Tuesday, September 30, 2014

New Beginnings

Hey Loves,
I know... I suck... I promised that I would come back and then... nothing.
In my defense, I don't know which way is up most of the time.
Some things are going down at work that might be changing things a bit. I'm not really sure what the future holds here, but it's a bit unsettling.
With that being said, I'm trying to put my focus on some side businesses to try to pad the 'ole bank account a little bit just in case. Right now we are pretty tight, so having a little bit of extra cash is NEVER bad.
I've been feeling like I got bit by the creative bug lately. I did one of those Paint and Sip nights where you go, and paint, and drink wine. It was amazing. Everyone was all done and ready to leave and I could have sat there forever.
I have plans to get an Etsy shop up and running at some point, but I need to get some "products" done first to have something to show. It's a slow process, like most things I do these days (except for drinking wine... that is NEVER rushed...priorities...)
Right now, I'm still working on losing that pesky baby weight. I mean, unless you're one of those freaks who looked amazing while pregnant, you know what I'm talking about. (I love you freaks, I do, I just... I just need to hate you a little too, until I lose the weight... and then I will hate you a little less... but always love you more). I'm all into the BeachBody world right now and LOVING every single minute of it. It's still hard to find the time/money/commitment/drive to do it, but I'm still feeling positive.
Which... is why I became a BeachBody coach! I'm just getting my feet wet in this new world and I started a whole other blog to talk about my journey. Maybe some day I might join everything together, but you all know I'm still feeling a bit private about sharing Baby J with the world. (Unless it's on Instagram and then I am blowing that shit UP!... but that's different!)
Soo... if you are interested in reading about my whole healthy lifestyle journey (for the millionth time) head on over to Fit Together with KP: Life of a Healthy Mama. If you're interested in BeachBody, give me a holler!
Hopefully, I'll be back here at some point. You know, once things stop being crazy and Baby J is off to college!
(Do know that I am still stalking all of your blogs! I may not comment all the time because I suck at that too, but I AM reading! I know everything about you!!!)

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Oh Hey There!

Oh hello... remember me?
I don't think I have honestly gone this long EVER without posting. I think that shows true to form how absolutely insane life it. Legit. Insane.
Most days, I find myself being pulled in 12,000 directions, having JUST finished dinner at 9:30 and realizing that once again, there is no time for a shower. Thank god for perfume and dry shampoo or otherwise I might be getting some side eyes!
Life with Boomie has been amazing. He is literally the coolest thing in the entire world. He's a giant, weighing in at over 20 lbs (which you would know if I did his four or five month update). He's on solid food, sitting up on his own, crawling backwards and kind of sometimes forward (although it is more of a snake slither on his belly), and he has THE most infectious laugh I have ever heard.
Life with Boomie has also been EXHAUSTING. We survived our sleep issue before. It didn't last much longer. In fact, we went on vacation and the salt air whipped him back into shape. Until a week or two ago, and then we started waking up to play. He had some trouble when he first learned to roll over back and forth, but then he chilled out. Now that he's kind of crawling, well... I've always said that there's no better time for crib gymnastics than at 2 in the morning.
Le hubby and I will be celebrating our two year wedding anniversary on the 8th. Pretty amazing. I have to say, these two years have been a rollercoaster for sure. Getting married, buying a house, moving, a pregnancy, a loss, a pregnancy, adjusting to life with a baby. I'd have to say it is a freaking miracle that we have made it. There have been some bumps and bruises. Some cuts and scrapes. Some dents and dings. But we are still going. Still trucking right along.
I have 10,000 years to catch you all up on. Our first family vacation, his four month updates, our Summer adventures, his FIVE month update. I'm so behind. I plan to get back into it, for if nothing else I want the first year of his life documented. But then again, I can't find time to shower, so that makes things difficult. I'm not gone forever. At least not yet. Just trying to keep my head above water. It's getting easier as he is getting older, but shit is still crazy.
Seriously, how do people with kids eat dinner before 9:00? Because I try like hell and I can't. Oy.
Anyway, I have still been following along with you. And commenting when I can. Maybe some day I'll be back for reals. Maybe.