Friday, March 14, 2014

Five on Friday

I needed today to be Friday.
Actually, I needed today to be Saturday, but I'll settle for Friday.
My day was super shitastic yesterday. It started with forgetting my laptop at home, having to turn around to go get it, sweetly offering to start Big A's truck only to find that his doors were frozen shut (yeap, more snow yesterday), got stuck in traffic due to an accident from people forgetting how to drive in the snow (it was like an inch, the roads weren't slippery), went a different way and got stuck in traffic AGAIN, got to work almost two hours late, was asked to be on a call that started 2 minutes after I got there, and then had to deal with rude coworkers.
It was a blast.
So, I need a couple days of a break.

Plus, I have 5 days or less of work left, so that helps!

Anyway... 5 on Friday... go!


I love when I have friends that are just as weird as me. KG and I went back and forth yesterday in a competition of who can find the funniest things. What started as a cute picture of sloths, quickly turned into a battle of wills involving awkwardly singing parents, a dog honking a horn, and church sign wars, but ultimately I won with my dog in an Oompaloompa costume from Wednesday.

It was all down hill after the sloths.
I was on Pinterest the other day and saw this picture of a baby Border Collie. Umm.... this could be Mr. Fresh. Seriously. Right down to the red collar (that I still have, because it was so small and tiny). He was so cute! I mean, he's still so ruggedly handsome, but this face! Ohmygod.
This is right about the time I decided to go through the rest of my phone and find random pictures that I've saved to talk about...
I think I've talked about these before, but they kill me. I love me some Will Ferrel and this little 80's montage picture is perfect. Plus, I think we have all known a woman who we wish we could compliment on her wicked stash, but "society" says we can't.

Did I ever show you guys the picture I used to tell all of our Facebook friends and family about Baby P? N found this for me soon after I found out I was pregnant and sent it to me. I knew it was perfect, but it didn't really fit well if we were having a girl, since it's obviously a boy in this picture and I figured people would get confused (not because it's a "boy" picture... the haircut makes me think it's a boy), so I waited until we knew for sure that Baby P took after his daddy and not his mom. Anyone who knows Big A knows this is perfect!

I cringe at changing my password at work. It used to be a no-brainer, but then they changed the rules and it couldn't be a word you found in the dictionary or any password you have used the last 10 times. And unfortunately, all of our passwords are supposed to sync with all of the systems (which seems silly if you are so worried about people guessing your password), but they don't. So, you have to see what changes and what doesn't and remember your last three passwords. And blah blah blah. And if you go over your time limit you get locked out of your system. So, pretty much, I'm going to come back from maternity leave to a locked system. Super.
Then I found this and thought it was perfect. The password situation still blows, but at least this guy gets it:

That's all I got for you today.
It's a full moon this weekend. Let's hope Baby P makes his debut! (I'm just using any excuse now)


  1. Sorry you had such a crappy day yesterday. I hate those kinds of days. Everything just seems to pile on those days. Ugh.

    The sloths are adorable. The Will Ferrel meme is hilarious. Laughed my ass off on that one. And I feel your pain on the password shiz. We have to change all of our stuff every 90 days and after a while you run out of passwords. It is annoying.

  2. they always told me when i worked to do baby boy/girl and their name. and i was like i dont have any kids so why would i do that. so i always did it with my addy road name or dogs name. b/c i knew noone there knew that.

  3. I HATE when someone approaches me when I JUST walked in the door at work. Whether I'm late or not. SO SO annoying! I've had someone see me pull up so they were standing at my desk when I worked through the door. Really???!

    The last two pictures are hilarious!

  4. "must include a gang sign" that is so perfect hahah! Hope the baby is here soon :)


  5. Ah that picture of the baby border collie is so cute! Every time I see pictures of Bernese Mountain Dog puppies I get so nostalgic for when my Hank was a puppy- and that only lasted like two weeks, haha. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the baby working on the car picture! My husband is a mechanic and my daughter takes after him 100%. If he is out in the garage working on a car, she is too. She likes to bang at the undersides of cars with his wrenches, and try and lift up her powerwheels Camaro on a jack, it's so cute, and SO not me!


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