Thursday, March 6, 2014


Apparently if you start sporadically posting near your due date, people start emailing you asking questions.
Nope. No baby. No labor.
Just a shit load of stuff going on.
We have this huge meeting every year that I help put together. I really shouldn't complain about it anymore since we used to have it TWICE a year and now it's only once. BUT, I usually get out of work after it, head straight to the liquor store, and slur something to Big A when he comes home a couple hours later about feeding me.
So, imagine how super fun it was when it came down to having it in the beginning of the year, or the Fall, that "we" decided to have it when I was 38 weeks pregnant.
Someone here hates me.
I survived. I got stuck at work two hours later than normal playing catch-up, but the meeting was mostly drama free. I got to set up for it DAYS before (instead of 7:00 AM that morning), and there were only two problems. 1. The projector was putting a bigger picture on the wall than what fit our screen (apparently no one bothered to try to adjust the lens. Which I assumed they did and spent 20 minutes fussing with the settings...Never assume). 2. I DARED to go to the bathroom at lunch time and was chased around the building because the sound system didn't work. (Apparently, turning up the volume never occurred to anyone.)
I spent the rest of the evening as a puddle on the couch. Which would explain my lack of posting.
I sneakily posted my Tuesday post on Wednesday and changed the date on it so it looked like I was legit. I'm so smart.
Yesterday, Big A and I were both off work. He is always off on Wednesdays and I took the day because we had an ultrasound AND an appointment. I didn't think it would take long, but I thought it would be a good chance for us to spend some QT together. Good thing I did because we were there from like 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM. They were going to try to fit me in since my ultrasound was at 11, but my appointment wasn't until 12:40, so I hung around and waited. Except, that's the one day she was running late and they got me in a whole 10 minutes early. Holler.
Big A and I enjoyed a leisurely day other than that. Which ended with a delicious dinner at Olive Garden and we were in bed watching TV by 9:00 PM. Which is pretty much a win in my book.
We got some updates on Baby P. Nothing exciting. And a couple more pics, which I'll post everything on my Bumpdate on Tuesday.
The countdown is officially on. There's an absolute end date in sight and that helps make things better.
Other than that, I'm trying to get everything caught up on at work, get the to do list done at home, all the while not knowing how much time I actually have left to do everything. Which doesn't work for me. When I get overwhelmed I tend to shut down for a bit. And then go crazy and do everything. Which works. Except if I go into labor while I'm "shutting down".
Who else is sick of me talking about going into labor? I know I am.
Anyway, that's how it is.
If I'm not around, it's probably because I'm just busy, or lazy. I will post when there's news to post. I promise you that. Just hang in with me. I'll be back some day... today just isn't that day. 


  1. I've been pretty bad about posting and reading others blogs so I randomly think every now and then "omg I haven't been to Kayleigh's blog in a couple days!! She probably had her babyyy." Then I get all nervous that I missed the big day.

    I will try not to be one of those people that email you. I said I would TRY not to. No promises :)

  2. Ha ha ha! That was totally me who was convinced you were having the baby! That's awesome that you and Big A got some quality time together! I feel as though I am trying to really squeeze in some time with Ry before our lives change as much as possible! I'm usually not this sappy but lately I have just been wanting to be around him all the time! Weird! ha ha! xo


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