Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

You know... some day I might post something original instead of only posting link-ups. Although to be fair, that would require me to regain my full brain function which I hear never happens.
* Question... why is it that every single time I finally wrangle Big A into doing something I've asked him to do (five failed plans later) it always turns out that we can't do it. We had plans to put up the monitor the other day. Totally didn't realize you had to charge it first. OK. Cool. Go to do it last night? The camera has to stay plugged in. And there's nothing really to hang it with. Awesome. So we just gave up. Then we tried to hang the pictures, but there's nothing to hang them with. Why kind of picture doesn't come with something to hang it with? Whaaaat? So we got nothing done. Awesome.
* Has anyone been watching the Teen Mom catch-up shows? Ugh. First of all, I'm super proud of Amber. It seems like she finally got her shit together. Why she seems so upset that she can't be with Gary, I'll never know. He sucks and loves to wind her up and then act like she's a freak. Hate that. Farrah, she needs to climb back in whatever hole she came from. She's treats everyone terribly and it's no wonder that her daughter acts the way she does. And while she does seem to be spending more time with her kid, it all seems pretty fake for the cameras. Lastly, Catelynn and Tyler? Ugh again. I'm pretty sure if some guy repeatedly kept taking my engagement ring back I would tell him where he could shove it and move along. He sucks too. Him and Gary should go off and be crappy friends together.
* I have this huge annual meeting next week and I secretly (ok not secretly, I tell everyone who will listen) hope that I am not here for it. It sucks. It's exhausting. And it is usually only manageable by counting down the hours until I can drown my sorrows in a nice tasty bottle of wine. Which I can't do. So there's no point in me even being here!
* I think it's absolutely ridiculous that Boston is thinking of hosting the 2024 Summer Olympics. I think it is a terrible idea. I think with the fact that we have already been involved in more than one terrorist act should be reason enough not to do something that involves having a stadium that hold 80,000 people. And did we not see how much of a shit show Sochi was? We don't need to be a part of that.
* I tried super hard to be all optimistic and lovely the past couple days because Big A was sick as a dog and he didn't need his Mammoth wife complaining 24/7 while he was trying to recover from the plague. But, now he feels better and I'm exhausted. All I think of is all the shit that I need to do around the house and I just can't even fathom doing anything other than laying down on the couch. WAAAAAH!
* I'm barely holding on to finishing up this pregnancy and the news of other people having THEIR babies is really starting to drive me nuts. I'm going to need this guy to come out ASAP. I'm officially all done. :)
Alright I'm ending this before it becomes a whiny pregnancy post. Head on other to Jennifer's blog and link up!


  1. Okay, at least the summer Olympics wouldn't affect you much, I live on Rt 3 - can you even fucking IMAGINE the cape traffic? I want to vomit just thinking about it. Plus, it's going to bankrupt our state. There are abandoned Olympic camps all over the place in other countries. Can you tell I hate this idea?

    Oh also, google Farrah Abraham films Teen Mom special in model's not even her house.

  2. Oh my gosh the whole time I was reading this I was like, hmmmm... this sounds like me at the end of my pregnancy. Ha ha! I get it! I hope baby comes STAT!
    And this is totally off subject, but we are coming to Boston this summer and we are SO EXCITED!

  3. yea i agree with you. I'm happy and proud of Amber. she's changed for the better. and Gary needs his fat ass beat for how he thinks everything is a freaking joke and Jenelle needs her ass kicked from here to china and back again like 10 times for wanting another child. she doesn't have the one she had first of all and then had an abortion. Farrah honestly needs her lips slapped off for how she talks to her parents and how she thinks she's such a good parent and roll model but yet she's wanting to sell sex toys and be back in the headlines again. And Joe needs his ass kicked for treating what's her name the way he does. Hell he moved and didnt notify anyone but when she moves she has to notify someone. it's all bullshit.

  4. Good luck with the pregnancy. i'm far behind so how much longer do you have. not much i'm guessing.

    It would rock my socks off if you'd join the blog challenge. should be fun.


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