Monday, July 7, 2014

Shit God Damn

We are off on vacation for the week. Wish us luck. I love me some Martha's Vineyard, but I've never experienced it with a baby. A baby who is on a sleep strike and likes to whine all day... oh man... is it too early to start drinking?!

We all know this whole Baby/Mama thing ain't no joke. It's hard work. REALLY hard work.
You're expected to do EVERYTHING you did before, but now, you have to heal from the crap your body went through AND take care of this tiny human who you are pretty sure is partially bipolar. Or maybe part alien.

This whole working Mom thing though?

Shit. God. Damn.

I thought we were doing pretty well, but it turns out that our sweet little cherub is going through a bit of a sleep regression. Or he might be teething. It's quite possible that he needs an exorcism. Who knows.

If this is a sleep regression, then I call bullshit because he has NEVER slept this bad. Seriously.

Sleep? Who me? Nah.
He woke up maybe once or twice a night, but he always went right back to sleep while he was eating. I would hold him a little before putting him back down to let the food settle (sometimes he would sound like he was choking a little when he would lie down after eating, but he would grow out of it), maybe a few minutes. That's it.

The week I went back to work, so umm... 6 weeks ago, he started sleeping through the night. We maybe had two or three nights he had some trouble sleeping, but he slept. Sometimes he was up for the day at like 5:45, but for the most part he slept from 7-8:00 PM to about 6:00. It was beautiful.


Shit. God. Damn.

He wakes up, somewhere between 2:00 and 4:00 AM and he's up from anywhere between an hour to two hours. Well... "up". He's sleeping as long as I hold him. The second I put him down too soon though, it's over. Not to mention, I have to work to put him back to sleep in the first place like it's bed time all over again. He's fully awake, chatting, life is grand.

But it isn't. I'm dying over here. I can't even nap like I could while I was on maternity leave.

So this working Mom this is for the birds. Seriously. We need to win the lottery stat. Because I can not handle this. Anymore.

Supposedly, they can last anywhere from 2-6 weeks. And he can have this a whole bunch of times in the next 2ish years.

Ugh. I want my sweet sleeping baby back.
Rare moment, but sweet indeed.


  1. I hope he gets back on schedule and you can get some sleep soon! Hopefully being on vacation will help.

  2. The beginning of this post made me laugh! Although when (hopefully IF)I'm going through it in a couple of weeks I won't be laughing.
    I hope everyone gets some sleep soon! Sounds incredibly exhausting. Enjoy your trip

  3. Does he always sleep on his side? Sam seems to prefer it! And its a way to calm him! Sam is kind of going through a big a of regression too but I couldn't imagine going to work like you have to do afterwards! Yuck! Hugs Momma! xo


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