Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bumpdate: 35 Weeks

February 11th – 17th, 2014

So what has been going on this week?
Got the baby’s room about 95% done, got the upstairs about 98% done, moved our bedroom upstairs, had a fantastic Valentine’s Day, made a plan of attack for this week to get things done.
How far along?
35 Weeks.
Maternity Clothes?
I’m so over maternity clothes. I want real clothes back. <- span="" still="" this="">
Stretch Marks?
Sad story. They are here. I keep slathering them. I’m getting a few more, I think now that he’s lower that’s why. I’m hoping if I drown them in Tummy Oil and Body Butter they will just fade when there isn’t a child stretching out my abdomen.
Sometimes I get nervous when I don’t feel him for awhile, because he’s always so crazy, and then he will go nuts for HOURS, and I’m thinking “OK Dude, you made your point”.

Food cravings?
Eh, I’ve been getting pretty full pretty quick lately. I can’t eat as much as I used to, which honestly isn’t a bad thing since I can overeat with the best of them. But I still <3 cereal.="" comment-3--="">

Nausea, vomiting, or sickness?
Nope. Doing good. (*knock on wood*)

What I miss:
Feeling like a normal person. I just want my body back. I want my clothes back. I want to be able to sleep on my stomach, or put my shoes on with ease, or get off the couch without it being an Olympic event, or breathe normal. Eat what I want. Drink what I want. I’m even going to throw in working out here. I know. I know. Crazy. I’m just SO ready to have my body back and I have no control over it right now. I’m already planning healthy meals, lots of walks, Couch to 5K, and pinning every single workout on Pinterest that will make me look like I have a bangin’ body.

Pretty much the same. Round ligament pain; major heartburn; breathing is a bit better since he’s dropped, but not perfect; I get super tired by like 8:00; started having some contractions (I think… someone remind me to shut my mouth the next time I talk about feeling like I’m missing out on something…).

Best moment this week?
Valentine’s Day with my favorite guy. It was our last just the two of us so we definitely made sure to enjoy every second of it. Also… getting things crossed off our to do list. This Mama is ready to relax and I just want everything done, like, yesterday…


I plead the 5th.

What I'm looking forward to?
Finishing everything on our to do list. I’m going to make a plan today and hopefully everything will be done by the end of the week. There’s a few things we need to do (like get new towel rods & shelves for the bathroom, etc.) that aren’t necessarily baby-related, but I still want them done rightthissecond. I’m trying to take everything into perspective and know that those things don’t HAVE to get done right now.

Funny story… well… not funny, but just my luck. So, yesterday I was talking to Jess, sharing our pregnant miseries, catching up etc. and we got on the subject of my doctor’s appointment and how I just want to know if he’s breech so I know what to expect. Are we planning a C-section and we have a date set or is this still all “up to him”. And I stupidly said that I was starting to feel like having a scheduled c-section would make me feel a little robbed. I would never know what labor felt like. I wouldn’t know what a contraction felt like, because up until then, I hadn’t had any that I knew of. The NP told me she thought I was having one during one of my appointments, but I felt nothing. Well… shouldn’t have opened my big fat mouth. I ended up having a few contractions last night. Nothing major, nothing consistent, but god damnit those things hurt. I know they say that the whole Braxton Hicks not real labor ones aren’t supposed to hurt, but fuck that. Must have been a man who said that. Kind of like you don’t have round ligament pain until “much later” in the pregnancy… umm…yeah… 3 weeks 5 days and before I peed on a stick, so explain that one DOCTOR! Anywho… I’ve learned to keep my mouth shut about sleep and contractions.

My little protector. He saw something out the back door so he sat between me and the door the rest of the night.

I have a problem. I'm so thirsty so I always have to have a water, especially at night. This was my collection. I need to throw them away more often. Ugh.
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  1. Yikes! Glad the contractions calmed down...that must be so freaky. I love your protector. So valiant.

  2. Contractions? Oh my gosh! Sorry they hurt so bad! Glad to see that you have a great protector though! He is doing his job, haha! Is he still stuck to you like a magnet?


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