Thursday, March 27, 2014

House Renovation: Second Floor Bathroom

As I've mentioned before, with the arrival of Baby P, it was clear that we finally needed to tackle the project of renovating our second floor.
We hadn't touched it at all (other than to throw a quick color sample on the wall when I actually though I would use that bathroom for anything other than doing my hair) and if we were doing the other two rooms up there, we figured what the hell.
I had visions of this bathroom LONG before we had this house. I knew when we were getting married, that someday I would have a beautiful bathroom with bright turquoise walls and gray sparkly accents. It would be feminine, but gorgeous and comfortable and I would love it.
Maybe it was from living in an apartment for 2 1/2 years with NO window and no heat (because if you turned it on, it smelled like burnt electrical and while the landlord didn't think it was a big deal, we didn't feel like burning the place down). But I needed a lovely bathroom.
And then I got this:
This is what our bathroom looked like when we bought the house. Refreshingly, they chose a lovely pukey yellow theme for this room, rather than the pepto pink that was in the rest of the house. Another lovely choice? The brown rug. Yes, a BROWN RUG in a bathroom. EW.
When I was first pregnant I had ideas of actually helping with all of this mess. I'm not one to sit down and watch other people do work. It wasn't how I was raised. So, I got a hair across my ass one night and went up to the bathroom with some tools and knocked all of the tile off the wall. Well... all of the tile that I could get to without removing the toilet and the vanity from the wall.
Unfortunately, that was right around the time my body started saying, "Ah, ah, ah dear, you're growing a little human now, you can't do what you used to do".
The dust was killing me. I couldn't breathe. And all of a sudden I felt like I was hit with a ton of bricks. So, I shut the door and never went in there again. Haha. Granted, I helped a little by getting most of the stuff off the wall, but I left all the tile on the floor for my dad and Big A to clean up since it was too heavy for me to pile it up and carry it downstairs.
Way to go me.
After that I couldn't even be upstairs for more than a minute without having problems breathing from the dust. This baby did a number on my asthma and I was no good to anyone. Which sucked.

The middle progress. The walls needed a lot of work done on them to repair the damage from the tile. Ultimately, we had to change our plans a little bit and put beadboard where the tile was. It wasn't originally what we wanted (especially since the bedrooms kind of already had that look and we didn't want it to look like we were killing that idea) but I really like how it came out.
So here's the final product:
Now let's back up a little bit.
I knew that I wanted bright walls. And we had all of our coordinates from when we registered for the wedding (remember this bathroom was planned LONG before we owned the house), so it was just finding the little things to go along with it.
I knew we didn't have enough money in the budget for a new vanity, so I had my dad drag our old one into the basement and I painted it black. Then we spent about $10 (at most) on new hardware for the drawers, and a new faucet. All in all it cost us about $30-$40 to update the vanity. And it looks great.
We needed new lighting for above the sink since the old ones were hideous. There was some stuff that we didn't really care about updating, or just redid quickly, but there were some things that NEEDED to get updated. The lights were one of them. There was no point in redoing the entire bathroom and then leaving that. Plus, I think this lighting only cost us about $40. We are pretty good bargain shoppers.
We definitely needed a new medicine cabinet and after falling madly in love with one for $120 that was discontinued, nothing was "right". Then all of the black ones that we looked at were around $100 and it just didn't seem worth it. So, we found a white one we liked for like $40 and just painted it with the same paint we used for the vanity. Perfect match and super cheap.
Matching vanity and medicine cabinet on the cheap. We decided to paint the beadboard a light gray color to make the wall color pop a bit more.

New lighting. Gorg. We also had an electrician come in and move/update the plug and install a light switch for the light.

Love this shower curtain. Like almost everything we registered for, I refused to use any of it until we bought a house. Which means this shower curtain sat in a box since July 2012. I love it just as much as I did when we picked it out. (Sidenote: We also painted all of the trim white. Everything is the house is still dark wood so we have been painting the trim as we redo the rooms. The entire upstairs is done and we plan to attack each room one by one downstairs during the Spring/Summer)
We chose a dark gray slate tile for the floor. It was so hard to find something that was perfect. There are certain things that I was pretty picky about and the floor was one of them. If we were going to pay the money, we were going to do it right. I didn't want something that I hated a month later. I'm super in love with this tile. I'm dying to put it in the kitchen, but we plan to completely remodel the kitchen some day and it seems silly to do the floor twice.

The coordinates that we registered for. We still need to get towel rods and stuff to put up the pretty towels we got too. I've been slowly but surely teaching Big A the difference between "show" towels and "usable" towels. Haha.
The shower is a huge improvement. For over a year, we have been using the shower in the first floor bathroom that was obviously installed for the old woman who lived here before who could no longer go up the stairs often. I so lovingly refer to it as a coffin. It was not fun to shower in. Especially when you become the size of a Mammoth and moving around in small spaces isn't your strongest feature.
The downstairs shower. Big A actually likes this shower and has yet to take one upstairs. I have absolutely no problem taking over the upstairs bathroom as my own.
Check it. Gorgeous.

The shower is another favorite. Actually, the whole thing is my favorite. I must admit, I miss having the two shower heads like the downstairs, but I'm LOVING the room. I can't wait to take a bath once Baby P is here. I love my baths SCALDING hot, so I think it's best if I wait.
We went with plain white tile for a crisp, clean look. Which has actually been easier to keep clean than I thought since I'm not sharing a shower with a mechanic quite yet. I was obsessed with these accent tiles I found and thought they would be perfect with the rest of the colors in the bathroom. After trying out some different patterns and styles on the floor of Home Depot, we settled on this and I LOVE it.

I love how it adds just a little glitz and glam without being overly feminine. It gives the plain white shower just a little bit of a POP!
As you can tell, I love our bathroom. It's nice to be back to two bathrooms again. I love having a real shower. And the laundry isn't piled up on the bathroom floor where guests can come in and see our dirty socks, now it is all upstairs in the baskets in the closets. It's really just been so nice to have this space.
The bedrooms and the bathroom upstairs are the first rooms in the house that we have really been able to do from start to finish. We need a little more organization and decoration in our bedroom, but it is still pretty functional as is, along with being a hell of a lot more room than we are used to.
I'm looking forward to being able to attack the downstairs now. We are turning our old bedroom into an office for me for when I'm working from home. The current office will turn into an office just for Big A and a little more storage space for some things we don't have room in the kitchen for.
We have big dreams for this house, but for now it really feels more like home than it ever has.


  1. Um, I would have died if I had that before too..holy hell brown rug! Your renovation looks AMAZING. Can you come do my house now?

  2. Looks really good! It all goes really well together. LOVE the title good choice.

    Oh and how do you like the curved shower curtain? I'm not a shower curtain fan. I feel very closed in with them, but I would think the curved one would give you a bit more room in the shower. Does it seem like it takes up much more space though? I want one for our upstairs bathroom, but it's kind of a small bathroom.

  3. Jealous! I wish my bathroom looked like this! You guys did a great job! And I LOVE the colors!

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