Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bumpdate: 36 Weeks

February 18th – 24th, 2014
So what has been going on this week?
Not much. Just finishing things on the to do list. Ignoring the fact that my house is a disaster. We had our 36 week appointment and the doc said everything looked good. I’m 1 cm dilated, and have started to thin. He flipped and is head down. Which, I’m kind of ambivalent about. Everyone keeps talking about how great it is, and all I can think is that I lost my scheduled c-section. I think I was just so convinced he wouldn’t flip that I just got used to it. So, it will just take some time to get used to this. She giggled about her expectations of him being a “big boy”, I didn’t find her amusing. She said he is still measuring at least two weeks ahead, like he has the entire time. We scheduled an ultrasound for 38 weeks to see how big this guy is. We also finally got the car seat installed this weekend!
How far along?
36 Weeks.
Maternity Clothes?
I’m so over maternity clothes. I want real clothes back. <- o:p="" still="" this="">
Stretch Marks?
I feel like I should just have a giant frowny face here. Someone tell me they fade!
Still pretty regular, but definitely less crazy. He’s running out of room in there. I keep telling him that he can come out at any time, that there’s TONS more room out here, but… nothing.
Food cravings?
Not really. I can’t eat as much as I normally do. And everything is just kind of blah. I’m back to drinking water like it’s my job though.
Nausea, vomiting, or sickness?
Nope. Doing good. (*knock on wood*) Nothing new here.
What I miss:
Feeling like a normal person. I just want my body back. I want my clothes back. I want to be able to sleep on my stomach, or put my shoes on with ease, or get off the couch without it being an Olympic event, or breathe normal. Eat what I want. Drink what I want. I’m even going to throw in working out here. I know. I know. Crazy. I’m just SO ready to have my body back and I have no control over it right now. I’m already planning healthy meals, lots of walks, Couch to 5K, and pinning every single workout on Pinterest that will make me look like I have a bangin’ body. Nothing new here.
Pretty much the same. Round ligament pain; major heartburn; breathing is a bit better since he’s dropped, but not perfect; I get super tired by like 8:00; started having some contractions (I think… someone remind me to shut my mouth the next time I talk about feeling like I’m missing out on something…). Currently I feel like I have a bowling ball resting on my pelvic bone, which makes every single movement, especially walking or rolling over in bed, extremely painful. FUN!
Best moment this week?
Big A and I spent a lovely Saturday night just the two of us. The week was crazy busy and I was out Friday night, so we decided to just keep it all low key. We ended up heading out for dinner and then just relaxing in bed watching TV when we got home. It gave us a chance to catch up and chat about things that weren’t necessarily baby related.
What I'm looking forward to?
My appointment tomorrow. I’m hoping to hear about some more progress. And I want to know how the Group B strep test came back. I got an email that said my results were in but when I click on it, it says “see below” and then below it just says “final results”. I’m not worried about it, but I just want to know. I’m MORE looking forward to our appointment NEXT week because we have an ultrasound scheduled! I can’t wait to see his face… and find out how big they think he is. I mean… he feels pretty freaking heavy. Haha.  

I got blue polish this time to encourage the little guy to come out. So far, no dice. I told the girl that I hoped I wouldn't be seeing her again for awhile and she said she would see me in two weeks. I'm not a fan of her right now.

This guy? Extra snuggly. I had chores to do on Sunday, but this guy wasn't letting it happen. So, I did what any good Dog Mama did and I stayed in my spot until he was ready to get up.

We finally got the car seat in the car. It's not crooked, my picture taking skills are. I'm trying to get it inspected, but the guy from the fire department isn't calling me back. I'll hunt him down eventually.
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  1. O..M..G...You are at the point where you are talking about your cervix! WOAH! I am DYING over here with heartburn! Sometimes I feel like I could puke from the reflux! When the baby dropped could you tell right away? xo

  2. You are sooo incredibly close! I bet he makes his debut within the next couple of weeks! Eeekkk! I am so excited for you guys. I can't even imagine your excitement.

    And I love the nails! And I hope that lady is wrong and she doesn't see you in a few weeks. That was kind of a bitch thing for her to say.

  3. I remember towards the end they kept saying that Hunter would be over 8lbs because my belly was so big. He ended up being only 7lbs12oz. It's hard for them to determine just by belly size because he could be laying funny.

  4. He flipped :) Sounds like he is getting ready to make his appearance!!

    Dog cuddles are the best. Coco has been IN MY FACE lately. Andy & I will be trying to talk and Coco jumps up on the couch and sits there with her face pushed up against my face hahah I guess she just wants the talking to stop and she wants kisses. She is constantly at my feet or by my side lately.


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