Thursday, November 5, 2015

Can I "So What?!" on a Thursday???

Yesterday was bananas. Like, legit bananas. As in, I sat with my face down on my desk and just sat there, exhausted, not knowing what to do next. Yeah. It's been fun.
So... I will "So What?!" on a Thursday...
I deserve it!
This week I'm saying "So What?!" if...
* I may or may not have participated in drinking 3 glasses of champagne last night. I knew I was going to regret it, and already had a headache before I was done drinking, but still... it was so delicious.
* I could have bet a million dollars that after my champagne binge last night that the baby would be up early. He woke up around his normal time, but instead of hanging out in his crib 30-45 minutes playing like he does every morning, he wasn't having it. Ugh.
* I haven't found a good way for people to announce themselves into my cube. Some people come up behind me and just start talking, which scares the shit out of me. Some people knock. Some people clear their throat. It all bothers me. Maybe just don't come talk to me...
* I skipped my workout last night. I worked out 8 out of the last 9 days and I just needed a break. Mentally and physically. I plan on making it up today though. 3 mile run and then pilates later. I hear the weather is going to be so nice today so I can't wait to run outside!
* I feel guilty doing anything that makes me late to pick the baby up from daycare. Honestly, he's never really been there later than 4:30, but if I get caught at work late, go grocery shopping, run, have an errand to do, I feel bad. Like I should have picked him up earlier. The only thing that saves me if I know it's a selfish want. He would have MUCH more fun playing outside than running an errand with me.
* I am SO excited about the holidays. I know everyone is all bah humbug already, but I'm looking forward to it. Halloween was EXHAUSTING, but it was so much fun. I anticipate Thanksgiving and Christmas to be the same. I just can't wait to be with family and just soak up all the extra time I get with them.
* I have NO idea where I stand on when I want to have another baby. I have the biggest of baby fevers, but I am literally the only thing standing in my way. Alex is all on the "the sooner the better" train, and I can't quite figure out what my issue is. That's a whole other post though.
* Almost everything on my Amazon Birthday / Christmas list is super lame. It's all kitchen supplies and stuff I need that I don't want to buy.
* I'm feeling "ho hum" about my birthday this year. I feel like I should do it big because it's my 30th, but on the other hand, it's just another day in life. Maybe that's what comes with age. Who knows. My birthday is hard because it's December 20th. I wish it was in a warmer month, but alas, I am doomed to be a December baby forever. (Thanks Mom...)
I think that's enough for today. I got to work early (Thanks Baby...) and I have so far spent my time searching to see if I have unclaimed money with the government (I DO!) and talking with a coworker. And I have nothing else to show for my morning. Soooo.... that's all!

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