Friday, September 11, 2015

We Will NEVER Forget

I'm feeling a little emotional today.
I'm pretty sure everyone in the country is feeling a little emotional today.
Every single year, I'm brought back to that day. Those moments. Today they were asking where everyone was when the world stopped turning. I know everyone remembers.
Me? I went home sick that day. Early that morning actually. I had heard something about it while I was in the nurse's office, so I turned on the news as soon as I got home. I remember sitting on our coffee table, not moving. Just stunned. Trying to make sense of it all. We had no idea what was happening at that time.
As we found out more information, the fear grew.
I remember talking to a friend online later that day. Finding out new information. Worrying about what this all meant. My current boyfriend, his best friend, was in boot camp for the Navy at the time. When they started talking about the military, I wondered what this would mean for him. For us. For everyone.
I remember being sick to my stomach as my "friend" told me that he would probably be deployed right out of boot camp. That he would go to war, and there was a very good possibility that he would die.
Good friend.
This was way more than my 15 year old mind could handle. It was already WAY too much of an emotional situation when he was gone and now I literally had no clue how to process any of this information. I was numb.
For the record, he did not get deployed. He is living happily in California (at least that's where he was a billion years ago when I spoke to him last).
He was scheduled to graduate boot camp on September 20th and his mom and I were flying out to see him. Things were still tense, but thankfully we were flying out of a smaller airport, so it wasn't so bad. We were the first group that was allowed on base to watch the graduation since the terrorist attack. We needed to meet in a strip mall parking lot, we were searched by the navy officials, and then boarded a large bus that drove us onto the base.
It's amazing to think that this was all 14 years ago. I feel like it happened yesterday. I can remember it like it was yesterday. All of it.
It amazes me that something that happened so long ago, still has such an emotional effect on a nation. In a world where we are more concerned with what Kim Kardashian is doing, rather than what really matters, I'm proud of us for remembering this. This wound has not healed. And it won't heal. And because of that, it will never be forgotten.
It's a shame that it takes such an absolutely tragic event for us to come together as a nation, but at least we know it is possible.
I found this on Facebook last night, and it really resonated with me. It shows us that tomorrow is never guaranteed, and that we should always remember to say "I love you":
At this moment, 14 years ago, millions of Americans
went to bed quietly,
with not thought that the next morning their world
would change forever.
That night, hundreds pack flight bags 
they would not live to open.
Thousands, slept with loved ones for the last time.
One never knows what a new day has in store.
Let us live each day to the fullest,
and never miss a chance to let those dearest to us
know of our love for them.
So, TONIGHT, if you have someone in your life that you love,
tell them...

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Three Years... and to Many More!

Three years...
Damn does time fly!
I can't believe that it has been three years since I married my best friend. It was one of THE most amazing days of our lives. Everything was perfect. Absolutely perfect.

There isn't a day that goes by that I regret my choice. I know that we are the lucky ones that found our soul mates. The people we were meant to be with. We found our happily ever after.

I am constantly reminded of how amazing of a husband and a father he is. He is constantly working hard for us. Spending all day long working on cars in the heat, or the freezing cold, to make money. And then coming home and continuing to do it. Or working on the house. Or plowing.
It's such a comforting feeling to be able to go through life knowing that we will be OK. No matter what. We are far from rich, and there are times when things are VERY tight, but I never have to worry too much. I know that we have Alex. And he will figure it out.
We are a team. We are complete opposites. We have virtually nothing in common. But we work. We talked about this the other night, the realization that we have pretty much NO common interests. At all. The thing that works for us though, is that we are interested in each other. So if it is important to him, I make the time to be involved with it, or understand it. And he does the same. We've been married for 3 years, together for almost 8 1/2, and we just realized that we have nothing in common. It's never been an issue.
I love watching his relationship with our son grow. To watch our sweet boy's face light up when he sees that his daddy is home. To watch the day's sweat and wear wash off Alex's face the second he sees his boy. It's like his day never mattered in that moment. To watch them together, two buddies, just the guys, hanging out, is amazing.
He truly is the most amazing man that I have ever met. I am so unbelievably lucky that I get to call him mine!
So tonight, after out sweet boy goes to bed, we'll order some take out, open some champagne, and sit down together with our wedding flutes, as we do every year, and talk about how much our lives have changed over the past year. And how we can't wait to see what else life has in store for us.
He's my husband, my love, my best friend. My always and forever.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

What's Been Going On...

 A lot can happen in a year. A LOT can happen in 13 months. Throw a baby in the mix and life is literally NOTHING like it was at this time last year. Nothing. We get a lot more sleep now, which is nice. Haha.
In June, Alex and I got to have a little bit of the pre-baby life when we had our first full night away from the baby. (Although, at this point I should probably put "baby" since he is a horse) We had never planned on waiting this long for a night away, it just worked out that way. We were in Boston for a family wedding, that just so happened to include our babysitters (a.k.a. my parents) so our dear friend Nicole held down the fort for us at home. It was a two day event, that Alex couldn't make the first half of, so Baby J was my date. I contemplated the ramifications of bringing a baby to a wedding... in Boston...outside... but left with legit no choice other than to bring him or not go, I put on my big girl panties and brought him. He was an angel and I had a lot of help. But... yeah... babysitters are the way to go.
Saturday night was filled with delicious food, a hotel room, and an open bar. I should also mention that the Reception was within walking distance from the hotel and we got a pedicab back (in the pouring rain), so we took full advantage of this and partied like it was 1999... (or at least like we were 21 and could handle the hangover)
(Little sidenote... as a Congratulations to myself for kicking ass and losing my baby weight, mixed with my Mother's Day present, I went blonde for the Summer. I'm madly in love with it and I never want to go back. I mean... I will because I'm poor and blonde is not a good Winter look for me, but I love it!)
We had way too much fun and Sunday morning brought along the consequences of our actions and a mad dash to the vending machine to grossly overpay for a bottle of Gatorade. Although, that Gatorade tasted so good at that point that I probably would have traded Baby J for it! (Kidding!... kind of...)
It was nice to let loose, and recharge our parental batteries. The Gods smiled upon us and gave us a cold, rainy Sunday and a 4 hour nap to recover. Baby J got exactly 14,000 episodes of Mickey Mouse Club House and whatever snacks he pointed his tiny, pudgy fingers at.
Survival Mode Parenting at its finest.
Continuing in the world of "All About Me"... in January I decided to finally get off my ass and do something about my weight... again. We all went through the struggle together before when I was getting married and I couldn't believe that I had let myself get back to this place again.
I was miserable. Nothing fit. I refused to buy new clothes. I was WAY out of shape. When I was having trouble standing up getting Baby J out of the bath, I knew I had to get it together. This wasn't the mother that I wanted to be.
So... I set a goal to lose the rest of my baby weight by his 1st birthday (which was emotionally devastating, but we all made it through with minimal tears; note: I'm the only one who had a problem with it... shocking...) and I did it! With a couple weeks to spare.
I started by tracking what I was eating and then in February I started T25. Alpha was tough, but once I got into the weights in Beta I was HOOKED! I'm on Gamma now and madly in love. I'm not about 15 lbs LIGHTER than I was when I got pregnant and about 5 lbs lighter than when I got MARRIED! Which is insane to me. Although, it's funny to look at the scale and then look at pictures. I may only be a few pounds different, but the difference in my body is CRAZY. I definitely have more muscle this time around. It makes so much of a difference to following a program that works and that you LOVE!
A year difference. Absolutely crazy.
I've become completely addicted to this new lifestyle and it feels amazing. I'm definitely not so strict with myself now that I'm within 10 lbs of my goal weight, but I'm not stopping now. I've totally drank the BeachBody Kool-Aid.
I was so inspired by how far I had come that I wanted EVERYONE to know how great all of this was, so I became I Coach again. I was a Coach last Fall for a hot second, but I wasn't ready to really be serious about this. And timing is everything. Once I was in though, I was HOOKED!
We do a lot of challenges that are absolutely amazing for the support and the motivation. They also lead to a lot of these gems on my phone...
I mean... I know Alex knows he is such a lucky man, but I feel like if he saw these pictures he would just fall in love with me all over again. I mean, who doesn't love awkward sweaty selfies?!
And now onto the reason I'm sure you all are here, because no one cares about us anymore. It's all about the Mini Man!
He's amazing. Honestly, I know I'm his mom, but he's legit one of the best kids I have ever met. He's funny, he knows how to do stuff to make you laugh. He's sweet, and smart, and inquisitive. He's just the best thing ever.
He's also attached to my hip most days (thank you Separation Anxiety), along with Felix (who is now referred to as Dog-A). So, this is my scene most days:

Best friends, who are never too far away. Most of the time they both need to be touching me. Sometimes (rarely) they love on each other and I can watch from a distance. With no one touching me. Drinking a beverage that I don't have to share. Or sneaking a snack (who else has the Mom-cough down so that your kids don't hear you opening a food wrapper or the refrigerator?)
So life looks a lot different. A lot crazier. Busier. Stressful. Happy. Exciting. Full-filling. It's SO different. But SO much better!