Monday, June 23, 2014

Baby J: Two Month Update

I figured in honor of Baby J turning 3 months yesterday, I would finally post his 2 month update. I'm ALMOST up to date on all of the posts I've written!

Two months! How did we get here so fast?!

13.7 oz! Your Daddy and I had bets on how much you would weigh but we both guess in the low 12 lb area. Apparently we were WAY off!

23.75 inches. Almost two feet!

Fit as a fiddle. You had a great check-up at the doctor and got 2 shots and one oral vaccine. (Technically you were 2 months and one day, but it was your 2 month visit so we are counting it)You weren't a huge fan of the shots, but you loved the one you could eat. But then again... you haven't met anything you can eat that you haven't liked. Which is pretty evident by your weight gain!

You are doing pretty well. You usually only wake up once a night, maybe twice. Then you are up for about an hour or so around 7:00 and then go back to sleep. We switched you from the newborn napper to the bassinet part of your Pack 'n Play because you were getting too long for it. You weren't a huge fan. We tried rolling up blankets, elevating the Pack 'n Play, etc. and you were still all over the place. We finally broke down and bought you a Rock 'n Play and it was like angels singing. You LOVE it!

All smiles. You love the attention and you give everyone the biggest grin when they talk with you or make faces. You have become a lot more interactive. You don't want to just sit around, you want to be talked to and engaged. We are in deep trouble.

We switched to exclusively formula at a bout 6 1/2 weeks. It was a good run, but you are eating so much I just couldn't keep up with you.

We call you Linus sometimes because of how much you love to just hold onto a blankie. You have learned how to pull your arms up so that you can rub it on your face, which makes you laugh.  You love it when we stick our tongue out at you and even try to copy us sometimes.
That Mom went back to work this month. It was a hard couple days (and we are still adjusting) but we are making it through. It does mean you get to spend extra time with Grammy and Daddy, so it isn't all bad!

We feel like you do something different every single day!




  1. I love his face in these photos! He's almost like, um okay, you can stop with the pictures now please. I still maintain that this kid is going to be taaaaaaalll. Also, what's the diff between a pack & play and rock & play? I get to live through your baby purchases now.

  2. Healthy growing boy!! What more could you ask for :)
    I've heard the rock n play is a life saver. With that in mind that was the first thing we put together hahah

  3. Such a big boy and so cute! That is adorable about his blanket.

  4. He is so freaking cute! I keep thinking that he can't get any cuter and then he does, haha! I have heard from a lot of people that the rock n plays are the way to go. Glad it worked for you guys too!


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