’ body.

Round ligament pains. Breathing issues. Dude feels LOW so I constantly feel like someone is slicing my lady parts or they are going to crack in half. Heartburn is back with a vengeance. Back pain. No tears this week. Hooray! However, I’ve been feeling some major pain in my stomach, I’m assuming it’s from the stretching since it isn’t alarming. Oh, and constantly feeling like I have to pee my pants every time I’m vertical. Ahhh the miracle of life.

Best moment this week?
Finishing getting everything that we need. I have a few things coming in the mail, but they aren’t necessities. We have the car seat now and that makes me feel 3,000 times better.

Ha. My work out is standing up, bending over to get something, putting on my shoes, getting out of bed, existing, etc. I have to be burning some serious calories moving my giant self around. Now… if only the scale would show it…


I plead the 5th.

What I'm looking forward to?
Finishing up the nursery. Should be done this week. I just need a couple more baskets, but everything else just needs to be organized. The 2nd floor should be done today and minor touch-ups tomorrow. Hallelujah. We should be moving up there soon. I can’t wait to show all of the pictures, there’s so much to share!
Funny moment this week: (Mom, don’t read) Big A was talking about how he was looking through the camera one day and was going through all of the weekly pictures we take and how fun it was to watch me grow. I showed him my very first picture that I took at 12 weeks and watched his jaw drop. He says, “That’s what you used to look like? Do I get her back?” Haha. I told him he could have her back after some work and fool proof birth control was in place. He then made some joke about having kids 14 months apart and I told him he was never touching me again.
He’s never once made me feel like I’m disgusting or fat, even when he makes comments about me being “large and in charge” or says something about my “big belly” it’s never in a mean way. He always tells me how beautiful I am, even in my large state. But, it was just funny because he legitimately forgot what I used to look like. Which is probably a good thing, since I probably won’t ever look like that again!

A little better this week. We took it at a normal time when I was not just asleep on the couch or bursting into tears!

This guy. This guy has been my shadow. He wants nothing else that to just be near me. I'm enjoying every second of when the only baby I have is a furry one. This guy and I have been together since I was 15. I'm kind of heartbroken over how his world is going to change, but I'm hoping that he's gaining a buddy and not competition.

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