Friday, February 21, 2014

Five on Friday

Look at me trying all sorts of new things this week.
Due to lack of posting, and lack of brain cells from... lack of SLEEP, I decided a nice link-up was in order for today.
1. I've been trying to limit my spending. Which is hysterical because I'm about to have a baby and we just renovated our second floor, so there's like 12,000 things I need to buy. BUT, I know all the crazy spending isn't helping my bank account (thank god for tax refunds and bonuses) and I've limited my coffee spending. Which really is that KG has been too busy at work to play at lunch, so I haven't gone out, which means I don't buy coffee. And then I saw this and was like... yep!
2. I think it is a pretty big deal when your pregnancy app has decided you are far enough along to give you the option to say if you have had your baby. That "arrived?" button wasn't there last week. Now... if only I could get the chance to use it.

3. As much as I've been digging snow days on the couch with this furry guy, my Uggs are getting a bit too tight. I take them off at work because they are so hot and work is 8,000 degrees, but then I have trouble getting them back on. And if I have to go out later that night? Forget it. I need sneakers. Which means Winter needs to end. I haven't complained at all. So, now it needs to be over.

4. Our little OCD Border Collie doesn't do well with change (which is hysterical since I'm the Queen of OCD and everyone makes fun of me. I'm pretty sure that I have all of my neuroses to my dog, which hopefully spares my children. And now I want to get a shirt that says, "If you think I'm OCD, you should see my Border Collie" funny, no?). And since we moved upstairs this past weekend he has refused to come upstairs. The loud machines my dad had up there for months was enough to scar him for life. Except, he's a huge food whore and will go anywhere for the prospect of a treat. So, I got a bowl of strawberries (which he would never eat, but he doesn't know that) and ate them upstairs. He's now a pro and goes up and down the stairs on his own. Mama: 1 Border Collie: 0 (well... he's won a lot... but let's just start over...)

5. I've been busting out the items on my to do list like it's my JOB! There's certain stuff that I have to wait for, like the car seat (Big A thinks certain things should be done by the Dad, how cute!) but every so often I get a hair across my ass and bust something out. Swing is all set, just needs batteries. Pack 'n Play is all ready in our room (where he will sleep for a bit until we kick his little baby butt to his own room). Poor Big A never knows what he's coming home to. He's just asked that I stop lifting heavy things or bring things up and down the stairs. So now I just lie and told him a "friend came over to help". :)

Not much on the to do list this weekend. I know, famous last words. But seriously. Everything is almost pretty much done, so just a few errands and some relaxation.
Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!


  1. Look at you busting things out and crossing things off that list! Good for you! And your dog is too cute! And I totally agree with the ecard, haha! Hilarious!

  2. Your house is being invaded by baby items!! Crazy! When do you plan on putting the car seat in? I don't know about you but by the end of the day my feet as BOILING hot! It seems to be the most heated part of my body! When I took Tuck out last night I actually wore flip flops! xo

  3. You are literally going to give birth building shit. Stop that! You should be on a lily pad being worshiped or something.

  4. Yay for 28 days left! You are so close! Enjoy being just you and your hubby!

  5. Hey don't be an asshole remember what happened last weekend?! No heavy lifting especially up and down stairs!
    Although at work the other day I was doing something after I read your post about being an asshole. I thought to myself I should really stop doing this I am being an asshole hahah

  6. I know you will be glad when you can use that arrived button. best of luck to you girl. Love your blog esp the pics are the top. You're beautiful.

    I'm your newest follower. found you thru the i'm the kinda girl link up.


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