Wednesday, March 19, 2014

So What! Wednesday

Linking up with Shannon for So What! Wednesday!
This week I am saying So What! if...
* This entire post is probably going to be about pregnancy. It's literally the only thing I have going on right now. Haha.
* I am literally avoiding eye contact with 90% of the people I work with because I just can fathom having ANOTHER conversation with them about me still being pregnant. One day overdue friends. One day. It happens. Let's all just calm down.
* Today isn't a good pregnant day. That's OK. You can't win them all. I've been feeling really good lately, but I slept like shit last night and it's kind of ruining my day. My stomach is so heavy it's uncomfortable to be in any position, ever.
* I went home last night with intentions of finally cleaning up the remaining dog hair that I couldn't do last week when the vacuum bag was full and Big A refused to let me do one more thing. BUT... I apparently took a nap instead. Whoops.
* I feel like a big shot hearing that I did awesome in a meeting yesterday with my new boss' boss. We had a meeting set up to talk about how we can develop a tracking plan for documentation and figuring that I wouldn't be here, I came up with this whole plan and had it all set up. Which is what I figured I was supposed to do. Apparently, I already did what we were supposed to do in the meeting and it was exactly what he wanted. So, we spent the meeting working on some other things and how to finish setting up my plan. I may be a fucking Mammoth, but I can still kill it at my job.
* I don't even pay attention when I have contractions anymore. They come and I get them like 5-10 minutes apart. And they seem like they are getting closer and bigger and then, nothing. He's just never coming out and I have to accept that.
* Working up to the last day was probably the most stupid idea I've ever had. I mean, I would hate to just be sitting at home, but I hate to be sitting here. If I could work from home, then that would be the bee's knees.
* I'm a little nostalgic about the fact that tonight is Big A and I's last date night before we become parents. It's been us for SO long that it's hard to imagine it changing. But, I know it is going to and it is going to be even better with the three of us. Four, of course, if you count Mr. Fresh.
* I told someone I would do a project for them today and I really just don't want to. The annoying part is that they didn't ask. I offered. Dummy dummy dummy.
Alright, that's enough mindless chatter for the day. Happy Wednesday folks! We're halfway there!


  1. Wooo kicking ass and taking names while mad preg - that's my girl

  2. Awesome job on your meeting. It is always a great feeling when you know that you did a good job, but also when you get praised for it. And I hope that you guys have a great date night before little man comes! Eat something delicious and enjoy your time!! Have a great day!


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