Thursday, November 20, 2014

No. Time.

Has anyone noticed that there is no time to do anything?
Like, literally, NO time to do ANYTHING.
I always have a running list of things that I want to do:
*Meal Prep
* Maybe even *gasp* BLOG
But they always seem to get shoved to the side. As soon as I find myself settling in, something changes.
Baby J was taking a late afternoon nap, which was killer. I would work through the morning and middle nap, bust out a whole bunch of stuff. Then I was free to work out and get some chores done at the end of the day.
And then he dropped to two naps. So I rearranged.
And then he would wake up the SECOND I hit play on the DVD.
Or he started sleeping well again, I worked out for a week, and then he got sick.
I mean. Seriously.
So, now when I have free time I need to sweep and vacuum for the millionth time because the crazy baby is covered in dog hair. Or make dinner. Or do laundry. Or. Whatever. It's never ending.
I tried to do the whole "Beach Body" thing. I really felt like if I could get this group of people together, we could really all be successful and support each other (and maybe make some cash on it). BUT, like I said before, I found myself trying to find all of this time to do something I wasn't really enjoying. When I could barely find time to SHOWER.
So, I stopped.
And then I started my Etsy shop (Fraggle Creations) and was doing really well with it. But then... ya know... life got in the way and now I have 1,000 plain mugs, travel mugs, wine glasses, etc. that are waiting to be painted.
It's been a struggle.
But that's how I feel. There is NO time to do anything.
I feel like I can't make time to spend with my friends because once I finally get a free second, there is a mile long list of things that need to get done. It's just constant.
I know it will get better. I know things will calm down. I know things will get easier. But it just doesn't help that there is no time to go anything. And if I want to find time to do something that is outside of my "free time" or doesn't involve the baby, then I'm struggling to find someone to watch him for me.
It's just hard.
So there ya go. I've come out of blog hiding to bitch about how hard life is sometimes.
Pretty standard. 

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  1. Floating in the same boat!! Life is SO busy. My blog is slowly dying and honestly I don't really care hah.


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