Thursday, March 20, 2014

Baby P's Nursery Reveal: Part 2

If you missed Part 1, you can find it here.
I mentioned in my last post that I had pretty much decided on the basic color scheme for the room, regardless of the gender. I figured once we knew what Baby P was, then we could go from there.
I knew I wanted blues for a boy, but I didn't want it to be "Super Baby Boy Pastel Blue" and I knew that I wanted pinks for a girl, but I didn't want it to be "Super Baby Girl Pastel Pink". I wanted it to be reflective of the gender, obviously, but I didn't want it to look like a gender stereotype threw up all over the room.
I was a bit more perplexed with what to do for a girl. I mean, I love me some pink, but I'm definitely not a frilly girly girl. I was concerned with how I was going to pull it off. But, thankfully I didn't have to deal with that stress because Baby P showed off his twig and berries (is that appropriate to say about your child? I'm new here...) and I breathed a sigh of relief.
Not that I would have loved a girl any less, but we both kind of had our heart set on a boy, at least for this one. We want at least one boy, so it kind of took the pressure off the future children. Big A has two male cousins, neither of whom have been in long term relationships, and that's all there is to carry on the family name. I think he felt a lot of pressure to make sure that the P name didn't end with this generation.
Anywho... like I said, the ideas for Baby P's room just kind of evolved. Mostly from the blanket I found. Which I could have showed you, but it is packed in my hospital bag and I didn't think of it until now. 

The grand scheme of things. I'm not a super huge fan of the slanted ceilings, but it's a lot better than it was before. And I should have taken a picture during the day so you could see how bright it really is in there. But, I have no brain, so... you're lucky these are actually pictures of the room and not of some random cat I found and then got confused with what I was writing about. :)
Let's start from the beginning.
Back around September, my mom was at her sister's house and my uncle's brother was there. My mom was telling him about how I was having a baby and he said that he had just cleared out this house that he was working on and happened to have a dresser and matching changing table, did she want it.
Not one to refuse free shit, my mom took it, figuring she would keep it at her house if I didn't want it. But, like Mama like daughter, I don't refuse free shit so I jumped at the chance to not drop a few hundo on new furniture.
The only problem was that it was white. Since we didn't know the gender then, I let it sit for awhile until we found out we were having a boy and I definitely needed to paint it black. I was looking for an excuse to try out chalkboard paint and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.
Plus, how bad ass will it be for him to be able to draw on his furniture when he's older?
I liked the finish of it too. I didn't want something so clean and pristine, I wanted it a little rough. It was perfect. So, Mumsie and I got to painting. It was a pain because if you went over a spot you painted too hard while it was still wet, it took the paint off. So it was definitely a learning experience. We had to make sure each coat was dry before we did the next one. It took FOREVER.

Changing table

Etsy Prints. I saw these and fell in love with them. When I found out I could get them in the exact colors I wanted, I knew they were perfect.
When it came to a crib, I did a lot of research. I knew I wanted black and I knew I wanted a convertible crib, but that was it. I also knew that unlike a lot of stuff we were buying, there were going to be some things that needed to be researched. Mainly, a car seat and any piece of furniture or toy that he would be in without someone holding him.
I definitely didn't want to purchase a crib only to find out that there were all of these complaints that the pieces broke off and the paint was lead based and it turned into a child killing monster after 2 AM.
So, I did my research. Narrowed it down to a couple I liked and then stalked them. I was sent a coupon for 20% off at Wayfair thanks to a previous purchase and then when Black Friday came along the price dropped even more. So, I jumped. I ended up getting the crib, that retailed for over $200 everywhere else (it's now on the website for $180-something - go figure) for $140 including shipping. I love me a good bargain.

We went with the Storkcraft Venetian in black.

The amazing diaper motorcycle that KG made that I have been promising to post a better picture of.
When it came to curtains, those were a beast. I needed the "right" blue. Do you know how many shades of blue there were? I found a great set, but they were too dark next to the black furniture. Luckily, they go awesome in our bedroom so I kept them. I ordered these ones on a whim and they were actually perfect. I love the shorter length and they are black out curtains, so that's a definite plus.
And they were $30 for the set.

Another must have? A cozy rocking chair. Big A had a rocking chair from when he was a baby and he was very big on us taking it when we moved in together. And while I totally understand the sentimental value of it, it's one of those old wooden rocking chairs and didn't look too comfy. I looked to paint it and update the cushions on it to make it a bit more comfortable, but it was going to cost a good amount of money and time to do it. And after all the furniture (and painting the vanity and such for the bathroom) I didn't want to do any more projects.
So I registered for this little ditty and then went all psycho that I needed it ASAP. No one bought it for my shower and then the price went up. I wanted the furniture in the room to be complete. So as soon as the price went down, I used a Target gift card that I got for Christmas and bough it for myself.
My grandmother is still mad at me for this. She was planning on buying it for me and then didn't know what to get me when I bought it for myself. I tried to explain to her that I'm psycho, but she's still upset. Haha.

This thing is super cozy. Like, you could sleep in it. The footrest has a pull-put slanted part if you just want to put your feet up a little without rocking against your control. (Sorry about the boxes - not quite ready to reveal the name)

Found this little ditty at HomeGoods. Best $5 I've ever spent. Notice you can't see it until you are leaving the room, when it's already too late. Haha

The little cozy corner.

I took this old bookshelf I had and painted it to match the room. I'll show you my first experience with stenciling along with my first experience with covering a lampshade at some point.
There were quite a few times where I purchased something that wasn't quite necessary for the baby. A lot of the clothes I bought, he could live without. A special made blanket from Etsy? Yeah, probably didn't need that either.
BUT... this chair... I needed it as soon as I saw it at HomeGoods. KG talked me out of it since I told her to make sure I was on a shopping ban, but I obsessed over it. I went back and got it a day or so later.
And you know what? Big A LOVES it. LOVES it. Makes sure people notice that chair when they come to look at the room. Which makes me feel so good inside!
I really try to keep Big A in mind when I am buying things for the house. I know if it were up to him then we would have hand-me-down everything and the walls would all be white. So, since I overrule him at almost every turn (we compromise though), I try to make sure the house is something he loves too. So when I buy something and he LOVES it? I feel like I did a job well done.

I plan to take his monthly pictures in this chair to show how he's grown. I hope he loves books like his Mama and that he will be sitting there at some point "reading" all of his favorite books.
I HATE the sliding doors that we have on every closet in the house. Always have, always will. When I lived at home, I made my dad take them off and we put up curtains. I could have them open and see everything, or close them when my closet was a mess. Which was always.
When we moved into our apartment, they never put the hardware back on after they did the hardwood floors, so  you couldn't put the closet doors back on. No problem. Curtains it is.
So, when we moved into this house, I left them for awhile, but slowly but surely they are disappearing. Not to mention I suck a them (since my closets are always messy and push them off the tracks) and I have just been removing them.
BUT, my mail goal for Little Dude's room is to make sure that it is a clean and relaxing place. I mean, I know the little Tasmanian Devil is going to tear it apart when he's older, but I just think there should be one calm, uncluttered room in the house. (Clutter is a big issue for us. Now that we moved rooms around it will be a lot better when we can finally dig through everything, but it gets a bit claustrophobic with all the stuff around).
So, Big A and I went to Home Depot and put up shelves. Them Mumsie and I went to Target and purchased one of those cubby holders. Then I bought some green baskets from Walmart to make the shelves a bit neater. There's so much stuff shoved in there. But now it looks 1,00 times better.
Little Man sign from Target. Another unnecessary purchase, but we had to have it. It will look a lot better when we can move the bottles and food maker stuff to the kitchen, but we need to organize first. Also, you can see another benefit of the chalkboard paint in the corner. I have all of his clothes sizes marked on the drawers so we can find them easily. I needed some sort of organization here because baby clothes are the one thing I can't figure out. How much do they need? What if they only stay in one size for a short time? What if they skip sizes? I just don't get it. So we have a bunch now and we will buy more as needed. I assume he will just be in pjs for now and the Summer he will probably be in a onesie unless he's at school that one day.
And lastly, I just wanted to share our diaper collection. Best idea ever is to have a diaper raffle at the shower. We are set for awhile. And people bought Newborn to Size 3, so it's not like we have all of one size. That's a definite help!

And that's it. That's my baby boy's room. Or, I should say OUR baby boy's room.
Is it perfect? No. Is it filled with expensive things? No. But it's my most favorite room in the whole house. I love to just go and sit in the rocking chair and look around. It's so calming in there. I just wonder what life will be like when he is here and using the room. When he gets older, what is it going to look like? This is HIS room. Our SON'S room. We are going to have a SON.
There's nothing like having a nursery to remind you that there's going to be a baby filling up that house SOOOO soon! (Maybe even by the time you read this?!)
We did a lot of it ourselves and I'm so glad that we did. Not only did it save us a whole lot of money at a time when we were already spending a lot, but I like to say that I worked hard and put my blood, sweat, and tears into his room. It may not be the most glamorous of nurseries, but it was made with a lot of love.


  1. So cute!! Love the chair!! It is SO cute! That is a big room to decorate but you did a wonderful job! It looks perfect! How does a diaper raffle work? xo

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  3. LOVE IT! I love the colors! And that crib is freaking amazing! You did such a great job! And I love how you marked the dresser with the sizes. That is a really smart idea. I am so excited for you and Big A. I can't wait until you can see your little man in that room!

  4. Looks really good! Nice work on refinishing and painting some of the furniture. I've always wanted to do that, but I know I don't have the patience for it.

  5. I love everything! Especially the little car chair and the chalkboard paint on the dresser. That is too perfect that you can label the drawers that way!

  6. Very cute, you did a great job! I love how you labeled the dresser! You forgot to block out the name in the first few pics though.

  7. Love the babysitters cry sign! Perfect

  8. It looks great. I love the colors and the theme. (FYI you can see him name in one of the photos).


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