Monday, June 30, 2014

Bipolar Babies and Other Musings of a Sleep Deprived Mom

Dude... this Mom shit is hard.
I'm not even going to sugar coat this. It's exhausting. Worth it. Oh God is it worth it. BUT... exhausting as hell.
Alex and I try to switch off on sleeping in on Sundays. I got to wake up with him every night for the first 10 weeks and now every blue moon on a Sunday if I schedule it three weeks in advance I get to sleep in...
Joking... sort of.
I'm my own worst enemy because I need to close the door and turn the fan way up because if I hear so much as a squeak, I'm up and I want to know what's wrong. It's terrible. Then the dog gets pissed he locked out of the bedroom and bangs his body against it. And...yeah... relaxing.
So, yesterday (Sunday) I get to "sleep in". It was a rocky sleep in, but I felt a little more human afterward and had a new leash on life. Never one to let me get too cocky. Baby J woke his sweet bum up at 4:00 AM this morning.
The freaking birds weren't even awake yet. It. Was. Terrible.
He was bright eyed and bushy tailed. Until of course he lost his shit. I finally got him back to sleep around the time that I got about two seconds of sleep before I had to get up to work. Thankfully, I was working from home today because I managed to muster up enough energy to throw on a bra and change my underwear. I remembered deodorant around noon. #keepingitreal 
Of course, like any time he wakes up super early, we try to play catch up the rest of the day. He's normally good for about hour long naps, but if I can get him to take a two hour one, I can get him back. Sometimes. I thought I was golden today, but this is how I spent my day...
Home boy is lucky he is cute or else I would be looking into the return policy on babies. Trade him in for a model that isn't so cranky.
I kid.
Kind of.
It was a long day to say the least and he went to bed super early. Which will probably screw me for tomorrow as well, but seriously he couldn't fathom being apart of the conscious world anymore. I had the audacity to use soap on him in the bath and that was the end of his line. #hotmessexpress
We recently transitioned him to his crib for naps, but that was DAYS ago. And he's done just fine with it. Today? Not so much. Ahh the joys of being a Mom.

Oh... and on a completely unrelated note... kind of... can we focus for a second on the difference a couple months can make?
My little tiny eenie weenie baby and my big 3 month old boy!
 Editors Note: I was up and down the stairs no less than 15 times after putting him to bed, to put him BACK to sleep. He decided that 10:30 PM was a grand old time to wake up, just as we were going to bed. After a bottle and some begging, he went back to sleep, but not without a fight. We lather, rinsed and repeated this fun little game from 3:00 - 4:30 AM. It was a blast. Thank you my sweet boy for the 5 hours of shotty sleep last night. Smooches.


  1. I have a bad feeling I'm going to be the same way when I get the rare chance to sleep in. I keep telling myself I have to let Andy do things his way. If I constantly am stepping in (which I fear is going to happen) then he will never get the hang of it and eventually quit trying.

    4 am!! Pheww that's early! Hope he takes some good naps today for you. My alarm went off at 5:30 and I was fighting that.

  2. Carl suffers from insomnia so we already have it in our heads that we're going to have assigned "nights". Nights I get up, nights he gets up and feeds with a bottle. I need my sleep. I worry though because I'm exactly like you. I slept like shit the night we got Ruby because I kept phantom hearing her cry in the middle of the night.

  3. Sounds like a rough night. Hope tonight's better and that you can get a nap or something today. Thank goodness for work from home days!


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