Monday, February 17, 2014

Weekend Recap: I'm an Asshole

Woah weekend.
Remember when I told you that I hoped nothing exciting happened this weekend and that I planned to do a whole lot of nothing?
Yeah, tell that to my aching bones.
I KIND OF, did  that. Kind of.
Friday was Valentine's Day with my love. We did our usual dinner in to avoid the crazy crowds. The last time we went out ON Valentine's Day was probably about 5 years ago and it was terrible. The place was packed, we waited forever, and they had brought in so many extra tables that we were literally sitting at the same table as pretty much everyone else in the room.
We got seated between two families with small children. Being two early 20's individuals, on Valentine's Day, with the F word as a main part of our vocabulary, it put a bit of a damper on our dinner conversation. I'm pretty sure it is the most quiet dinner we have had, EVER.
Anywho, I was super smart and headed out at lunch time to grab the supplies for dinner. (I forgot the stuff for dessert, but at least that was a quick trip on the way home) I grabbed crab legs, shrimp for shrimp cocktail, rice, and some whiskey for my main squeeze (I also got him coke and limes to make his favorite jack & coke - blech - major wifey points!)
I headed home after work, prepped dessert (chocolate covered strawberries and pretzels) and got to work. By the time Big A was done shoveling and snow blowing from our most recent storm (complete septic system chaos leaves little time for snow clean-up, who knew), dinner was ready.
I lit some candles, put the beautiful roses he bought me in a vase, and set the table for a romantic evening.
Even Bert got in on the action. He's a lover of all human food, but seafood is one of his faves... ESPECIALLY shrimp.
We spent a good two and a half hours just sitting and talking. We talked about our past and what is to come in our future. It was SO nice to just talk. Especially with the busy week that we had. And no well-meaning waitress asking how we are doing in the middle of a conversation (or watching some little boy toss his cookies in the hallway to the bathroom...)
We had an amazing night. We might need to eat dinner at the table more often. We definitely plan to when Little Man is finally with us and old enough to eat food other than in liquid form, but we should probably make more of an effort to do it.
Saturday, I did nothing. NOTHING. In fact, I didn't leave the house ALL weekend. To the point that last night Big A asked me when was the last time I used my car, and I guessed that it was my drive home from work on Friday. He then informed me that I hadn't bothered to take my keys out of the ignition.
Whoops! At least he figured that out before I went looking for them this morning. I gave Big A the responsibility of checking to make sure I have gas, because I never do, and if I go into labor, we need to take my car. So, thankfully I did that or else this morning would have had a rocky start.
So yes, Saturday was spent on the couch in my PJs. Mumsie came over and we did some prep for making freezer meals (i.e. looking up recipes and writing down ingredients, not actually PREPPING to make them...) After she left N & J came over. The boys played on the snowmobile and N and I hung out on the couch and chatted... in our PJs. It was magical.
Sunday, I got a hair across my ass to get things done so I did.
I fixed the paint on the bookshelf I stenciled. Glued the fabric onto the lamp shade (tutorial coming some time this week, this was NOT as easy as I thought it would be). Finished organizing the nursery. Vacuumed. Got all of the trash out of the room. It's about 95% done. Just a few more things and I'll be able to show you!

Before and After. While I love how it turned out, I probably would have used an easier fabric and a flat lamp shade. The ruffles on the shade and the minky fabric were NOT friends.
My dad was over finishing up some projects and then my mom and brother came over for family dinner. (I.e. slave labor. I refused to feed them until it was done. I'm so nice!)
We cleaned all the stuff out of the bedroom (it had all my Dad's tools in it) and brought all of our bedroom furniture upstairs. It still needs some work with the furniture placement (and the fact that our furniture kind of sucks for this room, but it's functional for now) but we slept in it last night and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!
Our apartment bedroom was pretty big, so we definitely downscaled when coming into this house. And I was getting too large to easily fit between the bed/wall/door/Big A's night stand for my middle of the night pee sessions. I almost always walked into one of them. Which woke up Big A AND the dog, so way to go me.
Now I'm a little nervous about falling down the stairs because it's right across from the bathroom, but I'm pretty sure I'm just crazy.

This was our bedroom mid-construction. And then last night. The bed has a pretty big space behind it because the headboard is too big to go all the way up to the slanted wall. Not exactly my favorite, but we were able to get an extra 5 feet by pushing back the walls so I'm not complaining. It just means we need new furniture at some point!
Here's where I admit that I'm an asshole.
I don't like admitting that I can't do things. I don't like having people do things for me. So, I did a lot. I was going up and down two flights of stairs most of the day. Moving furniture and bags of trash. I let people take the really heavy things because I'm not so big of an asshole that I would risk my baby's life to move something and prove a point, but I did too much.
By the end of it was in severe pain and sitting at the top of my stairs almost in tears. It was difficult to switch positions sleeping last night because I was still in pain, and I am definitely still feeling it today. Being the fact that tomorrow officially marks 9 months pregnant (four week countdown...28 days...) I think I officially called "uncle" and need to slow down.
I was about 98% sure that I was going to call out of work today, but I was able to get my shit together and go. But I'm definitely moving slowly.
SO... for all you pregnant Mama's to be out there, don't be an asshole like me. Take it easy! OK?!
And that was my uneventful, boring weekend. :)
Maybe next week I'll say the same thing and come back to tell you how I built Rome in a day...
Good grief. Life lessons learned: Do not comment on the fact that you are sleeping well, because you will then sleep like shit for the rest of your life. And do not mention that you plan on a quiet, relaxing weekend because you will then do 1,000 house projects that will leave you feeling like you have the body of a fat 90 year old man.
Happy Monday Bitches!


  1. How exciting that you were able to sleep in your new bedroom! I'm sure you are so relieved to have that project finished.

  2. I am so mad at you right now for taking it too far and hurting yourself! I forgive you...:) But Don't do that again, ok? I promise to not be an asshole as well! :) xo

  3. Sorry you are still hurting. That is no fun. But it does sound like you had a productive weekend even if you weren't planning on it. And sounds like you guys had a great Valentine's Day. Glad to hear that too!

    Hope you are feeling better (physically)! And I am loving your new room. I like the color you picked for the wall!


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