Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sausage Fingers

We all know that pregnancy comes with a wonderful array of "side effects".

Some good... you now all of a sudden have porn star boobs (too bad no one wants to see them and you definitely don't want anyone touching them)

Some bad...

...let's talk about the excessive weight gain, the heartburn, the trouble sleeping, etc. etc. etc.

One "symptom" or "side effect" that I haven't minded too much is the change in my body temperature.

I'm notorious for being cold. Always. Like, sweatshirt in the Summer, cold. I don't typically mind it, I like to be cozy in a hoodie or a blanket, especially when I'm sleeping.

But now? I'm usually hot. If the temp is more than 35, I can't wear a jacket. I'm sweating bullets. It's been quite convenient in the Winter to not be constantly frozen solid. Especially since I hate Winter coats with a burning passion.

Seriously. BURNING passion. Hate them.

So, I'm not complaining too much.

Unless it comes to work.

And then I fucking hate it.

You see, I'm currently in a battle of wills with certain office mates who decide that the office is too cold. They are constantly turning the heat up to 78 mother fucking degrees and I can't take it.

I wear short sleeves to work and I'm still uncomfortable. I had to buy special shoes to leave at work to change into because I couldn't wear my boots all day because my legs swell too much. My hands are in PAIN because they are so swollen.

Only at work. I don't have this problem at home. I don't have it anywhere else. The only other time anything has made my legs swell is the day of my baby shower when I was on my feet ALL day until almost 11 at night. That's it.

I can't wear my rings anymore because of work. They fit everywhere else, but I am worried I'll forget to take them off (or lose one of them with the constant back and forth) and then they will get stuck. I was sitting at my desk one day when all of a sudden my fingers hurt so bad and it was because my hands were so swollen. It took a lot of cold water and soap to get them off. Big A and I engraved the inside of our wedding bands with special messages to each other that we surprised each other with on our wedding day. I can't risk getting my ring cut off and ruining that.

But no one cares.

I'm complained numerous times. I've offered other suggestions. All I get is the whole "you're pregnant so you don't know how cold it is" thing.

Uh... yeah. I understand that I'm fucking pregnant which is why my body is at 1,000 degrees all day every day. I'm aware of my current gestating status. I'm not arguing that. All I'm saying is that I have 6 more weeks left and it would be nice if I could spend them not incredibly uncomfortable at work.

Put on a sweater. Grab a blanket. I dress knowing that I'm going to be hot at home point and I can shed some layers. But alas, here I sit, in short sleeves, no shoes on, guzzling water like it's my job, and I'm incredibly hot. It's ridiculous.

I dealt with these women and their hot flashes. You think they could deal with me and my temperature issues?

Apparently not.

All I know is that sometimes I think about my maternity leave and I look forward to being able to recharge and not see these people for awhile. I tend to like them better when I've had some time away from them.

Which how I like most people.

Most of the time, they are wonderful people, but sometimes they really just grind my gears. And now is one of them.

So, I did what I do best. I walked into the office with the thermostat, loudly announced how high the temperature was set at, complained about it (loudly) again, and asked who kept turning up the heat. Which of course, no one answered, but one woman did turn her face away. I'm onto you. That should help with today, but tomorrow is probably another battle. 


  1. What a bunch of jerks! Sorry you are so uncomfortable. Maybe the heater will break, haha!

  2. And this is one of the many reasons I liked having a winter baby, also why I was happy that I have my own office with my own thermostat. With that said I still ran on the cold side even when pregnant but not as much as I do when not pregnant.


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