Tuesday, October 11, 2016


I've been trying to be a little more honest with myself, and others, about how I'm really doing. I'm not really sure who I am trying to fool more, myself or them, but I have long ago figured out that faking "fine" isn't the same thing as BEING fine.

See? Look at that progress. If only all of my old therapists could see me now. They would be so proud.

Alex and I went out to dinner on Saturday just the two of us to celebrate our anniversary (a month late). After a disastrous attempt to try a new restaurant, we went back to an old reliable. We found ourselves chatting about everything and nothing. Eventually the tequila kicked in and I found myself telling Alex that I wasn't doing well.

He said that he'd noticed. That he was doing his best to do what I needed, but he was never sure what that was. That it always seemed wrong. I told him that it wasn't all in his head. That everything he did annoyed me. I was honest and told him that I wasn't entirely sure that there was an actual reason for the anger, that it could very well be that he was just there, but that his mere presence annoyed me most of the time and I couldn't figure it out.

I told him I was doing my best to exist and that most days, that's all I had in me. Wake up, get ready, get the baby ready, feed baby, pack stuff, drop baby off, work, try not to flip out at work, pick up baby, come home, make dinner, feed baby, feed large man, feed dog, put baby to bed, clean up, pack lunches, exist, go to bed. Lather, rinse, repeat.

That's kind of all I got in me. Everything else is work. Effort. I don't feel like a great Mom. I feel like I'm "phoning" it in a lot. Then I feel like I have to overcompensate. Then I feel even more fake because I'm doing things purely to make myself not feel like a shitty Mom. It's been fun.

I've been hard on Alex. He can't do much right. He's not helpful enough, he's not around me enough, he doesn't want to talk enough, he's in my way, he's talking when I just want to sit quietly. There's literally nothing he can do right.

I told him I would try to take it easy on him, He promised not to do the imaginary things that make me mad.

What a good husband.

Sometimes I think I'm OK. I seem rather rational. Not random outbursts. No excessive drinking. Work is stressful, so I attribute a lot of my moods to that. And while it doesn't help, at all, I know that a lot of what is bothering me isn't work. Or maybe it is. Who knows anymore. But, a large portion of my life is a shit show and I'm just trying to tread water.

But Sunday night things started to take a bit of a turn. I haven't been sleeping well, but that's pretty normal for the amount of stuff that I have in my head. There's a lot going on at work so I feel like I'm always remembering something at a random time and it gets my head spinning. So I've been going to bed later and later. I've been waking up a lot too, which hasn't helped.

But Sunday, I was on the verge of a panic attack. I was sitting on the couch and Alex and John were playing at the end of it. All of a sudden they were too loud. They were too close. They were doing too much. There was too much stuff everywhere. The dog was standing right next to me so I could get off the couch. My sweatshirt felt like it shrunk 2 sizes and I couldn't breathe. I went upstairs, took my sweatshirt off, and took some deep breathes. Thankfully I was able to calm down. It started to rear its ugly head a little while later, but I squashed it and was able to calm down again.

It's been a long time since I've had a panic attack. I'm not sure if I'm had a full blown one since before I met Alex. It's been that long.

But things are just piling up. Saturday I took Felix to get his nails clipped. While I was there they gave me his new medicine, insisted he needed his rabies and heart worm in order to get his nails cuts, and charged me $250 for the whole shebang. The money is rough, but he's my guy so I do it. He has trouble getting in the car and wasn't even remotely interested in trying when we were leaving. Normally when I attempt to pick him up he flips and then tries to get in himself. He has never liked to be picked up. So I called his bluff. But this time he let me pick him up. No fight. Nothing. He's so skinny now. He's finally eating regularly, but he's just so skinny. He's 15, so I'm not naive to what's going on. But it's been a rough year.

When I got home Alex asked how it went, to which I told him what happened with the car. I then added, with a little dramatic flair, "I already lost my Nanny and two babies this year, so why wouldn't I be losing my dog too", burst into tears, picked a fight with him for not sounding sincere enough, and went inside.

So, you see, I'm doing awesome. Really, quite well.

I try to remind myself that the real crazy people probably don't know that they are crazy, so I can't be ALL that bad yet, right?

It's just a lot. I feel like every time I try to get my head above water something else happens. I feel like I've been treading water for almost a year and I'm exhausted. I just want to stop struggling. With work, with money, with my family, my friends, everything. I'm just so tired.

I just wish this year was over with. Start fresh. Start new. Maybe have a year that isn't full of disaster and heartache. I think we are due for that.

I find myself not talking about us having another baby. Like, talking about it out loud will jinx us. We used to talk about what things would be like with two. Or when things were crazy we would say, "are you sure you want another one". But now we don't. And I cringe when people talk or ask about us having another one. We just don't know. I think we are trying to guard ourselves against the worst. Sometimes I feel even sadder about that. That it broke us. We were so optimistic, both times, well... trying to be. It never felt right. But we wished and hoped and prayed.

We just feel broken now.

I'm not sure how to fix it. 

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