Friday, October 30, 2015

Five on Friday: Halloween Edition

I'm really getting back into the swing of things with this link-up. I LOVED me a good link-up back in the day!
I'm so excited for this weekend. Between Halloween and the Harvest Festival this weekend, it should be a LOT of fun!
Now... let's get started!
One: pumpkins. It's all about the pumpkins right now. Little Man is OBSESSED. Seriously. They are everywhere, so we hear "punkin!" no less than 8 million times a day. Daddy of the Year went and bought him some more pumpkins the other day and surprised him when he picked him up from school. They were placed in all of these little places around the outside of the house for John to find them. Naturally, they have made their way inside. And are all places together. And in his cup holder...
Two: Halloween. I LOOOOVE Halloween. Alex, not so much. So, it is up to the babe to be my little Halloween buddy. So far though, it isn't looking good for this Mama. I bought him this cute monster costume and he wasn't having it.
I was going to attempt the monster costume for trick or treating at his school last night, but it was like 75 degrees so he would have been too hot. Lumberjack was out (which was my fall back plan), but he won't wear a hat. So we improvised. 10 minutes before we left the house.

Tom Brady
Three: Halloween again. But this time, for ME! I wasn't planning on wearing anything for work, but I got guilted into it. I came up with this whole elaborate plan and then slept in for the first time this week. So... thrown together gangster it is.

Four: Running Challenge Group is kicking my ass. I mean, I know I came up with the training plan, but DAMN! I am sore. I am tired. At least I know it's working! AND my T25 shirt came in the mail the other day. When you submit your before & after story, they send you a shirt with your program on it! I know it's just a shirt, but it represents all of the hard work I did, so it really means a lot more.

Five: Transitions. TimeHop can be a bitch sometimes. (Like reminding me of my tiny squishy baby.... Or a time where I could randomly go out and day drink with the ladies) But, it can also be a reminder of how far you have come. I remember that Halloween. Four years ago. I remember trying to throw something together for a costume. It was last minute because we were getting a huge snowstorm (I know... ridiculous) and Alex didn't know if he needed to plow. I remember feeling huge. And ugly. And sad. I was engaged, getting married in less than a year, and I was miserable. Now? A marriage and a baby later? I'm happy. I look at pictures of myself and I'm happy! For the first time in almost my entire life!

Welp, that's all I gots for ya today! Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your Halloween! I will not because while I at first thought "How much candy can an 19 month old eat?" and told Alex that we get to eat most of it... someone posted a picture of just how much it would take to work off various "snack sized" candies. Ugh. Halloween. Ruined.
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