Wednesday, February 12, 2014

So What! Wednesday

Linking up with Shannon for So What! Wednesday!

This week I am saying So What! if...

* I decided to attend a meeting this morning that was over an hour away and the only reason I didn't give an excuse on why I couldn't go was because there was a chance that I would be done early. Supposedly, the meeting ends at 2:00, so I would be in my car then and home by around 3:00, which is still earlier than a normal work day. PLUS, it's not really work when you're in the car. Although, I do have to say that I do miss the days of getting out of an off-site meeting early, on a nice day, chain smoking all the way home, listening to music, and opening a cold one as soon as I walk through the door. OH the memories!

* Literally, all I can concentrate on is getting this kid out of me. I'm all done. I'm uncomfortable. I'm stretched to the max. It's time. I can't do this for 5 more weeks! I know people do it all the time, but I'm all done.

* I want to get thing organized at home, but I have little to no energy to do it when I get home from work. I emptied and loaded the dishwasher on Monday. THAT was a huge deal!

* I think I'm delegating some household chores to Big A. I can still do them, but they are a bitch and I don't want to. Like unloading the dishwasher. I have to take everything out and put it on the counter. Then close the dishwasher, THEN put it away. I can't reach the cabinets with the dishwasher open anymore. And switching the laundry. It's too much of a pain to lean all the way down to drab everything out of the washer. There's space for a normal person between the washing machine, wall, and toilet, but not me.

* I'm super annoyed that I didn't look for baskets when I was placing my Walmart order yesterday. I found the perfect ones, but it seems like such a waste to order them and pay the shipping for an $8 item. They don't have them in store, so it would HAVE to be online.

* I want to punch a bunch of people when all they talk about it the snow and the cold. Yeap. Welcome to February in New England. And honestly, it hasn't been so bad. I mean, yeah, I'm running hot at 130 degrees so this is beach weather to me, but we have still had some nice warm days too. It will go a lot quicker if you just accept it and move along. I drive to work every day too. I know the weather conditions. You don't need to share them with me 30 minutes later when YOU come in. I did not teleport here. I'm aware. 

* I want to punch my brother in the face because he is in Cancun right now. Cancun. Freaking jerk. I would like to be in Cancun right now. Well... not pregnant and with my old body. 

* I'm beyond ridiculously excited that my family gets our cottages on Martha's Vineyard the first two weeks of July again this year. We normally get the last two weeks, which was fine until I met Big A. His work closes the week of the 4th of July, so getting time off again in a couple weeks was always hard for him!

* I want to punch Big A in the face because he doesn't want to come to the Vineyard for the entire week. He has "lots of things that he needs to do around the house". I told him that was fine, but he was going to miss a bunch of his son's "firsts". He then told me that I wasn't allowed to bring him to the beach until HE got there. Umm... yeah... I'm totally going to an island in July and NOT going to the beach for days because you're "too busy" to get there. Good one. 

* Everyone (probably including you haha) is annoyed that I am wanting to plan July already. Umm... I struggle every year to get good boat reservation because we wait until the last minute. I don't want to. I want to make them now and get everything that I want. Humph. Plus, it gives me something to take my mind off this coconut taking up occupancy in my maxed out midsection.   

Wow. Apparently I am writing a novel today. About weather and the Vineyard. So exciting. Haha.

Hope everyone has a fabulous hump day. We're almost there.

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  1. A beach vacation sounds amazing right now!

  2. Jealous of your upcoming vacation! I say plan away! If it takes your mind off of other things, then go for it!


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