Friday, March 21, 2014

Five on Friday

Today is my last official day of work for quite some time. It's a little bittersweet. I mean, I'm going to enjoy being home with my little guy (if he ever comes), but I do (for the most part) enjoy the people I work with. I assume it will go by WAY too fast though and I'll be back before I know it. Ugh.
Let's talk Baby P. Even though I have no picture of him... because he's never coming out. I had my doctor's appoint yesterday, an ultrasound, and a NST. Everything looks fine. Too fine. He's perfectly healthy. His fluid is fine. He's just super cozy. They were a bit concerned about his heart rate during the NST at first (which is the most boring thing in the world. I mean... it was cool to hear his heart beat for so long, but otherwise you are sitting in a room by yourself FOREVER) because it was all over the place. Turns out that when you have a super active baby, that's what happens. I commented on how I thought that they were supposed to calm down by now... they said they were. Apparently, dude is just an animal. In the ultrasound, his head, hand, and foot were almost all squished together. That can't be comfortable buddy, just come out. NOW.
The one thing that Big A was big on was that when I got a new car, it would have electric seats. My old Tahoe did not and he HATED it. I didn't care, but he's a little more high maintenance than I am. Heh. My new (to me) Tahoe not only has the electric seats, but it also has it so you can get your preferences for two different drivers. Which is the bee's knees because Big A NEVER puts the seat back, even though I always do in his trucks. Another amazing feature? The easy out button. Getting out of the car isn't so bad, but now that's I've officially hit Large Marge territory, this little baby is my BFF.
I just hit the button when I am getting out and this way I don't have to struggle to get back in the car. Especially when I have stuff in my hand or some asshole parks rightfuckingnexttome. It's been a life saver.
Holy cravings Batman. A few weeks ago I needed a Watermelon Slush Puppie like I was a junkie. I was so fixated on it. I went to a whole bunch of different places and couldn't find a Slush Puppie machine to save my life. I may or may not have even looked into buying one. Well... last Sunday I went to my parents' house and realized that the Honey Farms in their town used to have a Slush Puppie machine. I go and check it out and the fucking thing is out of order. As of that morning. Naturally.

So, being the crazy psycho person that I am, I beg Big A to bring me back all week and it just didn't happen. So yesterday, on my way home from work, I drove the 20 minutes out of my way to see if it was fixed. And it was. Lucky for me, there was the same guy there, so he got to watch me geek out twice. He seemed to think it was totally normal, so I guess that helps. Haha. It was delicious and I enjoyed every second of it. Now I need about a thousand more in every flavor. And one for my house. So I can mix vodka in them over the Summer.
Why are candles so expensive? I found this candle at Marshalls for like $3 and naturally fell madly in love with it. It's the first candle in history that I have burned all the way down to the bottom. I love it and I need more of it in my life. So I look it up online. $22? Seriously. What do I look like? The Kardashians? So now I'm bummed. I bought it last year so I doubt there's more at Marshalls. I wish I could find a cheap knock off. I need this back in my life. It makes the WHOLE house smell delicious.

I fount this picture yesterday and nearly peed myself. It was amazing. This is exactly what I think I would look/feel like if I even tried to be remotely sexy right now. Minus the alcohol to soften the blow.

If you need me, I will be pinning more workout routines to get my body back in shape. Because I'm going to need to never feel like I can compare myself to this picture ever again.
Welp, hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I will be spending it willing myself into labor. Which of course won't work because apparently I am TOO good at cooking babies. Monday is spent at the doc's office as usual. I feel like we should be dating with the amount of time she spends all up in my nether regions. I mean, she could at least buy a girl dinner first.
Then Tuesday... fingers crossed... is baby day. I will literally cry if they bump my appointment. I told the doctors that I was going to the hospital regardless and I would sit there until they agreed to take me. They say Tuesday, so Tuesday my ass will be at the hospital. Whether they like it or not.
Posting will obviously be sporadic as I navigate this whole newborn thing. Feel free to email, I'm sure I'll have plenty of time to answer at 2:00 AM when I am chained to a rocking chair for hours at a time. Facebook and Instagram will obviously be updated quicker than here.
Have a fabulous weekend lovers!


  1. I love cool features in cars, haha! I wish my new car had automatic seats, but I bought the base model so that wasn't happening, haha!

    And I am so glad that you got your slush puppy!! It sounds delicious!

    And come on Baby P!!!

  2. Official last day of work!!! :) :) This is really happening and it's happening SO soon! Whether you feel like he is coming or not hahah He will be here before you know it. Just think of it like since he is so cozy in his momma's belly he will probably be a good cuddle bug with his momma too!! Im all for baby cuddles.

    Do your movie theaters have slush puppy machines? I get one every time we go see a movie. The Blue Raspberry are my FAVORITE.

  3. Hope you enjoy your last baby free weekend! :)

  4. Ah last weekend that is so exciting! I had a super active baby too. She was kicking the crap out of me while I was in labor and I couldn't believe it. I was pretty whacked out after my ridiculous birth but I'm pretty sure she kicked me as I was squeezing her out. She's a CRAZY toddler now so good luck, haha! I wouldn't trade my little ball of energy for the world!

    P.S. So jealous you have a Tahoe! Those are my favorite cars ever!


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