Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Baby J: One Month Update

Not quite sure what to do with the whole "sitting up on your own" thing.

10 lbs, 7 oz. After weekly visits to the doctor to check on your weight because you had dropped so much since leaving the hospital, we were finally given the green light. You are doing great Buddy!

22.5 inches. You gained two inches in a month!

You had your first cold at the end of the month. You had the sniffles and you were coughing a bit. You weren't phased by it at all, but I was terrified that you caught something terrible. I followed my Mom instincts though and kept calm. I knew you were OK, it was just a bit nervous. You are so small and I was worried that I would be too relaxed when I should have been more worried.

You are actually a pretty good sleeper as far as babies go. Although, I don't have much to compare you to but I have heard horror stories. You wake up a few times a night, but I change you, feed you, and you are back to sleep in no time.

You love attention. You are never happier than when you are around a whole bunch of people just being involved in the action. You don't even need to be fawned over the entire time (although you won't say no to it haha). It does make it hard for you to eat or sleep though. You don't want to miss anything and you are usually a bear when the party is over! (I have no idea where you get that from :) )

You are mostly formula fed. You get some food from Mom a few times a day, but you eat too much to rely on it solely. You haven't met a bottle you don't like yet! Which was pretty evident in the 9 oz weight gain in one week! You quickly moved on from 2 oz in a bottle to 4. When you are hungry, you are HUNGRY!

People. Attention. Your "blankies", which are really burp cloths and receiving blankets. Snuggles. And looking out the windows.

When people don't recognize that you are hungry or tired and give you what you want immediately!

It's been a big month!

You celebrated Daddy's birthday, had your first Easter, and met a WHOLE bunch of people. You did your first smile at around 2 weeks and while everyone said that was impossible, we knew it was the real thing. But a month, you were smiling more often. You just think Mom and Dad are the funniest things ever! You graduated from sleeping in your swing to your "newborn napper" in the Pack 'n Play.

Your first real bath was MUCH more successful than your first sponge bath at the hospital. You didn't cry once. You weren't quite sure what to make of it, but it wasn't the earth shattering cry that you had in the hospital.
You celebrated your first Easter. You were only 29 days old and you did the best that you could for being so little and there being so many people. You slept most of the time, but you were quite charming for the little time that you were awake. You met a whole bunch of your Great Aunt & Uncles and some of Daddy's cousins too! It was a big day.
Quite the difference a month makes. I miss that squishy "little" baby!


  1. Dude he is going to be SO tall! Look at those legs!

  2. SO cute!!! And such a big boy already. :)
    That's awesome that he is such a good sleeper!

  3. He is so adorable! I can't believe how much bigger he got in one month. They grow quick!

  4. Seriously the cutest damn baby ever! But I'm not surprised, haha! His parents are pretty good looking, so obviously he would be too!

  5. Oh my goodness he is a sweet heart! I find in his one month picture he looks like you! Lately though I find he looks like his Daddy! xo


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