Friday, October 16, 2015

On Being a Working Mother... (Updated)

I've written before about what it feels like since becoming a mom, and my thoughts on being a working Mother. I thought since it has been a considerable amount of time since I had written those, that I would give you an update.
You know... since I had a 3 month old at the time, and now I have an 18 month old. And a new job. And a new schedule. And a whole new set of crazy to deal with.
Being a working Mother blows. Still.
It's hard. There's so much pressure, and there's no way to do both jobs 100%. You're always failing at something. I try my hardest to make sure that I am doing the best that I can at both situations, but if I can't do 100% I never think I'm good enough. I'm working hard on changing that, because I know that I'm the only one putting that pressure on myself, but it's hard.
I have a new job now that makes things a little bit harder. I absolutely love my new job and my new boss (same company), but unfortunately the downside to a new job was that I lost my "work from home" days. Thankfully, the pay increase was enough to cover the cost of daycare, but just barely that, and it's been an adjustment.
I now have to deal with the fact that I have two less days at home to spend time with John, grocery shop, clean, plan, do anything really. It's been a tough adjustment. I find myself scrambling most weekends to get everything done. I no longer have the flexibility to throw some laundry in while I'm home, or work out at lunch, or clean here and there, or even take some impromptu trips to the park with Little Man.
It's been tough. I mean, don't get me wrong, sometimes when I am out running errands at lunch, by myself, and I see some crazy kid throwing a fit at Target, I thank my lucky stars that I get the chance to be by myself. But... then days like today, when all I see are Mamas and their babies being silly and cute, I can't help but think that someone else is getting to be silly and cute with my baby. While I work. And pay them an arm and a leg. (Well... the daycare. The workers get paid crap, but shit god damn is tuition expensive)
It's just tough. To scrimp, and save, and worry, AND miss out on time with the man. Unfortunately, I make just enough money for it to be worth it for me to work. I mean... I know I should be thankful, but I also know that these moments on fleeting and that I will blink and he will be at college. Every day I am reminded of how quick it all goes.
So... we make the most of the time we have. Take the time to relax together when we can. To focus on the family time, even when our "to-do" list is a mile long. Every so often, I get the ability to work from home, which is nice. It's just all been a big change.
So here's what we have been up to and how we are handling the adjustment...
We spend our Sunday mornings (the one morning we all get together) taking our time, watching some TV, and having a nice cup of coffee to get the day started.
We take the time to fit some work in when we need to and when we can.

We make sure to never take life seriously, and to know that dinner prep time can ALWAYS be used to try out some new fashion trends.

We take family car rides to run errands. Chatting and singing away. Making the most of every moment we have.

And we are enjoying every free moment outside that we can, before the wicked Massachusetts Winter holds up captive for months on end.

We make the most of the time we have. And do the best that we can with what we have. Whether it be time, or money, or whatever. This is all just a season and I know some day that it won't always be this hard. Unfortunately, Baby John will not wait for that day and is growing by the second (despite my requests to stay my tiny baby forever).
So, it's hard. I LOVE the Mother part. The working part... well... unfortunately we have all grown accustomed to a roof over our head, heat, electricity, clothing...FOOD! So, since we work to keep us in this lavish lifestyle that we are determined to live.


  1. Work sucks! I'm almost a year into the whole working mom thing and I think it gets harder everyday. I want to stay home and play with her all day, not work. But like you said it just makes the time we do have together that much more important and special.

  2. That lifestyle you live.. a roof over your head, electricity, food... too much girl! Just kidding. I can't imagine how hard it is to have to leave him with someone. On the upside his social/developmental skills will benefit big time from it and the time you do have with him is that much sweeter. He is so stinkin cute, love the car photo, silly dinner time photo and the last one of him walking away.. so precious!


  3. Thanks for the morning cry! ha ha! Being a working Momma still sucks here too! Sam comes home know a new word or song that I didn't get to teach him. It sucks big time! Now that the weather is getting colder I miss being able to snuggle my boy at home during the work week and stay in our pjs just a little longer! :(


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