Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Dear Baby, Go the F*ck to Sleep (Helpful hints on Sleep Training)

It's no secret that my dear sweet baby has turned into some sort of gremlin this past week or two.

Not a fan of life.
Except for that one time he fell asleep on his own after swimming for 45 glorious minutes. And I no sooner got comfortable in my chair and did a cheers with my mom with an adult beverage then dear sweet hubby rode by on the lawnmower and woke him up...

Before all hell broke loose
My diesel sleeper is literally FIGHTING sleep. If this is any indication of how his Toddler life will be, I am certainly screwed and I should be stock piling the wine and anxiety meds ASAP.
Seriously, homeboy is STRONG and finds any way to scratch, claw, wriggle, and kick me. It's a blast.

We have a rule that he can be up as long as he's happy. Once he starts turning into Johnny Rotten, then it's time for Mom to take over and make the choice that sleeping is the right decision. He's not happy. He's miserable. That picture above? Refused to nap. Refused.
But, every time I find myself ready to jump off the ledge, I visit this website and feel better. This woman is amazing and she puts together a whole bunch of articles to help the clueless parent like me.
This post is nothing more than to share a few of my favorite articles. I know a bunch of you are Moms, new Moms, or soon to be Moms and thought maybe this could help you too.
Figured it would save you the time of googling, "why the hell won't my devil child sleep?"
Here's the main website:
And some articles I like:
And that's just what I've looked at today...

I'm sure we are going through a sleep regression. And it's only been a short amount of time. But it feels like FOREVER. Right now we are in survival mode. As much as I love him though... I will NOT be rocking him to sleep and putting him on the couch next to me until he's 17.

Although, he'd probably still be cute...

Our compromise. I held him and let him sleep on the couch next to me... and he...actually SLEPT!


  1. Thanks for posting the links to these articles. Getting our baby on a sleep schedule is one of my top priorities so I am constantly reading up on it.

  2. Just get Samuel L Jackson to show up and actually read him that book ;-) And now my productivity in the toilet because I'm off reading all these links.

    Have you read this? Some people swear by it but I am dubious

  3. Sorry he doesn't want to sleep. He's still adorable though! Hope he takes to sleeping again soon!


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